A Day As Finn

Chapter Four

"Now, we're all responsible adults here, I think we can come to a decision on-" The teacher said

"Did you here that?!" Finn interrupted, "He thinks I'm an adult! I can't wait to tell mommy! She always said one day I would be! 'Finnigan Morgan, one day you'll actually grow up and stop being a little boy!' " He quoted in a falsetto voice, "I didn't know it would be so fast though. She only told me that this morning"

"Not only that, Finn" Logan smirked leaning forward, "He also said you were responsible"

"Hah! Take that, father! And you said it would never happen!" Finn said as he stared off into space, talking as if his father was actually there.

The class erupted in laughter

"Alright, alright, settle down!" The teacher commanded

Finn sat and started staring out he window sadly again. The whole gang noticed, but whenever he caught one of them staring at him, he'd act all happy and normal, but the second they turned around he was back to melancholy.

Rory stared with sad eyes. She wished she could make Rosemary see that Finn really did love her... that he wasn't just fooling around. But I guess that's the trouble with being the funny clown. No one ever knows when to take you seriously.

The bell rang, signalling the end of class. Everyone filed out. The guys all waited at the lockers across the hall, outside the classroom as Rory and Finn took their time packing up. They were quickly the last ones left in the room.

"So? How are you feeling?" Rory asked softly.

"Abso-bloody-lutely dandy" Finn remarked bitterly remembering Rosemary and Mike walking through the halls holding hands and giving small kisses.

"You know, you shouldn't be afraid of showing the others this side of you" Rory commented moving over to where he stood.

"No" He said sharply, "They can't know. I've known Logan and Colin since I was six and the others for almost as long. They have never seen this side of me and never will. To them I'm just fun loving, drunken Finn. Only you can know."

Rory nodded, understanding. She sighed and rested her chin on Finn's shoulder and wrapped her arms around his side from where she stood at his side. They stayed there for a moment, taking comfort in each other before Finn wiggled his left arm from where she had it pinned between them and wrapped it around her shoulders causing her head to snuggle into the crook of his arm.

They walked outside to the others attached like that causing some stir with the other students but their group not even flinching, knowing that it was completely platonic. Logan even went so far as to give Rory a small kiss on the lips while she was still attached to his best friend.

The group made way as one down the hall and headed toward the auditorium for their English Lit. class on Shakespeare.

They all entered as the teacher was assigning them groups and acts.

And just Finn's luck he was in group two with Rosemary and her beloved Mike in the kissing scene. Catch was, they got to assign themselves their parts. Guess who Rosemary wanted to be her Romeo?

The group watched as Finn didn't even put up a fight. Rory sighed quietly, turning her head so no one could see her silent tears for her best friend. Logan saw this and wrapped an arm tightly around her shoulders drawing her into his chest where he could feel her tears soak through his shirt a little bit.

"We have to do something," Was all he said as the rest solemnly nodded in agreement as they looked at Finn's heartbroken face as he watched his girl with another man.