Okay this is the LAST CHAPTER!!! Yes I lied I guess this'll stop at chapter 9. I decided that instead of making 2 short chapters to make 1 longer chapter even though this might seem short compared to the others. Hope you enjoy this last entry in What are the odds!

Jack sighed, "Are we there yet?"

"Obviously we're not." Maddie said.

"Hey, it's not my fault the only book store that carries "What are the Odds of That?" is all the way across town!" Jazz replied.

A few minutes later Jazz parked in a small outlet parking lot.

"Okay you guys can wait here or look around." Jazz said.

Both Jack and Maddie were in awe.

"F-fu-fu-Fudge Mania!" Jack stuttered, "Come to papa!" He ran off into the Fudge Shop.

"I can't believe it! There's a Ghost Hunter's Warehouse here!" Maddie yelled and ran into the store neighboring Fudge Mania. Jazz clapped her hands together.

"That should keep them occupied for a while."


"That should do it." Dan said, screwing in the last screw. He found fixing a few stray wires fairly simple. Maybe working with computers had something to do with it.

"Thank you. I don't know how long that would've took if you didn't fix it." Clockwork said.

"Yeah, well, save it. You're not welcome 'til you get my son back."

"Which I'll do right now." Clocky said, but he was interrupted by his phone ringing.

He sighed and picked up the receiver, "Hello? Danny!?"

Dan cocked an eyebrow.

"You what!?!"

"What's happening?!" Dan asked.

"You're past self is calling. Turns out you found Alan and you know who he is and where he's from. You know, you're smarter than you think in the past."

Clockwork returned to talking to 14 year old Danny, "and your parents are HOME!?! Good. Yes. Of course. I'll be there soon. Bye."

"My parents are home!?! Don't tell me they found out!" Dan started to panic.

"Sam covered for you and Jazz has them out of the house. I'm going to get Alan."

"Not without me."

"Yes, without you. It won't take long, trust me." And with that, Clockwork disappeared.

"That's what you said last time." Dan mumbled.


"He's coming." Danny informed Sam and Tuck, "We'd better say our goodbyes now."

Sam kneeled down so she was Alan's size, "I guess this is goodbye." She hugged him and a few tears rolled down her cheek. Tuck patted him on the head; obviously they hadn't gotten too close. Then Alan walked up to Danny. Danny smiled a stuck his hand out for a high five, but Alan wrapped his arms around his Dad's legs. Danny laughed and bent down and gave him a hug.

"See you in 20 years, bud."

"Actually," There was a bright blue vortex and the Clockwork appeared, "you'll see him sooner than you think. 8 years to be exact."

"Wow, you guys got busy early!" Tucker said. Danny and Sam shot him angry glares.

"Clockwork, why exactly did Alan come here?" Danny asked.

"You see, 10 years in the future, on Halloween, something terrible was supposed to happen to Alan. He was going to be kidnapped by Vlad. So I thought I'd do you a favor and delete that event. But he accidentally got sent to my lab and I accidentally sent him here, to your house."

"How are we?" Sam asked, "Our future selves I mean."

"Worried. And Dan is a little agitated. He came to my lab totally pissed. He was going to come back and get Alan himself but it would've triggered a chain reaction that could destroy the universe. I'm surprised Alan hasn't damaged anything."

There was a pause; no one knew what to say.

"Well, you guys are waiting, so I'd better take Alan back. Besides, he still has to go trick or treating."

"Candy!" Alan shrieked.

Both Sam and Danny kneeled down and hugged Alan one last time.

"We're gonna miss you." Sam and Danny said in unison.

"If only we could tell our older selves what happened." Sam said.

Danny let go of Alan, "I have an idea."

Danny pinned a folded piece of paper to Alan's bright yellow shirt.

"Make sure mommy and daddy get that when you get home." Danny informed his son. (a/n that still sounds weird.)

Alan looked down at the note then at Danny and Sam, he tugged it off his shirt and handed it to Danny.

"Not us. You're older parents." Danny said reattaching the note.

"It's time to go. Trust me by now Dan is pacing back and forth cursing at me." Clockwork interrupted.

Danny gave a guilty smile, "I do have little temper."

Sam snorted, "Little?"

"Okay, maybe a tad bigger than little."

Tucker laughed and Danny glared at him.

"Let's go." Clockwork picked up Alan and pressed a button on his time staff. A whirling blue vortex formed and the two were engulfed in it. Alan waved goodbye and his parents returned the gesture. Then, it was quiet. Sam rested her head on Danny's chest and he held her tight, "We'll see him again soon."

"Guess who's home?" Dan said as he walked into his house with Alan closely following.

"Alan! Oh, I was so worried!" Sam gave him a huge hug. Alan wiggled to get away. He looked at his beaming parents then at the note attached to his chest labeled: DANNY & SAM FENTON. He ripped it off and handed it to his parents.

"What the…" Dan grabbed it and opened it. A picture floated out and Sam caught it.

"Danny, look! It's us when we were 14…and we're with Alan!"

Dan read the note out loud, "Dear future selves. This is Danny and Sam, well you two. We thought we should tell you what happened while Alan was on his "vacation"."

The note explained everything and Dan and Sam laughed at the box ghost part. The incident actually happened when Alan was one. He was playing in the sand box and the Box Ghost appeared. It scared the crap out of him, but Danny Phantom came to his rescue. That was actually the 1st time Alan met Phantom also.

"There's something else that happened that we're not sure you wanted him to know. He found out I'm Danny Phantom. He also got in tap with his ghost side in a fight with Vlad. We don't know if you know this but Alan has a ghostly wail. He's a powerful little tike. He fought a ghost with me and conquered his fear of the box ghost and kicked his butt. There's also a surprise if you get him to go ghost. That's all for now, Danny and Sam. P.S. Do I become an Astronaut?"

Dan laughed, "Me and NASA. Hope I'm not disappointed with my real job."

"Alan, go ghost!" Sam said. Alan didn't do anything.

"Come on bud; show us what you've got." Dan said.

Alan gave in and went ghost. Dan and Sam gasped when they saw Alan's phantom costume.

"We made him a costume!" Sam said.

Dan snatched another note off of Alan's phantom side.

"We couldn't come up with a symbol. So we left that to you. – D&S –."

Sam stuck a DP symbol on Alan's chest, "Now that's a Halloween costume."

Alan giggled and Dan handed him a pumpkin shaped bucket, "Guess what time it is?"

"Trick or Treat!!" Alan ran out the door and Dan and Sam followed, relieved their son was home safe and sound.

"So 8 years, huh?" Jazz asked.

"Yup, they got busy early." Tucker commented.

Danny and Sam elbowed both of his sides.

"I miss him already. It's way to quiet now." Sam said.

"Don't worry, as long as Tucker's here…" Danny started.

"Hey what's that supposed to mean!?!" Tucker yelled.

They all laughed except Tuck.

"Wait, Jazz, where's mom and dad?" Danny asked.

"Let's just say our plan worked a little too well."

"I LOVE FREE FUDGE FRIDAY!!!!!" Jack shouted in the fudge shop, and then crammed a huge piece of fudge down his throat.

"HIGH SCORE ON THE GHOST TARGET PRACTICE!!!" Maddie yelled in the Ghost Hunter Warehouse. A man walked in and stepped up to the practice area.

"You wanna face me!?!" Maddie asked very loudly.

The man got scared and ran away.



And as for the halfa and his girl….

Danny and Sam glided through the night sky. Sam looked at Danny.



"I love you."

Danny turned to Sam and gently touched his lips to hers.

"I love you too."

THE END!!! Yes, the end was rushed a tad; I was running out of steam…actually food but same thing. Hope you enjoyed What Are the Odds of That and please, please, please look for and read my upcoming story The Black Parade is Coming for You.