The Unexpected I

Chapter 26


Ryo/Dee (mostly), some Dee/Ryo

Warnings: R, Yaoi, Male/male, MPREG, AU If you don't like, don't read!

I wish FAKE belonged to me. I especially wish Dee and Ryo belonged to me, but alas they belong to each other – and to the very talented and wonderful Sanami Matoh, along with the rest of the FAKE characters, series and anime. Any OCs appearing in this fic are mine.

Big special thanks to DeeRyoFan for helping out with the dinner scene! Thanks lady! hugs


In the pre-dawn hours, Dee looked around the living room. It was trashed. Dee muttered a string of curses, rubbing his stomach, realizing he was not up to doing any cleaning up before going to bed. He entered the dining area, relieved that Elena had helped put away whatever food was left, which was not much, while Ryo and Rick gathered the trash and took it out to the hallway to drop down the garbage shoot. Rick and Elena were asleep now in the guest bedroom. Stefen was fast asleep on the window seat. Dee peered into the room on the other side of the apartment and quickly checked the kids that were sleeping on the floor. The two boys from the orphanage were to stay overnight. Along with Carol. Carol, Lass and Dani were sleeping in Bikky's room. Bikky had the couch, while Thomas and Billy slept on the floor, along with Lai. Also on the floor was one of the boys from Bikky's team. His parents had called to ask if they could pick him up in the morning. Ryo had barely understood what was being said, picked out the phrases "too drunk" and "had to go home", and decided the boy was best to stay where he was for the night. Barry's kids were also sleeping on the floor. Ryo had helped Barry and Julie into a cab, while Dee left a voicemail at their home, reminding them that they were both in no condition to drive back to Brooklyn, and it was best to leave the kids where they were.

Dee shook his head chuckling. He was the only one who stayed sober. Even Vince decided to have a couple of drinks. He headed into the kitchen, grimacing at the pile of dishes in the sink waiting to be washed. Thankfully they were soaking in water. He turned on the stove and filled some water in the tea kettle, planning to sit down, have a cup of chamomile tea to help relax him, then head to the bedroom. Ryo had gone to take a shower, since Ted accidentally spilled beer onto Ryo near the end of the party.

He leaned back in the chair, sighing in relief to be sitting. He decided to take the advice Vince gave him before leaving and lifted his feet to set on the chair next to him. He sighed again. And closed his eyes while he waited for the tea kettle to start whistling.

He opened his eyes when there were strong fingers digging into the knots in his shoulders, hitting all the right places as only Ryo knew how to do.

"Mmm…" Dee groaned. "That's heavenly, baby."

Ryo chuckled, leaning over to kiss the top of Dee's head. "Are you sure you don't need to be carried into the bedroom."

Dee lifted his head to look up at Ryo. "Don't tempt me," he remarked, then chuckled.

Ryo continued to rub Dee's shoulders until the tea kettle started to whistle. Ryo kissed the top of Dee's head again. "I'll get that, baby. You sit there."

Dee sighed contently. "Thank you," he replied. He watched as Ryo made chamomile tea for the two of them.

Ryo placed a cup in front of Dee and another before the chair Dee rested his feet on. "Do you want anything to eat?" Ryo asked, still standing.

Dee rubbed his stomach. "No thanks. I'm totally stuffed. And that egg nog was pretty rich."

Ryo sat down as Dee lifted his feet. Before Dee could move them completely, Ryo grabbed his feet and rested them on his lap. "Still comfortable?" he asked.

"Very," Dee replied with a nod.

"I would imagine your egg nog being richer than everyone else's. Yours wasn't watered down."

Dee chuckled. "Not that there was any water in yours."

Ryo rolled his eyes. "I know. But I'm fine now. I think I started to sober up when we had to start throwing out all the very drunk people."

Dee laughed. "Poor Vince. He's not used to drinking, huh?"

Ryo shook his head. "David said it's been a long time since Vince allowed himself to drink. He's always afraid of getting a call and being too drunk to handle it."

"Must be rough for him," Dee said. "He's great. I'm glad he was able to let loose and not get a call tonight."

"Me too. It's the least we can do considering how often we bother him during his off hours," Ryo agreed.

They drank their tea talking about the success of their party and their guests. Ryo went to rinse out their cups, working around the pile of other dishes there. "Ugh," he stated. "Don't go into shock on me here, Dee, but you know what?"

"We're tackling them tomorrow. Yeah, I saw it. We start now, the sun will be up by the time we get done."

Ryo turned from the sink to find Dee standing. He went over to hug Dee, kissing him briefly. "You must be exhausted," he said, his mouth still close to Dee's.

Dee smiled as he closed the slight distance to kiss Ryo more firmly. "Not that tired," Dee replied, his hands rubbing Ryo's back. "How about you? Are you too tired to…?"

Ryo grinned, adjusting his arms to pull Dee closer so their bodies pressed against the other as he passionately kissed Dee. When he pulled apart for air, feeling Dee leaning against him, he smiled at the dark haired man. "There's that saying about what you do on the first day of a New Year."

"You'll be doing it all year long," Dee finished. "Let's go then. Because I definitely want to be doing a lot of that all year long."

Ryo laughed and with his arm around Dee's waist, he guided them toward the bedroom.

Bikky was in the dining room, handing out juice and milk to those gathered around the dining room table. Soon Dee would have him running the food out to the kids.

Dee yawned for the countless time that morning. He was exhausted, but he was the one who had to get up to use the bathroom and heard the sounds of kids waking. Deciding to let the other adults in the house sleep off the alcohol they had consumed the night before, Dee took on the task of feeding everyone and getting those who were able to leave on their own on their way. He stared at the coffee pot, wishing he had not already had his limit. He could have used another cup… or five.

The tea kettle whistled and he sighed, still staring at the coffee pot. Hopefully the peppermint tea would do its trick that morning once he had a cup or two. He called out to Bikky, letting him know Lass' tea would be ready. Then after pouring the water into a tea pot that had been a gift to Ryo from his grandmother, using loose leaves in a strainer, he went back to making breakfast. This was definitely not a one cup at a time day, which is why he took out the larger tea pot.

It was late enough when him and Ryo finished their tea after all their guests had left, or went to bed. He found he was not so tired to he fall asleep upon getting in the bed. He had made love to Ryo. While laying in each other's arms, instead of falling asleep, they ended up having a round two with Ryo taking Dee. As the first rays of daylight tried to break through the blinds in their room, the two men finally fell asleep, very sated, happy and content.

Now Dee was paying the price, while Ryo was still sleeping. He could have awakened Ryo, but when he still found himself in the bathroom alone, he knew just how tired Ryo was. Usually within a minute or two, if he didn't already wake with Dee, Ryo would be checking on him.

Dee smiled as he thought about the night before. Armed with a strong cup of peppermint tea, Dee went back to getting breakfast prepared for the hungry army of kids in the dining room, wondering how soon would they also be invaded by hungry adults.

Dee was eating at the table with the kids, halfway through breakfast when Ryo came out of the bedroom, looking more rumpled from what they had done before falling asleep than hungover. He learned over to kiss Dee briefly before going into the kitchen to get his coffee, then sat down next to Dee to start eating his breakfast.

After breakfast, Lai and Lass, along with the two boys from the orphanage, and Bikky's teammate left. Barry had called, apologizing to Dee and said he was on his way to collect his three kids.

Elena and Rick joined them, Dee and Ryo insisting they sit and be served. Dani had already crawled into Elena's lap and Stefen was talking to Rick. Elena and Rick helped with the rest of the post party clean up. By early afternoon, the apartment was back to the clean, yet comfortable way they usually maintained it. Rick and Elena left shortly after, promising to call them soon. Barry had already arrived to collect his kids, once again apologizing. Dee and Ryo laughed him off, letting him no it was not a problem.

Bikky and Carol were the last to leave the apartment, wanting to go out for a few hours, Bikky saying something about giving his dads a chance to rest. Dee looked exhausted, and Ryo sent him off to take a nap.

While Dee slept, Ryo started to go through photos and selecting which ones to put up around the apartment. He started to add to the rogue gallery in the hallway which had pictures of both men at different times in their lives, their families, Bikky and friends. When Ryo was done with his task, there were pictures showing Dee and Ryo as a couple in love, and others including Bikky showing them as the family they were.

After Dee woke from his nap, they did some rearranging around the apartment. They moved whatever of Ryo's stuff he kept in the guest room into their room. The room looked like a guest room now, practically devoid of personal items used daily. Soon the room would start to be emptied and work on turning it into a nursery would start. Ryo discovered the sweater he had been looking frantically for the night before had been in a drawer in the guest room. Seeing the changes in pictures around the apartment, Dee decided he wanted to add a few favorites of his not on display yet. The final touches were complete. It truly looked like the home of two men planning to spend the rest of their lives together and their son.

The first week of the new year was, for the most part, very productive. Even if some of the women at the precinct seemed to hang around Dee a little too much for Ryo's liking. What silently pissed Ryo off the most was, that for once, Dee was merely tolerating the women out of politeness. That was not Dee's way, being the one to be abrupt and to the point and telling people to leave him alone when he didn't want the attention. Dee had admitted to Ryo it was nice to be the center of attention, but only up to a point. Just because he was pregnant, he did not suddenly have the urge to start knitting baby booties. If he knew Mother, she probably was already done with enough booties and working on something else.

Word spread moderately quickly, as many of those they passed congratulated both Dee and Ryo, or dropped by their office. Ryo had already been cornered by Janet early in the week, and warned by her that she was going to be the one to throw the office baby shower when it was near time – no one else. Ryo had no other choice but assure her of it and not to say a word to Dee. Ryo initially did try to point out that perhaps throwing a baby shower for Dee at work might not be the wisest thing. Janet merely glared at Ryo, then made it quite clear it was going to happen, it was a tradition for any pregnant cops, and with Dee being the first male, made it more special. Both Dee and Ryo were expected to be there – whenever it would be.

Ryo had been trying to figure out a polite way of telling those women offering friendly advice to Dee on pregnancy that they already had enough advice from Elena. He wanted to add that while similar, a male pregnancy had enough differences that Dee could not base his on other women's experiences. That was what they had Vince for, and the support group Dee was going to start attending in the upcoming weeks. A place to sit down with other pregnant males and discuss what they were going through, with the meeting being held by a man who had already gone through the entire pregnancy. Vince explained to Dee that he would always be glad to not only offer his own professional advice, but also advice as a man who had done it twice. He still wanted Dee to go, so Dee would get to know other men, hear their own stories and realize that in many ways, a male pregnancy was an unique experience to the individual carrier. That in many ways, Dee's pregnancy was not like any other. That was the way it was for carriers. So why did these women feel Dee should take all their advice, Ryo wondered. There were also meetings and classes Dee and Ryo were scheduled to attend together in the upcoming months.

Later in the week, to Ryo's dismay, to discover Dee had already pointed that out to the women and now found himself comparing differences. Ryo felt like banging his head against a wall. If one more woman hugged Dee, sighing in dismay after Dee once again explained what he went through for settling, Ryo thought he would scream.

He found himself twice during the week dialing a number that had become very familiar to him, but instead of asking for Vince, he asked for David.

Monday when they returned to work, Ryo set up an electric water heater so they would not have to go into the break room to make tea for Dee, especially during the times he really needed it to settle any bouts with nausea. On the top of a file drawer where the coffeemaker used to be was the water heater and a selection of teas that Dee was able to drink and liked. His favorite was peppermint, but he did not want to find himself getting tired of it. There were times when peppermint was not the best either, so some milder ones like chamomile were among the selection.

Dee filled a desk drawer with a variety of crackers, melba toast, some small jars of preserves and peanut butter, and included some other favorite snacks of his, such as chocolate and yogurt Pocky and cookies. Ryo knew they were bound for a trip to New Jersey soon to pick up a new supply of the yogurt Pocky at the Japanese marketplace, because that was the only place they were able to get it. Dee kept saying otherwise, but Ryo could see the first signs of cravings setting in.

On Tuesday, while asking everyone around the neighborhood where the Jane Doe was found, they managed to get a name. She was found naked in a hotel room with no ID. The guy at the front desk claimed he did not see her enter. The name and address of the man who had the room was false information. The poor woman was still in a coma. There were no fingerprints in the room, nothing on the doorknobs or windows. The lab reports found several different samples of semen. Since finding out she was a prostitute, it mean that her attacker could or could not be among the samples. Disheartening, Dee and Ryo realized this was going to be more tough then they had first thought.

Another folder among the new ones to go through turned out to be another victim of their drug case. They went back on Tuesday afternoon to go over the crime scene again and look around the area. They got home late that evening and spent the remaining time going through the Jane Doe case. They both felt they were onto something if only they had the right clue. Dee went to bed first, unable to keep his eyes open. Ryo stayed up a little longer until the need to sleep sent him to their room, where he draped himself over Dee and fell asleep. He managed to get a few hours sleep, until Dee woke up, charging for the bathroom.

On Wednesday, they were able to pin Mickey's name to a near fatal beating in Newark, NJ. Taking out an unmarked car, they went to visit Mickey and see if he would finally talk. It took them several locations until they found Mickey in the hallway on the second floor of a shabby residential hotel he frequented. They suspected he had a room on the 4th floor and was on their way up when Dee caught sight of him on the second floor. He was talking to several other shady looking characters Dee was certain that if they ran a check, rap sheets would come up on them. One in particular seemed to be on some drug or another.

"Oh crap," Mickey sighed. "It's those two again."

The one Dee suspected of being high quickly averted his eyes as the two detectives came closer the little group. The guy muttered something, turning and started to walk away and into a door nearby. The other men started to scatter too.

The last remaining man sauntered past them. "You two don't look like you belong here. I'd watch myself if I were you. Just stick close to Mickey and you should be okay." He smirked as he continued on his way.

"We can take care of ourselves just fine, thank you," Ryo remarked.

Dee glanced back as the man went through a door to a room at the far end of the hall. "Just for that, we'll remember to come back and talk to you," he muttered, the exact door now committed in his memory for future reference.

Ryo snickered as they came to a stop before Mickey.

"Gentlemen, I told you," Mickey started with his overly phony business tone, "I know nothing. Why even waste our time. I don't know about you two throwing away taxpayers money, but that has to be a crime. I, however, am a busy man, and I don't appreciate you constantly coming to harass me."

Ryo frowned. "You didn't look too busy just now."

"Oh sure he was," Dee said, cautious eyes on Mickey. "Conducting his business, I assume. You know what that type usually is. To Mickey he added, "And believe me, if we wanted to harass you, you'd know. This ain't nothing."

Mickey started at Dee. "Detective Laytner, I assure you there was nothing illegal going on."

"We'll determine that after we question your friends," Ryo stated.

"Hmm… and why would you do that?" Mickey asked, sounding offended.

Dee slung an overly friendly arm around the witness' shoulders. "Because, Mickey-boy, we know you know something, and well, if you won't talk, we're sure one of your pals might."

"I don't understand why we must continue this. We can't tell what we don't know," Mickey said.

Ryo moved closer as Dee maneuvered Mickey so he ended up in a corner, blocked by the two detectives. "We can do this one of two ways," Ryo said. "You can talk to us here and depending on how helpful you are, we might look the other way of a certain little indiscretion you might want us to keep quiet about."

Mickey stared at Ryo, trying to figure out the game he was certain they were playing with him. "That's pretty good, MacLean. Looks like you're picking up on the fine art of bullshitting like your partner here. Aren't you jealous of him holding me as he is?" Mickey looked at Ryo knowingly with a smirk.

"He gets that from having to deal enough with clowns like you," Dee stated. He sighed heavily, tapping his fingers on Mickey's shoulder. "Now now, that's none of your concern," he added, referring to the jealous comment. "What should be, is you can either take Ryo up on his most generous offer, or you can pick what's behind door number two, which, by the way, is the door going inside the 27th. Take your pick."

"I have nothing to say." Mickey stood his ground. "So I'll take choice three – none of the above."

Dee patted Mickey's back, his eyes on Ryo. "Too bad there ain't no choice three."

Ryo sighed, reaching behind him for his handcuffs. "Choice two it is then."

"Hey! You can't just take me in like a common criminal!" Mickey complained, trying to put distance between him and Ryo. His back hit the wall. "You have nothing on me!"

"Do you remember someone by the name of Dennis DeVito?" Ryo asked. "From Newark? Oh, about six weeks ago."

Mickey shook his head. "Never heard of him."

"That's a shame, Mickey," Dee remarked. "You should get to know the name of your victims. Seems we have a description that matches yours over in Newark as one of the perps who gave DeVito a workover. He's still in the hospital recovering, you know."

Mickey looked up at Dee in shock, the truth telling on his face for a split second. It was enough to convince Ryo, who made a grab for his arm. "We're taking you in for the suspicion of assault on Dennis DeVito," Ryo announced.

Without warning, Mickey gave Dee a shove, knocking him into a wall. He managed to evade Ryo's reach as he started to make a dash for the stairs.

Dee hit the wall with an 'oof'. He felt an adrenalin surge as he watched Mickey reach the stairs. He pushed himself off the wall and charged past Ryo, who had hesitated for a moment to check if Dee was okay.

"Dee!" Ryo yelled out, following his partner to the stairs.

Dee took the stairs three at a time and closed the distance between him and Mickey, as their perp ran through the small lobby for the front door. He grabbed the criminal by the back of his shirt, pulling him back.

Mickey yelped, then turned on Dee, lashing out his foot and going for a kick in Dee's stomach. In that single moment, common sense kicked in, reminding Dee his instinct should be to protect the baby. As Mickey's foot lashed out, Dee was overcome by panic, but at last the right instinct overrode his panic. His right arm automatically blocked the kick, taking the brunt of it, but the force of impact still knocked him backward.

Just as Dee hit the floor, Ryo flew past him, taking a diving leap to tackle Mickey to the floor as the perp turned to run out the door. The few others in the lobby who realized what was happening, quickly scattered from the lobby. Most of the regulars in that building preferred to keep a distance between themselves and the police. Ryo grabbed a fist full of reddish blonde hair and slammed Mickey's head face first to the floor a couple of times before roughly cuffing him.

Still straddling the now handcuffed man, Ryo glared down at him. "Bad move," he growled. "You are now under arrest for assault of an officer of the law, along with other pending charges which include assault of a pregnant person and suspect to a near fatal assault. You have the right to remain silent," Ryo snapped, and continued to read Mickey his rights.

When Ryo was done he turned to check on Dee, to find him already on his feet and putting away his cell phone which he had used to call for back-up.

"Are you all right?" Ryo asked, quickly studying Dee, noticing he was holding his right arm.

Dee nodded. "Let's get him outta here. I think I hear his ride coming already."

Ryo nodded, pinning Dee with a glare. "Let's go." He stood up, pulling Mickey up with him. Dee joined Ryo at his side as the chestnut haired detective shoved Mickey out the lobby door. A few seconds later, a radio patrolled car pulled up, with flashing lights.

Ryo forced Mickey into the back of the car. To the uniformed officer, he said, "We'll be questioning him before we book him. He has some heavy charges." Ryo glanced at Mickey, glaring at him before turning back to the cop. "I might feel generous, depending on how much he wants to talk. And believe me, the way I'm feeling, he'll have to do a lot of talking."

Ryo turned and taking Dee by his left arm lead him to their unmarked car. As they approached the car, he silently held his hand out for the car keys. Just as silently Dee handed them over and went to the passenger side. Ryo saw in his unusually subdued partner's eyes that Dee knew he had messed up. Once inside the car, Ryo slammed the door closed with unnecessary force, causing Dee to flinch. He was willing to forgive Dee this time, seeing the dark haired man's silent regret, but he would be long to forget. He hoped it would be even longer before Dee would forget.

He started the car, noticing out of the corner of his eyes that Dee was trying to discreetly cradle his right arm, while at the same time positioning that same arm to make the protective gesture Ryo knew well enough by then what it meant.

"How bad is it?" Ryo asked, forcing his voice to a normal level.

Dee shrugged. "I don't think it's broken," he replied. He finally shoved the sleeve of his coat and shirt up enough for them to notice the start of bruising. What they could see of the arm looked swollen "My arm took the worse of it," Dee added, pulling the sleeve down.

"That was a hard landing you took, too," Ryo pointed out.

"I've got a hard ass," Dee remarked. "I'm more shaken than the chibi. Really. We're fine, Ryo."

Ryo nodded, not looking convinced. He put the car into drive. "We'll talk about this after we nail Mickey's ass. And if you start feeling anything that could be something wrong, you better open your mouth and tell me right then. You understand me, Dee?"

Dee nodded, dropping his head. "Sorry."

"Later with that, Dee," Ryo remarked. He pulled the car away from the curb and into the flow of traffic and started back to the precinct, the radio patrol car with Mickey just ahead of them.

During the ride and back at the precinct, Ryo did not say a word more to Dee about it, but Dee could tell Ryo was more than just annoyed at him. Ryo did not take it out on Dee. Inside the precinct, Ryo pulled Dee to the side and made Dee take off his coat and jacket, then roll up his sleeve to tend to his arm, gently taking it to look at it, and assuring for himself that Dee was correct that it was not broken. Assured that Dee would heal, Ryo placed his hand on the swell of Dee's abdomen, rubbing it gently. He stooped down so his mouth was next to his hand and started to talk to the tiny life, telling it how much he loved it and its Daddy did too, and how he'll make sure Daddy did not get stupid again.

It did not stop Ryo from taking out his anger at Dee's stupidity on everyone else around them. Dee wisely stayed silent through the interrogation, arrest and booking, leaving Ryo to handle everything. He allowed Ryo to lead the interrogation, silently taking notes as Mickey started to talk freely, giving them the information they needed for their other case. Basically, Dee found himself in the unusual role of the 'good cop'. Ryo was not feeling very generous at all, particularly after they learned Mickey himself was one of the men they were looking for. Dee silently excused himself from the room to return with the ADA, who came into the interrogation room to record Mickey's statement. Part of the video recording was to assure the perp did not confess under mistreatment.

However, there was still the matter of Mickey's nose, which was bent out of shape to answer to.

Once Mickey was booked into the system, Rose had first called Ryo into his office, asking him to explain how Mickey's nose was broken during the arrest. Ryo stated the facts to Rose exactly as they had happened, leaving nothing out. Next Dee was called in and questioned. Dee also kept to the real story and upon finishing, rolled up his shirt sleeve on his right arm, exposing the bruised and swollen arm for Rose to see. Dee demonstrated to Rose by standing up and going into the exact position he was in when kicked, bringing attention to where his arm was at the time of impact. He told Rose he was thankful he thought to pull his arm up to block the foot from connecting with his stomach. Rose paled at that point. A minute later, Dee was subjected to a lecture from the Commissioner on being careful and unnecessarily putting the baby at risk. Feeling bad enough, Dee felt worse after Rose was done, knowing what the Commissioner said was true. He also knew he would have to deal with Ryo later.

Ryo was then called back into the office with Dee. Rose assured them that the matter will be taken care of with the ADA. Assault of a police officer, assault on a pregnant person, refusal to cooperate. They came up with enough to justify Ryo's extra handling of Mickey while taking him down and making sure he stayed down. Rose ordered Dee to get his arm checked out after they left and suggested since it was well into the middle of the night, that they both take the next day off. Ryo insisted that if he took a later shift, he would be fine, so Rose okayed a swing shift for Ryo. Ryo also made it clear that Dee should consider his taking the day off an order. Rose quickly backed Ryo up, giving Dee no other choice but to take the day off.

Ryo and Dee left the precinct, Dee ready to go home and fall asleep. However, since he didn't eat since lunch, not even a snack, he knew he would have to eat first. He was already starting to feel slightly nauseous and light headed. Ryo hailed them a cab. So far Ryo had only asked if he was okay. With his arm around Dee's waist, Ryo settled Dee into the cab before running to the other side and letting himself in, sat next to him. Ryo gave the driver the intersection in Greenwich Village where one of their favorite all night diners was located.

As the taxi drove down Fifth Avenue, along Central Park, Dee could not stand the silence any longer.

"Ryo, look I'm sorry. I…" He was stopped by Ryo's fingers on his lips.

Ryo leaned over to gently kiss his lips. "Shh. We'll talk after we start eating."

"I want to talk now. I can't stand your silence," Dee remarked, starting to look upset.

Ryo kissed him again. "I'm not mad, love. Well, not too mad. Not as much as I was before," he admitted. "But we're both tired and hungry, and you definitely need to eat before you pass out on me." Ryo caressed Dee's cheek. "So we eat first, then while we're still in the diner, we talk. Okay?"

Dee leaned against Ryo with a sigh. "Just don't be quiet. Talk about anything else until then. Please?"

Ryo gazed at Dee. "I love you, Dee," he said softly.

Dee smiled, meeting Ryo's gaze. "I love you too."

"Let's talk about our wedding. We have how long to get this done?" Ryo asked.

"I did some thinking on that," Dee replied. "No later than March 26th."

"That does give us three months."

"Less. No later than. The sooner, the better. How long can it take us to pull together a nice simple little wedding?" Dee asked.

"I guess no more than a month, maybe less," Ryo answered, then shrugged. "How would I know? I've never done something like this before."

"I'm glad to hear that."

Ryo chuckled. "You knew that already. Just as I know you never had to plan one either."

Dee nodded. "You're right."

They continued to talk about what they wanted for the wedding during the cab ride. Dee wanted lilies – a wide variety of them, and if there would be other flowers, he did not want to see too many roses. Ryo would have liked sunflowers, but knew it was not for a wedding. They decided to look together on what they would like. They were going to look around for some small chapel that would marry them.

They settled in a corner booth, thankful when their food was served. Ryo continued to study Dee as the dark haired man started to eat his food.

"Slow, Dee," Ryo warned.

"I'm starving," Dee growled, his mouth full.

"You're going to be up all night regretting this," Ryo felt he should remind Dee.

"I'm going to anyway, eating so close to going to sleep," Dee said, then swallowed what was in his mouth.

"That's why I'm planning to keep you up for a couple of hours," Ryo added.

"Good luck," Dee said, picking up his glass of milk. "I'm ready to drop now."

"What if I made you comfy on the couch and we watch a movie?" Ryo suggested as he started to eat his meal.

"I'll be asleep before the opening credits are finished."

Ryo sighed. "And be up in a couple of hours sick."

Dee shrugged. "Can't help it."

Ryo took Dee's hand. "What about if we…?" He raised his eyebrows suggestively.

Dee sighed. "Too tired even for that, I'm afraid." He smiled at Ryo.

Ryo squeezed Dee's hand assuredly. "That's okay, love. You need your rest." Ryo abruptly fell silent, still holding Dee's hand. His look said what Ryo did not yet.

Dee knew it was time for their talk. "Look, Ryo… like I said. I'm sorry. I didn't think, just reacted, business as usual."

"But it's not as usual, Dee," Ryo snapped out. "At least not for you."

Dee nodded. "I know." He bit his lip, carefully finding the right way to say what he had on his mind.

Ryo sighed. "What?"

Dee shook his head, still trying to put his feelings into a way Ryo would understand and not construe as criticism.

Ryo started to poke at his food. "Dee, you just have to learn to pull back. If I miss something, rap me on the head to go for it, okay?" Ryo stated.

Dee decided to look down, studying the remains of his meal on his plate. "What if that's too late, and the perp gets away?" he asked.

Ryo shrugged. "Then let him get away. You and our baby's well-being is more important to me."

Dee sighed for a reply, starting to play with the food on his plate.

"And before you protest," Ryo continued, "that's something you and I both know goes for everyone on the force. If it's either getting the perp or risking your or your partner's life, there's no question what you gotta choose. It would be the same if you were just my partner at work."

Dee shook his head stubbornly. He was still unable to look up at Ryo.

"You don't agree?" Ryo asked.

Dee shrugged. "I… I couldn't live with myself knowing I allowed a perp to get away if he killed someone else after," he admitted. Dee finally lifted his head. "One of the reasons we're getting away with staying together is that we proved we're willing to sacrifice, if needed," he reminded Ryo.

"Oh? You'd rather let our baby get hurt?" Ryo asked sharply.

Dee sighed again. "No."

"Or worse, killed?" Ryo pressed on.

Dee looked down again. His right hand rested on his belly. "No," he replied quietly.

"Dee, you know why I never say anything, even if I think you're taking too much of a risk. Because that's our job," Ryo said. "I know that. But we… you've got someone else to consider, too, now."

"I know that," Dee replied softly, rubbing the slight swell of his abdomen.

"Look, as bad as it may sound, but if something happened to me now, tough shit. It wouldn't be nice for our baby to grow up with just one Dad. But if something happened to you now, it would be fatal – not just to you, but to our baby."

Dee closed his eyes, swallowing hard. "Ryo…" he said, almost a whimper of distress.

Ryo took Dee's hand again. "Baby, I'm sorry. Are you alright?"

Dee took a deep breath. "Yeah. I guess I didn't like either mental image much," he replied.

"I know. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have put it like that," Ryo apologized, rubbing his fingers comfortingly along Dee's hand. He let out a sigh.

"It's okay," Dee said.

Ryo squeezed Dee's hand hard. "Dee, baby..."

Dee opened his eyes. "If anyone knows how to use the shock method, it's me." He shrugged. "I can't complain."

Ryo smiled tenderly at Dee, still holding his hand.

"It's just freakin' hard, Ryo," Dee admitted.

"Look, to be very honest, if I could, I would make you resign from active duty this instant. But I know you wouldn't be happy with that. So I won't ask for that. But please, baby, for me, for the chibi, and for Bikky too, just don't take any risks anymore. Please?" He squeezed Dee's hand again. "Just think about what you would do or feel if the roles were reversed."

"I know," Dee admitted. "Ryo, believe me, if there was any one moment I felt as if I fucked up royally, it was when Mickey turned on me."

Ryo smiled indulgently at Dee. "I guess you couldn't help it, huh? Running on instinct."

Dee nodded. "And if the roles were reversed, I guess I wouldn't be shutting up until I got you off the streets and safe," he admitted with a rueful smile.

Ryo laughed at Dee's admission.

Dee sighed. "But that was it. Instinct. He shoved, I reacted the only way I knew how. I didn't even think while going down those stairs except thinking of stopping him."

Ryo nodded in understanding, as much as he did not like the result of Dee's instincts.

Dee shrugged again. "I guess you would have had time enough to grab him if I just stayed against the wall and out of your way, huh?

Ryo nodded, smiling at Dee, encouraging him to continue the way his train of thoughts was leading him.

Dee squeezed Ryo's hand. "And," he said after chuckling, "Mickey's nose would have been intact too."

Ryo chuckled. "Yeah. But if I hadn't been able to get him, one of his legs probably wouldn't have been intact either." He winked at Dee.

Dee's eyes went wide for a moment before he started to laugh. "Sometimes I forget how brutal you can be in getting your collar," he said with a wink.

Ryo shrugged. "I'm a sniper, what can I say?" Taking a sip of his drink, he winked at Dee.

Dee had to laugh, enjoying when Ryo would be in a cocky mood. His laughter subsided and he shook his head.

"What?" Ryo asked.

Dee looked up to meet Ryo's eyes. "Look baby. I'll try. I'll try really hard. But I'm working on overcoming instinct here. It's not going to be easy."

Ryo sighed. "You know, I just thought going through settling, your main instinct now would be to protect the chibi at all costs."

Dee nodded in agreement. "It should be. I guess Rose knew what he was doing when he decided to take me into his office and have those little talks we have." He gave Ryo a knowing look. "I guess he knows me very well too, I'm afraid to admit."

"I was… well," Ryo started. "I just didn't expect you to run after Mickey." He shook his head. "Yeah, I guess Rose does."

"Settling normally does that… for most men," Dee explained what they both knew. "But for someone like me, in my lifestyle… it's a bit harder to break old instincts. Rose sees that." Dee shrugged. "I guess Tyler was that much like me. He had the same problems with both instincts."

"Yeah," Ryo said with a nod.

"I want to break it, Ryo. I really do. Because I know that this baby is more important than anything." Dee sighed, rubbing his belly.

"Which is why I'd rather see you stay at the office, where you won't get tempted to use your cop instincts on fleeing perps. But I know you'd go crazy," Ryo admitted with a weak grin.

Dee looked down again, looking ashamed. "For a moment, I was scared, Ryo. I mean terrified. Not for me, but for the baby. And as I got kicked, I was pissed more at myself than at Mickey. I know how close that was. If he got my stomach…" Dee shivered, covering his belly with his hand. "I knew I was wrong being there. That's why I was pissed at myself."

Ryo nodded in agreement. "Me too."

"You too?" Dee asked. "At me?"

Ryo nodded again. "Sorry."

Dee shrugged it off. "Guess I'd be mad at you, too, if the roles were reversed."

"To me, it was like… well, like seeing you take Bikky for a car ride and deliberately ignoring the red lights. You know?" Ryo said.

Dee let out a defeated sigh. "I figured that's why you didn't say much to me for a while there."


"Too bad everyone else had to deal with you. I'm sorry, Ryo."

"Just don't ever do it again. Okay?"

Dee nodded, not looking up. "Look, we thought this was going to be just a routine questioning. Yeah, we had something on Mickey, but we were allowing him to make a plea bargain. I really thought he would take the bait." He squeezed the hand holding his, looking up again. "How about this for now?" he started to suggest. "If we know it might be more than just question a witness, I'll stay behind."

"Yeah," Ryo said. "If you think you won't be able to pull back in situations like that, I think it's the only option."

Another heavy sigh came from Dee. "I'll tell Chief to drop my name from the rotation list, so I don't end up heading any investigations. If I'm not heading them, I'll have a wider option of staying behind. Right?"

Ryo nodded, smiling. "Thank you, baby," he said, the relief obvious in his voice." He stood to scoot up to Dee. He wrapped his arm around Dee's shoulder. "Look baby, I know this is hard, but it won't be forever. Okay?" He kissed Dee's cheek.

"I know," Dee said as he leaned into Ryo's hold. Being open in public was still new enough to Dee to cherish every moment it happened and filled him with much happiness. "I was stupid and I'm being stubborn. And I'm sorry. Really."

Ryo nuzzled Dee's neck. "I know, baby," he said softly into the warm flesh of Dee's long, graceful neck. "I'm not mad at you anymore."

Dee sighed happily, tilting his head. "I guess I should also keep in mind how I felt at that moment. I can honestly say I've never felt so terrified in my life when I got kicked. More than even being shot. And that time with Bikky at his school, at least I had the option of pushing him out of harm's way. I know I couldn't do that with the chibi. So I raised my arm and prayed for the best."

Ryo moved his head to look at Dee, nodding slowly. "I know. Same here. I was too far to stop it, but close enough to watch."

"Oh God, baby," Dee gasped. "I didn't realize. Shit! I'm so sorry."

Ryo rubbed his cheek against Dee's. "Good thing your Mother has such good connections to the big guy up there." He kissed Dee's cheek again, stroking the back of his neck lightly.

Dee's eyes went wide. "Ohmigod! You had to remind me of her," he groaned. He shuddered. "I don't think I want to deal with you and her both at the same time. I'll be a good boy. I swear."

Ryo chuckled. "You better be. And this time I'll let you get away with it, because I know if I told her, she'd tug on your ear long enough to make it come off. And I like your ears." He gently sucked on the earlobe close to his mouth before kissing the ear briefly. He pulled back to smile at Dee.

Dee groaned softly. "Ryo," he chided gently, "not here. You don't want me jumping you here, do you?"

"Oh?" Ryo asked. "I thought you were too tired?" He grinned suggestively at Dee.

"Well," Dee started as he picked up his fork again, to start playing with his food, "I guess I got some energy after eating some." He matched Ryo's grin. "Besides, that's a hard to break instinct too. I'd probably jump you, then remember I'm too tired." He laughed, leaning his head against Ryo's.

Ryo started to frown, his eyes on the fork doing more damage to the food on his partner's plate. "Oh damn. I'm sorry, baby."

Dee turned to hug Ryo. "It's fine, Ryo. Really."

"Here I am talking about you having to do stuff for our baby and don't realize I'm keeping you from feeding the chibi." He hugged Dee back.

"It's okay," Dee chuckled. "You did tell me I had to slow down."

Ryo started to grin at Dee again, still pressed close against him.

"What?" Dee asked, amused.

"You know, you could let me do all the work tonight. I'm still kinda wired." He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

Dee grinned back. "I guess I could do that."

"Eat up, penguinbaby," Ryo said, smiling warmly at Dee, running his fingers through strands of Dee's hair, "so I can get you home and take care of you."

Dee gave Ryo a loving smile. "You eat too, babe. You went just as long without food. And you'll need your energy to carry my slack…" He kissed Ryo's ear and said in a husky whisper, "including taking care of me tonight."

Ryo grinned and reached over to pull his plate from where he had been sitting when they first came in to set before him. He started to eat and soon was gobbling down his food. Between bites, he remarked, "Mhmm… God, I've been starving too!"

Dee laughed as he started to eat. "I suppose there's no chance to tell you to slow down, huh?" He laughed again as Ryo continued to eat.

"Well," Ryo said, between bites, "be creative and try." He winked before washing his food down with his drink.

"Oh?" Dee asked, raising an eyebrow in interest. He grinned devilishly as he had another bite of his food. "Too bad I'm too busy feeding the chibi right now."

"Mhmph," came Ryo's reply as he ate, sparing Dee a glance.

Dee laughed and tickled Ryo's ribs.

"Hey!" Ryo started to choke on what he was swallowing and cough.

Immediately Dee started to rub his back. "Oh God! Sorry baby."

Ryo managed to swallow his food, and took another drink before starting to laugh. He waved Dee's worry off. "I'm fine, babe."

"Maybe I'm too tired to be constructively creative tonight," Dee frowned.

"Awww." He turned Dee's head with his left hand and kissed his lover's lips.

Dee kissed Ryo back, once again enjoying the simple pleasure of indulging in something that was once forbidden in public. "I love you," Dee whispered.

"I love you, too. Both of you." Ryo's smile was gentle and loving as his hand left Dee's face to rub his partner's belly, once again awed that there was a life they both had created growing under the slight swell of Dee's abdomen. "More than anything."

Dee's smile was soft and he almost purred, leaning back to allow the rubbing. Whenever Ryo gave those baby rubs, it was powerfully relaxing to Dee. He sighed contentedly, closing his eyes for a moment, feeling completely loved. When his eyes opened, he looked at Ryo with a teasing glint. "Do you love me enough to let me get dessert?" he asked coyly.

Ryo laughed. "If it's a take away one?" he replied, starting to nuzzle Dee's neck again.

"Oh!" Dee gasped. "Something extra gooey then!"

Ryo laughed again. "The gooier it is, the better it'll taste on you."

"You too," Dee remarked.

Ryo shook his head. "Not tonight, love. Remember I'm doing all the work. So order away, baby."

Dee lifted Ryo's head so he could kiss him. "What flavor would you like me to be?" he asked, before nuzzling Ryo's ear.

It was not that long after they had to leave and head for home. How they made it back, they both did not know, reminding each of them of the time they urgently made their way back from Brooklyn to Ryo's apartment on the night they officially became a couple. Ryo kept good his promise to Dee. It was two very contented and happy men who fell asleep, Dee being held protectively in Ryo's arms.

Ryo used the next day to go off with Drake and JJ to find the witnesses in the lobby, managing to come up with two people who saw Mickey's attack on Dee. Ryo decided to keep his end of the deal with the two witnesses, basically because of what he had used to make them talk. Mostly because he employed 100 bullshit, acting as if he had something on them when he had nothing. Whatever they were into was enough to scare them and make them cooperative witnesses. In return, Ryo decided not to look further into what they thought he had them pinned for. It was the way of detectives. Sometimes you had to look the other way to get what you wanted. Having two witnesses who were on the spot and saw everything to testify on the assault on Dee was worth Ryo looking the other way.

When Dee came back to work the following day, certified that the baby was fine, but with his arm wrapped in a bandage, Rose confined him to desk duty for a week. It was the Commissioner's way of reminding Dee to think before he reacted.

It was Ryo who went to the hospital alone when they got word that Janice Brighton, their former Jane Doe had awakened from her coma. Her injuries were still extensive and she was disoriented. Ryo tried to pry any information he could out of her as gently as he could, but what he got was a description that fit about one quarter of the men in New York City. The next day they got word she slipped into a coma shortly after Ryo had left, and took a turn for the worse.

It looked as if the case would go from attempted murder to homicide.

The second week into the new year, Dee now 9 weeks pregnant, Dee could no longer deny he was having cravings. Mid week, he had entered the kitchen, not surprised to find the lights on. He had awakened from an empty bed, half expecting to hear Dee in the bathroom. Silence greeted him and the bathroom door was open, the light out. Which led him to look in the next most likely place to find Dee at 2:30 am – in the kitchen, rummaging through the cabinets. Ryo cursed his aunt out for planting that suggestion in Dee's head when Dee replied he was hoping there were more Pocky. Preferably the yogurt ones. Dee already had a weakness for them, having to pick up a box whenever he noticed them on a supermarket shelf. The chocolate and strawberry ones, that is. The yogurt ones were only available at the Japanese marketplace in New Jersey that they would go shopping at once in a while. Now Ryo realized he'd be making a routine trip to the place to keep Dee in stock of his preferred flavor Pocky. It was a good thing there was a shuttle bus that left from the Port Authority marketplace.

"You ate them this evening, Dee," Ryo replied, standing behind Dee, and placing his arms around Dee's waist. Ryo once again marveled at feeling the further growth of Dee's bump in the two weeks since he had been through settling. Dee was definitely starting to feel pregnant to Ryo's touch.

He smiled as Dee leaned into his hold. He kissed the back of Dee's neck. "Anything else I can get you, baby?"

Dee sighed heavily. "Maybe…."

Ryo knew what Dee was thinking. "Aw baby. Sit down. I think we have some ice cream. In fact, there's some cookie dough ice cream left, because I remember Bikky making this big show of not eating it to save for you."

Dee chuckled as he allowed himself to be lead and seated at the breakfast bar. "He's becoming too much," Dee said fondly.

"He wants to be a good brother, I think," Ryo replied, taking the ice cream out. He grabbed two bowls and spoons and sat next to Dee. As the nights before then, they both indulged in a midnight snack, based on whatever Dee's craving was.


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