Beauty and the Bassist

By: SanguineFox

Rating: T

Warnings: Yaoi, some cursing

Disclaimer: Not mine, I own none of the characters relating to Yu Yu Hakusho

Pairing: Hiei/Kurama, Yusuke/Keiko, Koenma/Botan, Sensui/Itsuki

Author's Note: Haha! I live! It's amazing, it's only been about four months... Oh dear... Well, sorry for the wait, but I've been having trouble writing this due to some originals that I've been working on, I hope you enjoy, and promise to get the next chapter up within the next month, at least.

Chapter 4: Welcome Ms. Minamino?
It was early morning at the hotel the sexy model, Kurama, was staying at, and the beautiful man undercover was sneaking away from the fancy pace of luxury. It was only a few minutes after he stepped out of the large glass doors and started to hail for a cab did he hear and feel the loud vibrations of an angry man shouting out from a very close distance, "Shuichi!!!!"

"I guess he found my letter," Kurama chuckled, jumping into the cab quickly, and drove off in to the rising sun.

"You're early," Hiei noted when he opened his room door, allowing the enticing red head into his room, making sure no one had seen the boy come into his room. His room was a large suite, "Your new clothes are over on the table. You can change in the bathroom."

Kurama just smiled at the shorter boy, somehow Hiei always made him feel like one of those love struck teenage girl that were always following him around. That is at least until he picked up his outfit for the day, and he froze instantly.

"I'm sure they'll fit fine if that's what you're worried about."

"Um, I'm sorry, Hiei, but please tell me that you are no longer under the influence that I am a girl, correct?"

"Yes, you have a penis, I know."

"Then why am I supposed to wear a skirt?" he held up the frilly black skirt with white layers underneath.

"Because, as my servant, you shall be dressed as a slave," Hiei waved at the horrible expression on Kurama's face.

"I think I would prefer something with chains… and whips… and maybe some hot wax… did I already say chains?"

"There will be none of that, you perverted masochist."

"Oh, darn," Kurama pouted sweetly.

"Just go put your outfit on," Hiei commanded before flopping on to the couch and turning on the news.

A few minutes later, Kurama stepped out of the bathroom in nothing but white thigh high stockings connected by garters to silky black underwear, a stuffed lacy black bra, and white lacy collar and gloves. "What do you think?" he asked, his voice seething with lust.

Hiei made the mistake of not taking note of the tone, and turned to take in the sight of the scantily clad model. His eyes grew wide, and his face burned a bright red that rivaled Kurama's hair. "That's just the underwear, you idiot!"

"I know," Kurama giggled at the sight of Hiei suddenly having a 'mysterious' and severe nosebleed, "I was just wondering what you thought about them? Do you think they're a little too tight?"

"They're fine, now put the rest of the clothes on," Hiei turned away, but Kurama had walked up to lean on the back of the couch Hiei was sitting on.

"But don't you think that this bra is a little much?" he leaned in as close as possible, dangling the black lingerie on a long finger before Hiei's eyes.

"It's part of your new persona."

"I happen to like my current persona, if you don't mind."

"I do, and remember that you're my slave. You will do everything that I tell you to, and I expect no argument."

"You expect no argument, and yet here I am defying you."

"Correction. You are trying to defy me."

"I am defying you," Kurama stated sternly, throwing the bra atop Hiei's head, "I will not be seen in such a garment."

"You will wear it, and you will do it proudly."

"Oh, really? And why in the world would I do that?"

"Because you know you can get away with it."

"…" Kurama smiled slightly, "Is that a compliment?"

"If you would like to take being referred to as a girl to be a compliment, then you may go ahead and do so," Hiei shrugged.


"Don't forget this," the bassist held out the bra.

"Are you sure that you don't want me to walk around like this," Kurama ran his hands down his sides to show off his unnaturally feminine curves.

"Yes, you sex-crazed hermaphrodite!"

"I happen to be male through and through," he huffed before saucily sauntering back into the bathroom, his hips swaying side to side.

Hiei pinched the bridge of his nose. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea. Really he just wanted to completely humiliate the damn model, but so far he was the one being shown up.

Hiei smirked at the results of Kurama in a French maid costume, the boy had even gone as far as to put his hair into an elegant braid that reached his lower back. 'Why does he look better in that thing than most girls?'

"Why a French maid?"

"Just because."



"Well," Kurama slid onto the couch next to Hiei, "Now that I'm all dressed up… what ever should we do?"

"What's your real name?"

That caught him off guard, "Um, well… nobody knows my real name, and I-"

"What's your real name?" he repeated harshly.

"… Minamino Shuichi…"

"Alright then, while you are with me as my slave, you are to introduce yourself as Minamino, and that's it. That's what I shall call you, and that's what you will respond to."

"Alright," Kurama shrugged, it's not like he really care as long as everyone thought he was a girl.

"You will answer me with 'Yes, Master,' or 'Of course, Sir.'"

"Yes, Master. Of course, Sir," Kurama responded with a smirk.

"Don't give me that look."

"What look, sir?"

"The one that says that you'll jump me if I turn my back on you for too long," Hiei huffed.

"Hmm, I just might do that, sir."

"If you do, I'll break every bone in your hands one by one."

"It might be worth it," Kurama literally purred, "Master."

"Damn stupid model."

"Oh, I need your help. I can't reach the zipper in the back, could you get it for me, please?"

"Aren't you used to putting in all kinds of clothing?"

"I have people to help put my clothes on me. Besides I'm better at taking clothes off."

"Hn, too bad for you."

"It's fine with me, but it's not my fault when the dress refuses to stay on. I could just walk around in the nice, silky underwear all day."

In a split second, Hiei was behind Kurama trying to pull up the zipper, only to get it caught on some of the black fabric, "Shit." Hiei quickly tossed the long red brad, which he held just long enough to notice the smooth silky texture before tossing it over the model's shoulder. Grasping the base of the zipper just over Kurama's ass, Hiei managed to get the dress closed muttering, "Stupid, cheap costume."

Kurama stood, silently blushing when Hiei's fist had pressed hard into just over the rise of his butt.

"Finally," he claimed triumphantly, and backed away to view the fruits of his labor.

Kurama continued to blush as Hiei examined his flawless body.

"Turn around."


"You're a model, right? Model for me," he demanded and took a seat on the back of the couch.

"Um, right…" Kurama bit his lip, before striking a few poses. He felt a little stupid and oddly uncomfortable modeling for someone without a camera.

Hiei just watched with a bored expression, not giving away the arousal he was starting to feel burn in the pit of his stomach.

Suddenly Koenma entered Hiei's room, "Are you ready yet Hiei? We have to be leaving soon. Oops, am I interrupting something?"

"No, not really," Hiei shrugged, "This is my new servant, Minamino. She'll be joining us on the tour."

"I wish you would have told me before that someone else would be joining us…"

"Too late, now… It was kind of a last minute thing."

"Is she some whore you found on the corner, and now you think you're in love with her?"

"Excuse me!" Kurama lost his temper, "I am not a whore, and for your information…"

"Silence, slave," Hiei raised his voice.

"Is this some weird sex game that I don't want to know about?" the manager backed in to the doorway again.

"Yes," Hiei huffed, anything to get the man out of his room, and to stop glaring at Kurama like a disgusting slut.

"Okay, finish up, and be ready to go in less than an hour. We'll get brunch on our way to New York," the brunette said quickly, and rushed out the door, closing it behind him.


"Master," the bass player corrected, "Now get all of my stuff together and follow me."

"Yes, milord…"

"Good girl."

Kurama had to keep the low growl from escaping his throat as he watched his long time crush lead him to the pile of luggage.

He gathered the three bags and followed the short bassist to the bus waiting outside.

"Hello," Yukina greeted the petite redhead, "… um…"


"…" the large red eyes just tilted her head at the much taller 'girl', "of course." She went on to the bus with a smaller bag.

"Put the luggage in here," Hiei instructed the taller teen into the bus compartment.

"Yes, sir."

"Woah!" Yusuke tilted his head to the side as he examined the round posterior that was held up high in the air, the skirt covering next to nothing.

"Yusuke!" Keiko scolded her husband, but after a second glance had her head tilted as well, "Oh!"

"You're both perverts," Hiei scowled standing between them and his slave.

"You really should know that that loses effect when you're not facing us and are blatantly staring at the same thing that we were," Yusuke laughed.

"Shove it, Urameshi," Hiei snarled at the couple.

"Oh! Good morning," the redhead beamed beautifully.

The married couple started coughing horribly, "Kurama?!"

He continued smiling, fingering the tip of his long braid resting over his shoulder, "I'm glad you people can tell that it's me, even in this outfit."

"What did I say about talking?" Hiei snapped the maid silent.

"Sweetie," Yusuke leaned in closer to his wife, "I think I just went gay."

"… For a second, I thought I did, too."

"I know the feeling," Kurama laughed.

"Silence slave."

"Hiei," Yukina scolded.

"It's his own fault. I told him what the consequences would be if he lost."

"Brother," Yukina shook her head before turning back to the boy in the French maid costume. "So you will be with us for the rest of the tour?"

"No, just the next week."

"Hn, you're not a very good stalker. That's all that's left of the tour," Hiei smirked at Kurama.

"I don't keep track of your schedules, just who you are," he smiled.

"So, yes after the tour is over, Kazuma and I are to get married and go on our honeymoon," she smiled proudly, but a slight blush arose on her cheeks.

"That's so sweet. I wish you both the greatest happiness."

"Would you like to come? You could be Hiei's date."


"I believe it's up to Kurama whether he wants to go or not."

"Yeah, but it's also my say whether or not he's my date to that idiot and your wedding," Hiei snapped.

Kurama felt a slight twist in his stomach. He always thought Hiei was the nicest brother in the world. Now here he was, yelling at his sister.

"Hiei, please, Kazuma and I are in love, I wish you would be happy for us," tears welled up in her large garnet eyes.

"Yukina," Kurama whispered, feeling bad for the poor sister.

"It's okay, Kurama, Hiei's always like this."

Another twist initiated in the pit of his stomach.

"Only when you talk about being with that moron. Please don't cry," he wrapped his arms around the girl tenderly, trying to console her.

Kurama had to hold back a slight giggle. How he wished he had a camera, the twins were so cute. A sudden wind made Kurama shiver.

"Oh, Hiei, will you get Kurama on to the bus, it's freezing out here," Yukina scolded.

"Fine," Hiei caved easily, "Just put the suit case in that compartment over there and we can go in."

"This one?" Kurama opened a door in the side of the bus, but had to bend over a whole lot to get the suit case all the way into the compartment, baring a lot of leg and a bit of ass.

"Oh, my," Yukina gasped, covering her eyes.

Hiei gasped, feeling his face heat up quickly.

"Yay!" Keiko and Yusuke went back to staring once again.

"What's going…? Whoa!" Kuwabara came up behind the siblings, and immediately turned his back on the very much bared ass, "Who is that?"

"My servant, Minamino, she'll be joining us for the rest of the tour," Hiei said almost zombie like.

"Yes, she's very nice," Yukina said before grabbing Hiei's shirt making him turn the other way, "Now stop staring."

"Oh, right," his face felt like it was on fire.

"What's going on?" Kurama walked up behind the band members.

"Nothing," Hiei said instantly.

"Okay then, come on, Minamino," Yusuke threw an arm over Kurama's shoulders, "let's get you out of that dress. I mean this cold. Let's get you out of this cold."

"I go with the first thing he said," Keiko followed closely after.

"Hey! That's my servant!" Hiei followed after the horny couple.

"What's with the girl?" Kuwabara wrapped his arms about his fiancé as they watched the four pile on to the bus.

"That's not a girl," Yukina giggled, "Remember the model who had made big brother blush?"

"I did not blush," Hiei stopped and insisted, but he was ignored.

"What? That was him? Why is he dressed as a girl?"

"Hiei's a pervert," she laughed.

"I am no such thing," but was once again ignored.

"I didn't think a guy could pass for a girl so easily," Kuwabara commented.

"I didn't think my brother would be interested in cross-dressing a boy," the innocent looking girl shrugged.


Koenma stuck his head out of the door to yell, "Come on, you three, it's time for us to get going."

"Where's Minamino?" Hiei asked when he got on the bus and noticed Yusuke and Keiko were still giggling to one another about something.

"He said he was tired, so we told him to lay down."

"Where?" he growled.

Keiko giggled, "In your bed."

"Kurama!" Hiei snarled, throwing open the curtains to his bed compartment, and he felt his blood start to boil with yearning. The redhead was sprawled out on top of his bed. His long legs were curled just enough to fit onto the bed comfortably, and his hair was now loose again with soft curls falling around his head like a crimson halo.

"Remember to breathe, Hiei," Yusuke reminded the suddenly frozen bass player.

Large emerald eyes blinked before settling on Hiei, "Sorry, I was a little excited last night and didn't get too much sleep." The long legs curled up under Kurama's ass as he sat up on his knees.

A low growl rumbled in Hiei's chest, "Then go back to sleep, I don't give a crap."


Yeah, sorry, it's a bit of an abrupt end, but it didn't sound right if I continued with what's in the fifth chapter. Please let me know what you all think. Hope to see you in the next month.