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Chapter 9


"Thanks for shopping at Rock Porium." Vida smiles at one of the customers while handing them their purchased items in a bag. "Have a good day now."

Moments later, Madison approaches her from behind.

"Hey, you." Vida greeted. "Got a goodnight sleep?"

Madison frowns. "Not really."

"Yeah you look like crap."

She sighs. "Uh thanks, sis. Look, can we talk?"

Vida turns to her as she sits on top of the counter. "Yeah, of course. What's up?"

"Get off the counter, V." Xander retorts as Vida rolls her eyes, mocking him from behind as he walks by.

She groans, "Ugh! When I'm through with him..." Vida stops in mid-sentence and looks at her sister. She grunts, "oh um...sorry continue."

Madison sighs. "Anyways…you know how I've been telling you about images I've been seeing in my head?"


"Well, it happened again last night in my dream and I'm seeing clearer images of myself as a baby."

Vida listens intently.

"I was wondering if mom or dad ever spoken to you about my biological parents." Madison bit her bottom lip. "You know…where I came from and everything."

Vida shrugs her shoulders. "I just know that someone left you on our doorstep and mom and dad immediately took you in to become part of our family."

Madison smiles at the thought.

Without noticing, Leelee walks inside the shop as she stopped and hid behind a rack of magazines to listen.

"I just want to know where I came from and I think these images and dreams are helping me remember something—something important."

Leelee's eyes widen as she walks out the door, towards the back where she meets up with her mother, a half human, half bat-like creature Necrolai, known as the evil Queen of the Vampires. "Okay bad news."

"What is it?" She questions in her dreadful voice.

Leelee gulps nervously. "She's starting to remember."


Her daughter nods her head.

"The curse is slowly weakening," utters Necrolai as she looks down to think. "Her magic is stronger than I thought."

"So what should we do?"

The Queen of Vampires turns to her daughter. "We must stop her from remembering."


"I don't know. But keep an eye on her."

"Yes, mother."

"Quick! Someone's coming."

Necrolai vanishes as Leelee turns around and watches Nick approach her while removing the helmet from off his head. "Who were you talking to, Leelee?" He asks with a suspicious look.

The blonde bit her lip, forcing a smile. "No one…I was just…singing."


"Yeah, I was…mumbling a few words to the song." She chuckles nervously. "You know…the one that's playing right now in the store."

Nick slowly nods his head. "Alright, well I should get to work."

"Okay. Well have fun!"

Leelee sighs in relief as soon as he turned around and entered the shop. She mumbles, "Whew…that was close."

Back inside Rock Porium, Vida and Madison continue their conversation.

"Look, sis..." Vida starts off as she places her hand over Madison's, "I know you want to know your background and where you came from...and I understand that." There is a small pause. "But just remember...you're with us now and we're your family." She genuinely smiles. "We're not going anywhere. Nothing is gonna change that okay?"

Madison nods her head and smiles in return, "okay."

"Good. Now will you excuse me...while I go and drive Xander crazy."

She chuckles, and as Vida leaves the counter, Nick joins her.

"Hey, you."

Madison looks his way and smiles. "Hey, Nick."

He leans against the counter beside her with his arm folded across his chest. "So...how are things with Daggeron?" He teases, allowing Madison to look away in pleased embarassment.

"I really don't know what you're talking about."

"Oh come on, I see the way you two are together." He nudges her shoulder playfully. "So?"

"There is really nothing to tell." She replies when suddenly the same images in her head return as it makes her slightly lose balance. Nick wraps his arms around her to keep still.

"Whoa, you okay?" He asks worriedly as he slowly lets go of her. She shakes her head and looks up at him.

"Yeah..." Madison rubs the back of her neck, "I haven't been getting enough sleep lately."

"Well you should."

Madison nods her head. Moments later, she feels a familiar presence lingering in the air as she looks towards the direction it was coming from and watch as Daggeron enters the room.

to be continued...

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