What is love?

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The last part of the last chapter:

"What's wrong?" I asked now a little frightened about what might be waiting for me inside. But Edward just laughed.

"Nothing…just go in sweetie, everything will be fine. Charlie would like to ask you something that is, to him, very important." He kissed my cheek and opened the passenger door for me. And I walked flightily to the front door, not wanting to see Charlie very much.

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As I opened the door the heat from inside burned my cool and icy cheeks. Charlie quickly yelled for me before I could even get inside all of the way. "Bella is that you?" He sounded anxious and as if he was stressing about something so I answered him back without any sarcasm.

"Yes dad it's me."

"Oh good I'm in the kitchen." I took that as he wanted me to join him so I walked to the kitchen to find Charlie pacing back and fourth with the small cordless telephone sitting clearly and alone on the empty table. He paced feet away from the phone but never took his eyes off of it, not even when I walked in.

"Is everything ok dad?" I asked slowly and with concern. I had never seen Charlie act so strangely, that is, when he's not watching the game.

"Bella this is hard to ask but I'm kind of in the need of your advice." I walked to Charlie and helped him sit down at the table besides me.

"Yeah what is it?"

"Here…" He handed me a small piece of paper that was folded up neatly and had nothing but 7 single numbers written on it.

"Ummm….I'm sorry but am I missing something? I don't know what this is suppose to mean, or am I?"

"No, I need your advice with this girl Bells…I'm not sure what I should do. I know I must seem very lame right now but most teenage fathers do and I really could use some help." I was relived when he told me about this and it wasn't something too hard to handle.

"Oh ok, so what's the problem?" I asked.

"Well see, I'm not even sure what to do. The lady's name is Susie and I know her from work. We were partners a few years ago until I got promoted, but anyway she gave me her number and asked if we could do something tonight." I waited for him to finish but his eyes just held more questions.

"So….why don't you do something with her tonight?"

"That's the problem, I'm not sure what would be appropriate for a night out, or…a first date….or whatever she wants to call it. Dinner and a movie might be too much and so original I would like to take her somewhere but haven't got a clue where to." This should be easy I thought to myself.

"Well do you like her a lot or would you rater be just friends?" But then it started to get a little uncomfortable!

"Well…I do like her….a lot I guess you could say."

"Ok well then for a first…whatever, why don't you do something fun like…the park or bowling or something like that?" He thought about for a few minutes and then his eyes lit up with joy.

"That's a really good idea Bells! We could take a walk in the park and then once it gets dark we can go bowling! Thanks you so much kiddo! I'll call her now!" He grabbed the phone and started dialing.

"I'll give you some privacy have fun Dad."

"Thank you Bella." I left the kitchen and headed for my room upstairs.

The rest of the night after I helped Charlie pick out something to wear, I caught up on some laundry and did my homework, that wasn't due for another week.

It wasn't until I was settled in bed and reading a good book until I saw Edward again. And to tell you the truth it was beginning to feel like forever already not being with him for a few hours.

I watched in awe as he swiftly and quietly came through my window and sat down next to me on my small bed.

"Hello my Love, how are you?" He tucked a small piece of my hair behind my ear and kissed my neck, my nostrils began to burn with the delicious scent coming from him.

"Uhhh…" My mind went blank and I couldn't even remember or even knew for that fact how I felt. And Edward began to laugh, the musical noise made my heart race faster and faster.

"I love you, and that crazy heart too."

I love you too." I managed to say. His eyes that night looked beautiful but it was no match to the way his skin was starting to shimmer in the moon light. I began to wonder why this angel or God like vampire could love me?

"So…why did all of a sudden Alice want to go to the Rain Forest? Is there something special going on that I don't know about? Promise me there isn't another surprise."

"Well, I can't promise that. But I can promise it's not me that would be surprising you. And I'm not exactly sure what she's planning to do. I think she is just happy to get out of the house and do something fun with everyone, but that's my guess."

"I'm not so sure how hiking up big hills and muddy cliffs are that much fun, especially with me." I couldn't even began to name all of the possibility about what might happen to me there!

"Awe Bella you know with four extra sets of eyes plus mine nothing too bad could happen to you. At least I could try my hardest not to let it happen, you're bit of a handful I must say." I glared at him under my eyelashes and watched as he began to smile, as if he won at some game or felt proud of himself for some odd reason.

"Well I'm sorry I am such a big handful, maybe I shouldn't go." I tried my hardest to get out of going AGAIN but still I know there was no chance left in the world.

"No, but nice try. You're so cute when you get mad though, plus I wouldn't have fun without you. I'd miss you too terribly and I don't like missing you. So that's not going to happen."


"Ok, so lay down and get some sleep. We don't know what is ahead of us for tomorrow. Goodnight my Angel." I laid down and began to feel how really tired I was.

"Goodnight Edward, you will be here in the morning right?" I asked.

"You know I will, sweat dreams."

And that's all I could remember besides what happen when I was asleep. But "Sweet Dreams" didn't have a part when I was asleep that night. Something more and strange and frightening happened to me.


There was a street, it looked familiar but I couldn't put my finger where I'd seen it before. The sky was as gray as concrete and all I could see was red roses scattered all over the ground and two people, just standing in the rain.

"YOU PROMISED ME EDWARD!" A small girl scream, she was standing in the poring rain drenched from head to toe, you couldn't even see the thousands of tears escaping from her eyes; it was raining so hard.

"You know I can't put you in any danger Isabella, I may have promised but I would break any promise to keep you safe and alive." The girl, me I realized, began to sob even harder, gasping for air as if she was being strangled.

"Bella calm down please" Edward struggled, I could see his face was sad and he was feeling intense pain; emotional pain.

End of DREAM

I woke up in a sweat and to the bright and hot sun hitting my face, morning never could have come earlier. My hazel eyes felt very heavy and as if it was impossible to get out of bed, especially since Edward wasn't right there next to me like he said that night…or did I dream that too?

My heart began to beat hesitantly and I began to panic, what happened? Was I really dreaming? Everything just felt so real that I wasn't sure what happened.

I finally did get out of bed and changed into some clothes, a light blue tank top and some tan shorts like Alice said, today was going to be a warm day in Forks Washington.

I almost ran downstairs to see if maybe Edward was down there, and he was, but so was Esme and they where both cooking something in my Kitchen!

"Hey baby!" Edward said excitedly and jogged over and picked me up in a hug and spun me around until I was almost going to be sick. When I was safe on the ground I sat down at the table.

"Hey, what are you two doing?" I asked trying to speak but I knew my voice was a little wary from what I had just dreamt.

"Making you breakfast, remember I told you today I was going to be cooking human food all day and you said you would be my tester, that is since you are human." Esme smiled at me, and I once again felt very misplaced sitting there and looking at the most two beautiful creatures in the world. The sunlight hit both of their cold skin and made the kitchen seem as if there where two disco balls shinning all over the kitchen walls.

"Yes, last time I did check I was still human." I said this looking straight at Edward but he avoided my gaze and watched the pancakes on the stove that he was cooking.

"Are you ready for the first batch Bella?" Esme asked me politely.

"Yes please." I eat the FOUR pancakes that she gave and felt as if I was already going to explode. The pancakes where very good but at the same time the biggest pancakes in the world! I would have been fine just eating one, but three!

"Ok round two!"

"Esme I'm sorry but if I have a round two then round one will be in the toilet before you can say…pancakes! It was very good and thank you, I'm just really full."

"Oh well in that case I will just save these for another time, I'm glad you enjoyed them though."


We got to Edward's house a little before 10 and just as we pulled in Alice came running out. She looked like a little black haired pixie dancing to the car that was still moving.

"Bella! You finally made it, Edward I've called you like a million times?"

"I know, I didn't answer." Edward smiled to himself evilly and grabbed some hiking boots out of the trunk.

We walked inside and everyone gathered around.

"So what's the plan? What are we doing anyway?" Rosalie was dressed as a runaway model with her beautiful blonde hair pulled up.

"Well let's just get on the road first, Edward would it be alright with you if I drove your car?" Alice asked.


"What? Come on! Just let me drive…P-L-E-A-S-E!!" Alice sounded like a little 5 year old to tell you the truth.

"Noooo." Edward didn't have any emotion to his voice, just a long NO came from him.

"Well fine then! We'll take my car and I'LL drive."

"Fine. Sounds good to me."

We all got into Alice's car, Jasper in the passenger seat and the rest of us 4 in the back. Emmett and I were sitting so close that I was sure that my constant breathing would annoy him after a short while.

"Are we all ready to go?" Alice asked cheerfully.

"Not really." Rosalie said quietly but I was almost positive everyone else could hear her.

"Well let's hit the road!"

On the road again
Just cant wait to get on the road again
The life I love is makin' music with my friends
And I cant wait to get on the road again
On the road again
Goin' places that I've never been
Seein' things that I may never see again,
And I cant wait to get on the road again.

On the road again I can't wait to get on the road again,

On the road again I can't wait to get on the road again!

It had been only a little over 20 minutes from what my clock read; and I could have written a 3,00 word essay on how horrible Emmett's singing was. Yes, I have to say, Vampires are the most beautiful and breathe taking creatures ever….but singing is for sure not one of their strongest traits!

I think Emmett started to annoy himself after a while because he finally stopped singing and sat not moving in his seat next to me.

To my right Edward sat by me, holding my hand in his and tried almost a million times to get me to eat one more sandwich that Esme had made for me. But eating a third sandwich was the very last thing I wanted to do, I was happy just sitting there while Edward played with my hair and watched in amazement as all five of them talked and messed around with each other.

However I knew Jasper struggled being so close to me in the car. He was very quite unless someone asked him something. I felt guilty and bad that I was causing so much trouble. I just thought at everyone else and how amazing it was for them to even allow me to be in the car with them, and for some reason, never was I frightened.

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