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Upon a tree near where the blue-haired Hyuuga sat by herself in an empty area, a pair of onyx eyes watched her carefully. The way she hung her head and buried her face in her arms, the way she hugged her knees desperately to her chest, the way the dim light of the hazy sky bathed her in a soft glow that stressed her sadness, the way her atmosphere radiated off a sorrowful aura...it pained his heart to see such a beautiful, pure maiden in such pain.

Uchiha Sasuke never did know why he felt this way for Hyuuga Hinata. Was it pity because she felt so sorry for herself that she could do nothing else but crawl away into her small world of lonely darkness? Or was it sympathy because he understood the pain she felt - being alone and having no one who understood how she felt? Or...was it something else?

Sasuke shook his head. What did he know how she felt? What they both wanted was what the other wanted.

Hinata wanted to be noticed and appreciated as a person, and she strived to become something significant in everyone's eyes, but could never stay in one's eyes as something significant for long before she was cast away.

Without even trying, Sasuke was showered with the respect and love Hinata yearned for, yet he just wanted everyone to leave him alone.

But they both had one special thing in common: being truly alone.

Hinata was always alone because no one could ever see the true beauty within her and understand her feelings.

Sasuke was always alone because no one truly understood him and were slightly afraid of the darkness that shrouded around his atmosphere.

Sasuke noticed something else too. All Hinata ever wanted was for someone to notice her. All he ever wanted was for someone to disregard him.

He noticed Hinata. Hinata didn't notice him.

Sasuke almost laughed at the irony of it. But we all know that Uchiha Sasuke does not laugh.

Sasuke frowned bitterly.

Yet the sad thing was, Hinata didn't know that there was someone who noticed her lonely existence. And Sasuke wanted Hinata to notice his own lonely existence. It was ironic, yet very painful and very sad.

Maybe that was why he was attracted to Hinata. She was like a mirror image of himself, yet she was different from everyone else.

You don't run with the crowd

You go your own way

You don't play after dark

You light up my day

Got your own kind of style

That sets you apart

Baby, that's why you captured my heart

Hinata was not part of the growing population of his female admirers. She didn't even notice him. She went her own way - her own path to what she hoped would lead her to the boy she loved - Naruto Uzumaki.

It frusterated him to know that Hinata didn't regard him with the same affection and respect he recieved from others, but instead, focused her attention on Naruto. What did she see in him? What did she see in Naruto that she didn't see in Sasuke?

Maybe that was why he disliked Naruto so much. But then again, it wasn't Naruto's fault, was it? Hinata had a good reason to like that moron.

But Sasuke still wished Hinata would look at him for once. He didn't care about those other girls - those pathetic girls who only liked him because of his looks. He would trade all of their feelings put together just for one simple look from Hyuuga Hinata.

I know sometimes you feel like you don't fit in

And this world doesn't know what you have within

When I look at you, I see something rare

A rose that can grow anywhere

And there's no one I know that can compare

It pained him to know that it hurt Hinata to feel like she didn't fit in with the world. But the very world she wanted to be a part were too engrossed in the beauty that wanted to have to notice the inner beauty that radiated from Hinata's soul.

When everyone looked at Hinata, they saw a shy, weak little girl who was as insignificant as a pebble laying on the ground. But when he looked at Hinata, he saw a rose...a beautiful rose that could fit in anywhere. No, she didn't fit in among this world of plain, simple people. She belonged in a magnificent place only beautiful, rare creatures such as herself could belong in. No one could compare to Hyuuga Hinata.

What makes you different, makes you beautiful

What's there inside you, shines through to me

In your eyes I see, all the love I'll ever need

You're all I need, oh girl

What makes you different, makes you beautiful to me

Hinata was different.

Hinata wasn't balantly pretty nor obviously attractive like Yamanaka Ino or Haruno Sakura. She had her own beauty, something he alone could see, something he alone wanted.

Instead of being annoyingly loud, Hinata spoke in a soft whisper that twirled into a melody that was pure and fragile, matching the serene beauty of her soul. She didn't like a boy because of his looks, but she liked Naruto because she wanted to be like him. Even though the world turned its back on her, she was still willing to push herself to become part of it and make people notice her as something significant. All those things that made Hinata different made her beautiful.

Sasuke wished he could tell Hinata how beautiful she was. But it was his pride, the very thing he treasured yet despised. He had too much pride to tell her his feelings if they weren't returned. And they weren't, because Hinata loved Naruto.

But Sasuke supposed that was a good thing, in a way. Loving Naruto instead of himself was one of the major things that made Hinata different - and what made Hinata different made her beautiful.

You got something so real

You touched me so deep

See material things

Don't matter to me

So come as you are

You've got nothing to prove

You won me with all that you do

And I wanna take this chance to say to you

Sasuke froze, watching Hinata's head lift up from her arms. Even though her indigo locks concealed the side of her face, he could have sworn her eyes flickered in his direction.

Hinata suddenly rose to her feet and whipped her head in his direction, making him unintentionally shift backwards. As he did so, he crushed a few leaves, and the echo of the crackle whispered throughout the area.

Hinata shrank back a little and clenched her fists under her chin as she stared over at his direction. It had become nightfall already, and Sasuke didn't blame her for being frightened.

Even though Sasuke knew she was nervous and afraid, he could see that she was trying to seem brave. In a quick flash, he fled from his spot in the tree and reappeared behind the large bushes nearby. He could easily run and she would never know, but something was keeping him from running away.

"W-Who's there?" she stammered softly.

His resolution to be unseen gave way. Silently and gracefully, he appeared before her. Hinata seemed to have calmed down a bit, but she still seemed nervous.

"O-Oh, thank goodness it's just you, S-Sasuke..." Hinata smiled weakly, her fists unclenching as she allowed her arms to dangle limply by her sides. She looked relieved, yet a bit uncomfortable in his presence.

Sasuke narrowed his eyes. What did she mean by that? Immediately, all of the frusteration and jealousy that had been bottled within him stirred. He was nothing in her eyes, but Naruto was everything in her eyes. Would she have responded differently if it had been Naruto who came out to confront her?

Sasuke frowned. Of course she would have. Sasuke was nothing in her eyes, but Naruto was everything in her eyes.

Hinata was nothing in everyone's eyes, but she was everything in his eyes.

"I was watching you," Sasuke stated bluntly. Hinata averted his eyes and nodded slowly. Her half-lidded moonstone eyes shimmered in the dim moonlight.

Soft silence clung onto the air, and only whispers of the wind shattered the emptiness. Finally, Hinata lifted her head and looked him straight in the eye bravely.

"What did you see?" she whispered softly.

What makes you different, makes you beautiful

What's there inside you, shines through to me

In your eyes I see, all the love I'll ever need

You're all I need, oh girl

What makes you different, makes you beautiful

She looked afraid yet confident; afraid that he would say the answer she didn't want to hear, yet confident that he would answer truthfully, what she wanted to hear.

The wind embraced the two in a soft, cool cradle that made them feel serene within each other's presence. Sasuke remained silent for a long moment.

A part of him wanted to shrug in response and say nothing. But the other part of him was urging him to tell her how he truly felt about her. The two sides of him clashed in a struggle, and neither won.

"What do you want me to see you as?" he asked blankly.

Hinata smiled sadly. "It doesn't matter what I want you to see me as," she murmured. "It only matters what you want me to see myself as. Tell me the truth, Sasuke...what do you see when you look at me?"

Sasuke's vacant stare did not faze, but his heart was sizzling with warmth within his chest.

"I see a girl who strives to recieve perfection..." he began slowly. Hinata's eyes widened slightly. "She wonders if there's possibly any magic that can make her perfect. But what she doesn't know that she doesn't need magic...because she's already perfect..."

Hinata's eyes grew as large as they possibly could as she stared in stun at him, as if he had just announced that he was dating one of his fangirls.

Sasuke smiled with his trademark frown frozen in place. "She's like a flower..." Sasuke continued softly. "...a flower that is different from the others...a flower that has its own unique beauty..."

"Hinata...I see you as something beautiful."

You don't know how you touched my life

Oh, in so many ways I just can't describe

You taught me what love is supposed to be

You saw the little things that make you beautiful to me

Oh yeah, yeah

Hinata's lips parted into a small oval as her milky fingers touched her lower lip. Her wide eyes were growing hazy and misty as she gazed at Sasuke silently, looking as if she didn't know if she were supposed to react by asking him if it were a lie, smiling, or crying. She did all of them.

A wistful smile of sadness tugged at the corner of her lips. "Sasuke...are your words true?" she asked softly, her eyes rapidly filling up with tears as she tried to hold back the dam. She looked away quickly. "Are...are you saying that from the heart?"

Sasuke was before her in a flash. Quickly, his hand shot out to grab her wrist and as Hinata watched with wide, teary eyes, Sasuke spread out her palm with his thumb and placed her hand over his heart. "Can't you feel it?" Sasuke whispered in a low tone, staring straight into her moonlit eyes.

Hinata could feel her own pulse hissing in her ears as she felt the soft, steady pulse from beneath the layer of his shirt and warm skin. She lowered her eyes to her hand before raising them to meet his onyx orbs. She was seeing him in a new light.

The Sasuke she remembered was a cold-hearted, stubborn boy who kept himself locked away in his own little world of dark and empty loneliness. She had always thought he was like her and found him intriguing, but the way he coldly locked everyone out made her keep away from him. His heart was full of too much darkness, but he didn't want a dim light to shine through. She respected that, so she left him alone.

But what was the Sasuke she was looking at right now?

He seemed to have changed. There was less darkness in his eyes and the sparks that radiated off his atmosphere. In his eyes, there was less iciness...less coldness...more warmth...more understanding. But how?

Then it struck her. She...was something in his eyes. All along she had been. She had always been striving to be something in everyone's eyes, but she never could be. But all along...she was in Sasuke's eyes.

What makes you,

What makes you different, makes you beautiful

What's there inside you, shines through to me

In your eyes I see, all the love I'll ever need

You're all I need, oh girl

What makes you different, makes you beautiful to me

"Sasuke..." Hinata managed to muster. A tear slid down her cheek as she hung her head to conceal her teary eyes from view. Her shoulders were shuddering as she tried not to cry. "...Thank you..."

Sasuke released her hand and placed his arms around her in an affectionate embrace. He slowly drew her closer, feeling Hinata's tears drip and soak into the fabric of his shirt. He smiled sympathetically, feeling warm instead of cold for the first time in his life.

"Hinata...you don't have to hurt any longer...not as long as I'm here."

Everything you do is beautiful

Love you give shines right through me

Everything you do is beautiful

Oh, you're beautiful to me

"If all you think about is your flaws...you'll never be able to see the true beauty you truly possess. But to be unperfect is human. We are all human, Hinata.

"Humans are like stained glass windows: they sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light within.

"I want to be that light...the light that will show you how beautiful you truly are. Just know, Hinata, being different doesn't make you flawed. What makes you different makes you beautiful to me."