Hellllllllooooooo people! Well this is a story I kinda dreamed. Um…I dunno what to write for a thing in the beginning so….just read this. Then I'll be happy .

Clockwork was in his time lab. He was working on a new project. It was basically something he wanted to do in his free time. Not something he had to do, like capture Dan again or stop some life-changing event. He was simply bored and wanted to change a stressful event.

"Now, let's see…" He turned some knobs and a scene played on his big monitor.

"October 31, 2016. Ah…here we are. Now I'll just delete this event and……"

Suddenly, a bright red light started flashing. Clockwork gasped.

"Red Alert! Red Alert!" The alarm system's voice said, "Future item from 2016 being transported."

Clockwork started pushing and turning some buttons and knobs, but nothing would stop it. Then, a small vortex formed next to the monitor and a small boy, about 2 years old with black hair, yellow shirt, jeans, and a mix of ice blue and deep purple eyes appeared.

"Ta-da!" He said in his cute little 2 year old high pitch voice. He giggled and ran towards the door.

"No stop!" Clockwork yelled after him, but he kept running along and rounded a corner.

"At least he didn't go out the door." Clocky mumbled to himself. He ran after the child and pointed his time staff at him. Clockwork pressed a button and the kid vanished. Clockwork glanced down at his staff and the button he pushed. It said TRANSPORT on it.

He sighed, "The wrong button again...I gotta stop doing that!"

In the Fenton's basement lab, that same little vortex appeared carrying the little child. He giggled and faced the portal then he heard voices.

"Jazz! Stop trying to make me smarter! It's never gonna work!"

The little boy climbed the stairs and peered around the corner.

"Danny, I'm just trying to help you study for your test, not trying to make you smarter."

Danny groaned, "Ugh! I just…I just gotta meet Sam and Tuck at the mall."

"That's a good idea Danny. I'll drive you. I gotta return some tops anyway."

He started breathing slower, "Okay."

They walked out to Jazz's bright pink car and the boy followed. Jazz put her tops in the trunk and when she wasn't looking, he climbed in. Then they drove off to the Amity Park Mall.

Sam and Tucker were sitting at a table when Danny arrived, that same little boy following him.

"Hey guys."

The kid hid behind a plant.

"It's packed here today!" Sam said, "I say we bail and go to the park."

"Sure. I just have to tell Jazz first." Danny pulled out his cell and called Jazz.

"Yeah Jazz? Sam, Tuck and I are gonna go to the park. …….. Okay …..yeah I'll be home by then…I know it's important since Mom and Dad are gone…..Yes, I'll call if I gotta fight ghosts…yup…okay...bye."

"Let's go."

They got up and exited through the doors closest to their table. Again, that kid followed.

They got to the park and the threesome walked around a bit. Then they sat under a tree. They talked about random things and finally that little boy caught up with them and hid behind a bush.

"Dash is such an idiot!" Danny complained.

"What else is new?" Tucker said.

"No but this time he hit me in the butt with a football!"

Sam laughed.

"It's not funny Sam!"

The little boy sneezed and they heard it from behind the bush.

"What was that?" Sam asked.

"I dunno. Maybe it's a ghost!" Danny said, "Goin' Ghost!"

Those two familiar rings formed around him and swept up and down changing Danny Fenton into the infamous Danny Phantom. With Fenton Thermos in hand, he walked cautiously behind the bush. The little kid looked up at him and his face lit up, "Danny Phantom!" His cute voice shrieked. He clung to Danny's leg.

"Whoa!" Danny almost fell over. He walked back to Sam and Tucker as best he could. Hey, it isn't that easy to walk around with a tot on your foot!

"Hey, who's that?" Sam asked.

"I dunno. Some little kid I found behind that bush."

The little boy gasped, "Mommy!" he ran over to Sam and clung to her around her neck. Tucker started cracking up, "He called you Mommy! Oh my god! That's too funny!"

"Jeez Sam, what have you been doing?"

"Nothing! I dunno why he's calling me mom or clinging to me or…WILL SOMEBODY GET HIM OFF ME!"

Danny chuckled and picked the boy up, "We should try and find his parents." He looked down at him. He let out a yawn then he mumbled some combination of Danny and Phantom. It sounded like dannaphantm.

"I think he's tried." Danny said, morphing back to his Fenton self.

"Well, he can't stay at my place if you're wondering. My parents are already on my case. If they see a little kid running around, they might think something." Sam said.

"Same with my parents; after they saw those pictures of girls I haven't dated on my PDA, they got suspicious."

Danny sighed, "Well I guess it's my place. Lucky, Mom and Dad are in Wisconsin at some function Vlad's throwing. And I'm sure Jazz will understand."

Danny's knees got weak and he almost collapsed.

"Knee's still on the frizz from that fight?" Sam asked.

"Yeah, and this kid's weight plus mine isn't helping. And I don't think I can carry him all the way home." Danny thought for a minute, "I know how I can get him home."

He went ghost again, "I can fly him there."

"Good idea." Tucker said, "We'll meet you there." Sam nodded in agreement.

Danny took off in the sky, not taking a direct route. He wanted to fly around to comfort himself and the boy. The little kid snuggled closer, then drifted off to sleep.

Danny landed in his room. Now, where will he sleep? He thought. Not my bed, not my old toy chest, not my basketball hoop, under the bed? No, No, what am I thinking! The thought some more then… "Of course!"

He placed the boy down on his bed, still sound asleep. Then he floated up into the attic. "Baby stuff, baby stuff, baby stuff…ah-ha!" He blew some dust off a box labeled BABY STUFF. He took the box down a level to his room. He opened it and stared at the pile of stuff crammed in there. He dug for a bit then found what he was looking for: his old baby crib. Danny took all the parts out and assembled it in 5 minutes. He placed the boy inside it just when Sam and Tucker rushed upstairs. Danny changed back and met them outside his door.

"He's sound asleep. I think he drifted off when we flew over the school."

"So, how are we gonna find his parents?" Sam asked.

"Yeah, and I thought we were the only ones in the park." Tucker added.

"I dunno. Well, maybe we can put up some posters." Danny suggested.

"Put up some posters for what?" jazz just walked through the front door.

"Uh, well, Jazz? I gotta show you something." He led Jazz up to his room and showed her Jr., still out like a rock.

"Danny? Why didn't you call..."

"SHHHH!" Sam shushed her, "he's sleeping."

"Oh right." Jazz walked out and closed the door behind Danny and her, leaving Sam and Tuck with the tot.

"Danny, why didn't you call me when you found him?"

"I dunno. Well, he recognized me as…well he said, Dannaphantm. And he thought Sam was his mom."

There was a pause, then Danny spoke again, "Do you think we should put up flyers?"

"No, some stranger might claim he's theirs but not. That way's too dangerous."

"Well, I don't wanna bring him to the police. He'd be put in well…I dunno where. And that part bothers me."

"I guess we'll let him stay here for a while then." Jazz said, "At least 'til Mom and Dad get home."

"I knew you'd understand Jazz." Danny said. He opened the door to his room and looked inside. Tucker was busy looking at an old photo album. But Sam had picked the boy up and was now cradling him in her arms while sitting on Danny's bed.

"I see someone's getting used to Jr." Danny said walking in.

Sam blushed, "He was just so cute sleeping. Ya know what's weird? It's like…well…something seems familiar about him."

Danny sat next to her on his bed.

"Well, you can visit him whenever you want for the next week. He's staying with us until Mom and Dad get back." Danny smiled and Sam smiled back.

"Hey guys. I gotta go." Tucker told them, "I had to be home by 4:00 and its 4:45."

"Sure. Whatever." Danny and Sam said simultaneously still watching the tot.

"Heh, I guess that parenting thing has started kicking in for you two."

"Uh-huh. Sure. Whatever." They said again.

The little kid slowly opened his eyes.

"Ooo! Look Danny he woke up!" Sam said excitedly.

I know it's a sucky ending but…well…I dunno. I hope you enjoyed! Until Next chapter!