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Naruto Is Summoned To Hogwarts

1 – "Summoning Technique, Hogwarts Style!"

"Are you sure about this Hermione?" Harry asked for third time, trying to make some sense out of the strange ruins marked onto the cold hard floor of the girls' bathroom.

"Of course I'm sure! I've read through everything there is to know about these sorts of spells from basics to advanced, and I've revised over any possible faults or problems that could happen…not that there are any." She paused from the last marking she had made, completing the circle. "Although…"

"Although what?" Harry said, suspicious at her sudden unease.

"Well, it's just that this spell hasn't been attempted in, well…centuries. And the outcome is different in every one that had occurred…I guess it depends on the person…" She suddenly hesitated over Harry's hand where she was about to mark another ruin. She shook her head. "You'll be fine."

"What's that supposed to mean? You said it depends on the person and then you hesitated!"

"I don't know what you're talking about." She said, carefully marking out another ruin onto the back of Harry's hand, which resembled a swirl with an arrowhead on it. "Okay…all set. All you have to do is stand there and add a drop of blood onto that crystal." She said impatiently, pointing to the centre of the circle where she had laid the crystal.

Harry paused.

"What are you doing that for?" He said nervously, as Hermione pulled out her wand into a ready position that Harry recognised as a fighting stance for duels that she'd probably learnt from their second year.

She shrugged. "Like I said, every spell is different. Whatever comes will protect you no matter what, but that doesn't mean to say it's going to be happy to see us. Wake up, already, Ron!" She added, kicking a snoozing Ron into alert.

Harry took a deep breath and stood in the centre of the circle, holding the cold blue crystal carefully. He hesitantly poked his finger with his wand tip and let a drop of blood fall onto the crystal.

Suddenly the whole place started to get warmer. The air seemed to become heavier and he perhaps found it harder to breath.

"Harry, your wand!" Reminded Hermione, seemingly unaware of the pressure Harry was under. Awkwardly because of the air around him, he pointed the wand towards the crystal.

This was it. No going back now. What would come would come.

Hermione better be right about this.

"Kyuno Idate Bayu!"


"I dare you to say that to me one more time! Go on!"

"You. Are. A. Moron!"

"Kiba! You're only provoking him when you do that and we don't have time to mess around on this mission."

"It's not like you to be in such a hurry, Shikimaru. We've already got the crystal thing they wanted. All we have to do is return it…so what's the rush?"

"You forgot about why we needed to return it so quickly in the first place, Kiba. While this thing isn't in the village it belongs to it's activated, which means anything could happen with it. The only reason Naruto can hold onto it is because of the amount of charka it's giving off, which he can handle…for some reason." Shikimaru said tiresomely.

"That idiot? You gave that crystal to him!" Kiba said, hearing it for the first time. He'd automatically assumed Shikmaru had been carrying it.

"Who are you calling an idiot, dog brains?" Naruto demanded, fists clenched and eyes squinting at the hooded Kiba jumping from tree to tree just below him.

Sakura paced beside Shikimaru while Naruto and Kiba had another rant a head of them. "Are you sure it's safe to let Naruto carry that thing. The only reason this is a B-rank mission is because of what it's capable of, and the people who are after it. If Naruto should lose it…"

"The Hokage pacifically asked me to bring him because of that reason, that it would be easier for him to carry the crystal than the rest of us. I held it for a short while before, and I've got to admit it didn't feel right. Sort of, very heavy, very old, and very powerful. Naruto doesn't seem to notice anything, so I guess she knew what she was talking about." He shrugged.

Suddenly Kiba stopped. Everyone else froze at his sudden awareness. "There's someone ahead of us…" He said, grabbing a kunai from his pouch.

Automatically everyone stood in fighting formations with kunai's in hand, hidden in various branches of trees. To any other passer by, the sudden quietness in the clearing made it seem as though they hadn't been there at all, or that they weren't there now. Of course, to a ninja…it was a whole different story.

"They're getting closer…" Sakura breathed, now aware of their presence. Her heart was pounding at the threat of what could come. This was a B-rank mission, and they had yet to meet the threat…

The presence grew stronger, and Sakura could hear the loud voice of a young girl in the distance and…was that humming she could hear?

Wait a minute…

"Shikimaru, it's not an enemy…it's-AHHHHHHHH!"

"You know, if we had been a real enemy disguised as people you know, you'd be dead right now." A tall boy with black glasses wearing a large coat that covered the half his face stood beside her in the tree. She suddenly became aware of the sound of laughing coming from Kiba and Naruto from below her.

"I can't believe you-didn't-sense-them!" Kiba cried between bawls of laughter at the look on Sakuras face when she saw Shino standing right beside her.

Hinata was standing ahead of them beside Shikimaru, with Naruto and Kiba still laughing below her. Inner Sakura raved.

"NARUTO!" She stormed, automatically jumping down in front of him, fist clenched ready to deliver the blow.

Naruto stopped laughing instantly, realising with horror who she was blaming for her embarrassment. "Hey, hey! That wasn't my fault! It was-"

"Ano, Naruto, is your pouch supposed to be doing that?" Hinata said nervously, noticing a bright light coming from his pouch, making Sakura pause mid-punch.


"It must be that crystal." Shikimaru said, jumping down to stand beside him as he pulled it out.

"What the hell is it-WHOA!" Kiba stopped mid-sentence as he was thrown into the tree behind him…hard. Shikimaru, Sakura, Shino and Hinata did the same. Naruto gasped under the sudden sickening pressure he was under, and the painful throb of charka burning around him.

"What…the heck is…going…on!" He gasped, dropping the crystal.

The pain increased, and he felt a hard tug on his stomach as though he was falling but jumping at the same time. The crystal on the ground gave off a bright red light that made anything else impossible to see. The light kept getting bigger, the pain greater…

And then it stopped.


"Kyuno Idate Bayu!"

The crystal cracked in his hand, and let out a bright white light. Harry gasped at the sudden rush of energy flowing out of him, making him want to fall onto his bed and sleep. It wasn't painful, but he didn't like the feeling of such drowsy-ness either.

The light faded after what seemed like a minute, and Harry collapsed panting hard into a sitting position with his arms supporting his body and his legs spread out. The crystal was in pieces on the floor, and the ruins had gone.

"Er…Hermione? What do I do now?" Harry said, feeling strength returning to him slowly. "It didn't work." For some reason a small part of him felt somewhat relieved as the statement hit home.

He noticed the stunned look on his classmate's faces at something that seemed to be standing behind him. He swallowed hard and turned around slowly to face what on earth he had summoned. Some sort of powerful wizard? A colossal troll? Perhaps a legendary super-beast of some kind?

I think the annoyed looking blonde kid holding a knife to his throat was the last thing he expected.

Harry jumped to his feet and backed off hurriedly towards a transfixed Hermione and a totally stunned Ron. The blonde boy seemed to have lost interest in him and had turned to look behind him. Harry now saw the other people he had summoned; all of them lying sprawled on the floor or else sitting up. His heart sank.

He had an even bigger shock at the sound of the blonds voice at another boy standing up slowly beside him.

He wasn't even speaking English.

"What the hell is going on!" Raved Naruto, arms spread wide as though it would emphasize his point more.

"How am I supposed to know! Calm down." Shikimaru said, absorbing his surroundings.


"Shuttup, noisy idiot. There are people watching." Kiba stood up painfully and faced the people who were watching them. Three kids dressed in all black, two boys and a bushy-haired girl. All holding sticks at them, and smelling strongly of charka and other smells he didn't recognise.

"Ano, is everyone okay?" Hinata said quietly, suddenly afraid and sub-consciously moving towards the loud blond for comfort.

WHAM! Fist connected with face as Sakura stood up to her full height next to a ranting Naruto. "YOU MORON! WHAT DID YOU DO!"

Fortunately for Naruto it was one of her less heavy punches, but never the less it was strong enough to send him crashing into the wall behind them.

Shikimaru sighed and turned towards the strangers. "Hey, kids. Who are you and why did you summon us?"

The ninja's settled down and looked at the strangers standing pale-faced at the other side of the room. There was a awkward silence, until the girl of the three stepped forward with her stick. "Translatio" she said, hesitantly.

The silence was absolute.

"Neh. What are we doing in a toilet?"

The comment from the blond one was so simple and rang in the silence of what were indeed the castles toilets. The red-haired boy in black robes couldn't contain a laugh.

The blonde's eyes squinted closed innocently. "Neh?"

"Will you shut up moron before I kill you!" Threatened the pink-haired girl beside him.

"But, Sakura-chan!"

"I guess you didn't hear me. Who are you and why did you summon us?" Shikimaru repeated.

"Summoned? We were summoned!"

"I'm warning you Naruto!" Hissed the hazardous pink-haired girl, eyes blazing and vein appearing dangerously.

"Naruto? What's a Naruto?" Ron said, turning to Hermione.

"I think it's the blond one." Replied Harry, none too quietly.

"I-I'm sorry. My names Hermione, Hermione Granger. The boy with red hair is Ron Weasley, and the one who summoned you was Harry Potter. W-we summoned you for a…a request."

"A…request?" Shikimaru paused. "How far is it back to Fire Country?"

The three students in front of them looked at each other uneasily. It took a few seconds for their reaction to register in any of the shinobi's brains.

"I think we should take them to Dumbledore." Hermione said.


"Extraordinary! Trust Miss. Granger to re-discover the ancient art of otherworldly summoning techniques. Positively remarkable." Beamed the old man sitting in front of the six shinobi plus three.

Harry simply did not know what to make of the situation…at all. Both Ron and Hermione had walked pale-faced and silent on their way to Dumbledores office. The loud blonde boy was practically jumping at everything he saw, pointing and asking what everything was loudly to a tall pony-tailed haired boy he called Shikimaru. Apart from that most of the short journey was done in silence, and since most students were in the dinner hall at that time there was no one to goggle at the strange people he had summoned.

"No doubt you must be feeling somewhat disorientated in all this." Continued Dumbledore pleasantly. "Would any of like a drink?"

"Hey, hey! What are we doing here and how do we get back old man? We have a mission to do you know!" Said Naruto widely, ignoring the shocked expressions he was getting from the three standing in what he saw as black dresses.

Sakura smacked him painfully round the back of the head, "Don't be rude, Naruto! We apologise for his behaviour, sir. He's an idiot."

To their surprise, the old man chuckled. "No need to apologise, young lady. It is good for a boy to have so much energy. Now, he is quiet right. Hermione, would you care to enlighten the guests on your summoning? I'm sure it would be much appreciated." He said, smiling kindly and settling back into his chair.

The shinobi's could tell from the moment they stepped into his office that the old man was a very powerful shinobi, although he didn't look like one at all. He wore strange colourful cloaks and a long white beard and small spectacles, which could easily get in the way in battle. His friendly, relaxed attitude towards them left doubts in their minds at his fighting skills, but the amount of strange chakra he possessed was phenomenal, and so the doubts were small.

"Well, Professor, I found a book in the library by chance about a protecting spell that can last for a lifetime, a 'Summoning Technique', I think it was. I found it interesting, and it caught my attention so that I thought, perhaps, Harry could try it. I mean, with, You-Know-Who back, a protection spell with such results it's gotten in the past seemed like a good idea. Although…" She looked suddenly shy. "I wasn't…quiet…expecting children."

"Who are you calling 'chil-" Naruto began, before Shikimaru held his hand over his mouth and interrupted.

"You mentioned a 'request'. We have a similar technique from where we come from, it involves a great deal of chakra and usually the summon can go back to it's world whenever it either wants to, when it runs out of it's own chakra or once it's request is completed. We do not know how to go back on will, nor do I agree that we return once out of chakra as I am completely drained as it is. The only solution left would be the request." He finished.

The old man smiled.

"I agree, but perhaps it is a little different in this world. The 'Summoning Technique' is no doubt a mixture of magic from both this world and yours, so it's not the same. I believe you used a diamond or crystal, for this spell Miss. Granger?"

She nodded.

"Then I have a way back for you all!" He beamed, turning towards the shinobi's. "It is very similar to a portkey that can be activated, after all. Simply complete what you were summoned for and find a crystal like the one Hermione used in this world. As soon as you repeat the ritual but backwards, the crystal that you left behind in your world will react and you shall return home!"


"That seems so simple when you put it like that." Sakura said blankly.

"You still haven't given us the request." Shikimaru said, arms crossed.

"I believe Hermione already stated the nature of the summon. A 'protection spell', you said? For Mr. Potter right here. Well, in that case…which one of you were carrying the crystal before you were summoned?"

With a growing sense of dread, all shinobi eyes slowly turned to a confused looking Naruto.

Harry's stomach dropped.



This wasn't good. They'd been summoned to place in the middle of Kami-knows, with no way back unless they find some sort of crystal or if Naruto completes a mission. What was worse for Shikimaru, he was stuck with these guys.

"How troublesome…" he groaned.

To his surprise, Shino was the first to break the uncomfortable silence that followed Dumbledores announcement. "If that is the case, then please give us more information of our whereabouts and who you are. This is a school, I can see that…but what it teaches is unfamiliar to me."

Shikimaru had noticed Shino's silence and the flies that had been disappearing from his sleeves for a while now, and realised he was simply getting a good look at the place they were in. No doubt he already had a very good idea, and wasn't letting on what he already knew just yet. What annoyed Shikimaru, though, was the surprised reaction from his fellow comrades. They didn't notice! So slow…how troublesome. He sighed.

"How observant for you to notice such a thing, young man. You are correct; this is in fact a school. My name is Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardary. Forgive me for my probing, but may I enquire as to who you are and perhaps your names? Then we can discuss how we will accommodate you for the time who will spend here, and perhaps the understanding a little more of this world, as no doubt judging from your appearances it is very different from your own."

Shikimaru hesitated, and the shinobi's shifted uncomfortably where they stood.

"My name is Uzimaki Naruto! Number one ninja of the Hidden Leaf Village of Konoha!"


Harry was somewhat surprised. He hadn't hesitated at all. The people surrounding the loud blonde one called 'Naruto' glared.

Dumbledore chuckled at his out burst, leaving the atmosphere more friendly than awkward.

The tall, bored looking boy with dark spiky hair in a pony-tail sighed.

"My name is Nara Shinkimaru, Chunnin." He said lazily.

A bubble-gum pink haired girl with pretty green eyes and a rather wide forehead bowed slightly. "Haruno Sakura, Genin."

"Inuzuka Kiba, Genin."

"Hyuuga Hinata, Genin."

"Aburame Shino, Genin."

A strange, savage looking boy with red triangles under his eyes wearing a hood and carrying a dog, a white-eyed, short dark-haired girl wearing a band loosely around her neck and a strange, solitary looking boy with dark glasses said.

They all looked pretty weird to Harry. He noticed the blonde kid looking at him with his eyes squinted closed and face concentrating on his own.

The weirdest of all was definitely this one.

"Hey, hey! I don't like being summoned. I'm not a frog."

Harry was totally lost. "W-what!"

"Harry, I believe lunch is almost over. Please return to your dormitories and continue with your usual lessons for the day. I will see to it that the appropriate accommodations are acquired for our guests, and the one whom you summoned for the request will no doubt join you soon." Dumbledore said dismissively.

"Yes, sir." Hermione said for them, and stood up to leave. Harry took one last look at the group of teenagers he had summoned and saw the one called Naruto still watching him curiously. Nervous, he hurried out the room.

"Whoa, Hermione. I thought you said it was guarantied to work! 'No way it could go wrong' you said, '100 protection for as long as it takes'! All he got were, well…kids!" Ron raved, finally getting his voice back after the shock.

"Well it did work, Ron! I never said anything about what might actually appear. Maybe they're really powerful for their age…"

"Did you even see the one in orange, Hermione? He's the one going to guard Harry. And no offence to him, but he sure as hell ain't no genius. The others aren't much better…"

"They were rather strange, weren't they?" Said Hermione thoughtfully.

Ron shuddered. "They creeped me out. What was with all the bandages they were wearing? Two of them looked blind, didn't they? The girl with the eyes and the boy with the glasses? And the one with the dog looked scary. The pink-haired girl was okay, and something told me the Shikimaru guy was the leader, even though he seemed pretty lazy to me. As for the Naruto boy…"

"The band on his forehead had the symbol on it that you put on my hand before, Hermione. It's gone now, though…" Harry said, remembering the symbol from not so long ago.

"Yes…I saw it." She said. "Well, I guess we're just going to have to wait and see what happens. Dumbledore will take care of things. I do hope they'll get back okay…I mean, summoning protection is one thing, but I really do feel sorry for those kids. The crystal we used are really rare and difficult to find…it may take a while before they can ever go home again. Plus, they don't really fit in here very well, do they?"

"You can say that again." Said Harry and Ron together.

They walked in thought for a few moments.

"Hey, is it just me or can any of you guys here buzzing from somewhere?"

"No. It's just you." Hermione said, distractingly. Ron scowled and continued down the corridor heading to their dormitories.

A small bug clung to each of their robes…unnoticed...