Title: Pick-up lines from Stargate Command

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A/N: I was reading "The Atlantis Handbook" by Cammy and I just started thinking... and me thinking about Stargate can only lead to insanity.
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In an effort to alleviate the boredom of one of the routine base-wide lock downs, a list was started up on one of the bulletin boards in the mess by unknown personnel. No one ever took it down, they just kept adding... Pick-up lines from Stargate Command:


1) "Are those pants from P38-989? Because you look out of this world!"

(This line is not recommended, as that cute new nurse has one hell of a left hook! -O'Neill)

2) "Have I died again? Because I think I see an angel."

(Submitted by Dr. Frasier, on behalf of Dr. Jackson)

(Accepted by Dr. Frasier. Ha! Siler you owe me 20$- Ferretti)

3) "Nope, I'm not a figment of you imagination, I'm all real."

(Dr. McKay's' suggestion has been removed on Major Carter's orders, on the grounds that:

a) He is an ass, and

b) He is attached to Atlantis, not the SGC)

4) "I've blown up suns that weren't as hot as you"

(Nice try, Sir. I'm not gonna say it. -Carter)

5) "I can do more than just stand here and look pretty"

(Mitchell, you have no tact. -Carter)

(But it worked didn't it? - Cam)

6) "Are you sure you don't have a little General in you? Want to?"

(Daniel...I know where you live... -O'Neill)

(Yeah sure... -Daniel)

7) "Is that your side arm or are you just happy to see me?"

(Oh, you're going to pay for that one Carter! -Jack)

8) "You really activate my iris."

(Walter, was that you? -Carter)

9) "Baby, you can dial my address anytime!"

(Vala, you aren't SGC personnel, you can't write here. -Daniel)

(I don't remember you complaining before Daniel. -Vala)

10) "Are you a Goa'uld? Because I can't get you out of my head!"



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