One by one, the shinobi threw down their wands with a sharp clatter.

"Well well well, quit already? Scared of the big bad death eaters, little children?" Laughed the faceless figure infront of them.

"Finally…" Mummered Hermione.

"What are they doing?!" hissed Ron, panicking, glaring at the backs of the shinobi.

Hermione smiled to herself and adjusted her position, ready to attack.

"No wands." She whispered "They're getting serious."

"Little children?" Kiba said quietly, although no one could see his face in the darkness of the room. From his side, they heard Hinata's soft voice sigh an unfamiliar word. "Byakun!"

"You're right!" Kiba said from the silence, and laughed loudly, "You're about to get you're ass handed to you by LITTLE CHILDREN!"

Draco's father holds Naruto up by the ankle with his wand. Naruto throws his wand at him as though it's a kunai. "Oh well done, idiot! Throw away your only weapon, why don't you?!" Ron yells over Lucias's laughter.
"I don't need that stupid stick!" Naruto yells back, biting his thumb, "I never needed it in the first place!"
"Oh, really?" Ron says, dodging a spell, "so just what are you gonna do now?! Summon a little-talking frog?"


Ron looked up and felt the last of his ghost drift from his body for a second or two. "B-bloody hell!"

"Now THAT'S what I call a summoning!" laughed Kiba, leaping out of the way of the monster frog now squatting in the centre of the room. It's smoke filled spaces where good, healthy oxygen had once been, and everyone in the room started to choke with their eyes watering.

"NAAAARUUUUUTOOOO!!" Boomed a grumbling voice, that seemed to come from everywhere and nowhere. "What do you mean by summoning the great Gamabunta to a tiny hole like this? I barely have room to smoke, let alone fight!"

"R-Ron…" stuttered Hermione, "you c-c-call that thing, a LITTLE frog?"

LAST Chapter - Big Fight Chapter!

Doors and corridors blurred past him along with the shouts and clashing of spells being thrown around and at him. He kicked the ground with all his might, dodging spells and travelling faster and faster back through the way they had entered earlier, past alarmed portraits, offices, up winding staircases and through another corridor. He wasn't even sure that this was the right way out, but rather he let his instincts guide him.

He kicked off from a wall infront of him to the left, where two large familiar double doors stood obstructing his path. Finally. The cool air slapped him in the face as he reached the outside air, and the sudden light temporarily blurred his vision. Then he saw everything that was going on. He saw the women who had killed the man whom Harry loved, the man he called godfather, hiding behind a statue. He saw Harry, standing still next to the golden fountain from before…and he saw a figure standing before him, tall, thin and black-hooded.

The hooded dark wizard began to raise his wand at his friend with cursed words already forming on his mouth, ready to throw at the boy. Hinata's words rang in Naruto's mind, as he stood frozen in fear at what was to become of one of his friends.

There is not a trace of chakra left at all in his system. The shock would have killed him alone, but even the weakest newborn child has the little chakra it needs to survive. Without it, you would die instantly. That is the Avada Kedvra curse. The killing curse. That is what it does.

Not again, Naruto thought desperately. His heart beat madly, sending the blood rushing through his body and roaring in his ears. He was going to lose another nakama to the evil that called itself 'revenge'. Sasuke came to mind, and Sasuke's brother, Itachi. He couldn't lose another friend; he was going to lose another friend…

Harry heard the words of the killing curse spoken, and could do nothing. He had not even opened his mouth to resist; his mind was blank, his mind pointing uselessly at the floor.

Instead, he waited, and almost welcomed death.

Naruto willed his legs to move, for his body to react. Your chakra, along with your life…


would be gone.

A flash of green, and a force that seemed to Harry to be as large as the midnight bus hit him hard at his side. He flew across the cold hard ground, landing on his back and tasting the coppery taste of blood in his mouth. He'd bitten his own tongue from the impact. It hurt…

But it shouldn't be hurting, he thought. He should be dead…

He looked up to the place he'd been standing a moment before. "N-no…" his voice shook, his stomach churning horribly as his body snapped upright, so that he was sitting with his arms supporting him. The air dropped a couple of degrees, and there was a deafening silence that only occurs the moment a bomb hits home…

For Harry saw a glimpse of yellow hair, and a glint of silver on his forehead.


"N-NO! Naruto!" He stood up, giddy and sick and in pain, and stumbled towards the person lying, non-moving, before the feet of Lord Voldemort. He felt his legs give way and his knees hit the stone floor hard.

"Bastard!!" He cursed, clenching his fists. "You stupid, stupid idiot!"

"Tck. What an eyesore." Said the cold, dangerous voice above him irritably. "How many times do I have to KILL you to get some results?!" he demanded, and this time he grabbed Harry by the scruff of the neck and pulled him up, holding him at arms length away from him, not even giving him a chance to gasp. Harry's feet weren't even touching the ground as Voldemort pointed the wand at Harry's forehead, poking it painfully into his skin. Harry wanted it to end, and this he new would be the end. He smelt the dark lords horrible breath against his pale, clammy cheeks, could feel the coldness of Voldemort fingers slightly touching the adams apple of his throat…

And all he could think of was Naruto's life, his dreams, his future, given in turn of his own…

It will not go to waste! Harry cursed, angry tears forming in his eyes. And, without his wand, Harry did only muggle-born thing he could think of in that situation…

A swift kick to the crotch, and the great Lord Voldemort was on his knees.

Harry couldn't believe the low blow he'd inflicted, and from the look on his face, neither could the victim. For a second Harry stood there, watching the Dark Lord grasp between his legs and snarl in pain, stunned at his own daring.

My wand…he thought, and looked round frantically to see it a couple of feet away where he had landed from Naruto's push before. He ran over to it, skidding to a halt as he gripping it desperately before he turned round to the see Voldemort already recovering from the attack to the one part of him that was still all man.

"FOR GODSAKE JUST DIE!!" Voldemort roared, in a terrible voice that made Harry feel wretched just by hearing it. But Voldemort didn't even get a chance to raise his wand this time round…

Thanks to the shuriken protruding from his wand hand.

His eyes grew wide with shock before the pain shot through him, making him hiss and snarl again with rage. His blood splattered over the floor, but he kept hold of his wand.

Harry looked towards the direction from which the mini-ninja-star had whizzed from and saw the shinobi running towards him, Sakura having been the one to throw the weapon just in time. Kiba and his dog, Akamaru, seemed to be performing some mini-ritual as they ran. Shino's arms began to, to Harry's utter horror, disappear in a thunderous cloud of black bugs. And Harry saw Hinata running bravely in the lead, her eyes activated so that her comrades had followed her out of the maze of corridors unhindered. Harry felt guilt hit him harder than any other emotion had that night at the realisation of what Naruto's comrades were about to see.

Voldemort made a move to cast a spell on Sakura, only to find that he couldn't move. He trembled with the effort to move, his eyes looking around frantically for the cause. They landed to his left, where Shikimaru stood, smirking. "Kage-no-jutsu, complete," he said. "Kiba!"

"I know!" came a call from further away. Kiba, no…TWO kibas crouched lower to the ground making signs with their hands. "BLABLAnojutsu!" PUFF!

A huge whirlwind of fur and claws charged savagely at the frozen Voldemort. Bellatrix merely screamed, looking on at the brutal fall of her master by the hands of mere children in utter horror.

Shino's bugs immediately enveloped her, so that her screams became muffled and eventually seized to exist at all.

--Voldemort will get up unharmed from a protection spell. Then he'd start throwing curses that Hinata will deflect with her thingy-ma-bobby, whereas Shikimaru will get hit in the chest. Shino uses his bugs to eat away at Voldemorts shield so that one of all the kunai's Sakura had been throwing finds it's mark on his shoulder, making him drop his wand.

With this chance, Harry shouts the stunning curse but he deflects that too, even though he is wandless. He then dives down and manages to throw the imperious curse onto Kiba in order for him to do his attack on his comrades.

Using mere will, Kiba starts to attack but at the last minute stops before he hits Hinata. She smiles weakly at him and calls out to Shino to stun him before he loses control again.

Voldemort by now has recovered and has resumed throwing spells left right and centre, which Hinata, for the most part, deflects. Then suddenly she spots Naruto.

Harry, alive. Naruto, dead.

In her distraction a spell hits her and she slams back into a wall. Shino is hit from behind by a dirty blow from Bealtrix, who had regained consciousness. Sakura shouts their names, which alerts Voldermort to her position next to him and she is shot down too.

Then it leaves Voldemort and Harry again, panting heavily. Sure, he was much worse for wear…but now a searing hatred burned through his body and he thought of nothing else but to kill everything, everyone…

Naruto wakes up.

But this time, with a vengeance.

Burning red flames, teeth bared and claws, three tails flaming behind him, he attacks with full force. No spell works on him but is effortlessly deflected, and his roars send the Lord flying, bleeding with gashes over his body.

Voldemort fears he is going to die when Dumbledore turns up with the ministry of magic. They see Voldemort just before he disappears, and naruto attacks harry, which is how he knows that it is not naruto at all, but a demon.

Dumbledore tells him that the only way to get rid of him, since spells are useless, would be to send him home. Naruto had run out of chakra and the request had been fulfilled (he's saved Harry's life). Dumbledore gives harry a crystal and nods. Harry says goodbye, Naruto, and throws the crystal for Naruto to catch and crush in his palm. Harry shouts no, since that means he could never come back, but it is too late. The shinobi disappear from the world, leaving only the rain.


The shinobi fade away back to their own world. The rain suddenly got louder and heavier, the air seemed colder, the world seemed…lonely.

In their own world Naruto wakes up in hospital to everyone else happy and healthy. He'd been sleeping for a week, whereas everyone else had recovered pretty quickly from his or her minor injuries. Everyone is sad, though, that they never got to say a real goodbye. Naruto even misses the fox, and Shikimaru sorta wishes he'd said goodbye to that troublesome girl, Hermione.

Tsuande then says, though, that they can go back.

Those who have seen it once, the wizarding world that is, can find that world again. The Hokage shows them how…

Shikimaru smiles just before they're allowed to go back "I've got someone id like to take with us this time", he says.

POV goes to Harry etc sitting around dining hall. Then a big poof sounds and the shinobi are back, along with more characters, such as Choji for all the never-ending food, Rock-lee to see the whomping willow tree as training, Neji to rule to game of Quidditch with his eyesight (tenten to watch) and even ino (for some reason).

Hogwarts has fun admiring the shinobi freaks.

At the very end, when everyone has to say their true goodbyes, Naruto shakes Harry's hand and gives harry some naruto-advice, and harry tells naruto he's a good guy after all. When saying goodbye to the weasley twins, they give him a couple of stuff to remember them by. Hermione is crying when they all have to go, and when she says goodbye to Shikimaru last (he says -'you'd make a good shinobi leader someday, sorry that I have to go now.') and she hugs him and says 'I know…' all teary eyed, then pulls away from him with a smile and says, ironically 'how troublesome.'

The End.

note that Naruto didn't die because although the killing curse obliterates a persons chakra in an instant, it doesn't affect naruto getting hit once because he has TWO chakras. With his blue one gone, he still has a red one to use while his blue one re-makes itself.

It's a risk he knew about but was willing to take. he tells Harry this later, because Harry questions Naruto's will to live.

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