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Chapter I: The Awakening


That was all Midoriko's mind could register after awakening so abruptly. Too many questions beginning with "w" started to surface and the presence known as Midoriko felt that she was not alone. A faint light announced her that she was sharing the new body with another, a girl about her age when she died.

In a split second, the warrior Miko saw all of the girl's memories, her thoughts, her feelings and her soul. She was a gentle creature, kind and loving, just as pure as any Miko should be.

Then the obvious question came to Midoriko's mind: why did she awake now?

The girl was obviously her reincarnation, and memories of her former self should not have emerged. The personality of the soul's former owner should not have awoken...What could have triggered this?

She searched the girl's last memories.

She was visiting a shrine in a futuristic world. She opened heavy wooden doors to find an old well. What a feeling...the girl, Kumiko, did not know what it was, but Midoriko's years of experience and training made her realize. The old well was a time well, made out of a Goshiknboku tree and what Kumiko felt was the calling of the Shikon.

Midoriko's heart, inside which she had imprisoned the souls of the youkai she was fighting...the sacred jewel. The Shikon no Tama. But wait...the jewel was not whole, the calling Kumiko felt came from only a shard of it...

So it had been broken.

Midoriko's brilliant mind put together all the pieces of the puzzle. Her soul had reincarnated many hundred years in the future, inside this girl. The time-well she had approached led to the past, a past many years after she had died. The jewel had been broken, but Midoriko knew too well that even one shard of it held great power.

She had made a mistake, when she had died. Never should she have created the Shikon no Tama. The jewel could bring unimaginable power to youkai, allowing them to eradicate man kind as they pleased. At the time, sealing the youkai souls into her heart seemed like the only option, but she didn't count the possibility that she wouldn't be able to purify them.

So many deaths because of the jewel, so much blood had been spilled, so much hatred and pain...and it was all her fault.

And now that it had been scattered into pieces, its threat was even greater than before.

Midoriko reached a decision. She would go back and destroy the jewel, end the circle of suffering she had started.

But what about the girl, Kumiko? Midoriko sighed with sadness. She had no right to resurface, and take over the girl's body. She had no right to rip Kumiko apart from her world and lead her to what could possibly result in her death. Still she could not let countless more humans die because of her mistake.

The warrior Miko turned her mind's eye to Kumiko's warm presence. It was dormant since she had awoken.

"There is no other way." Midoriko thought with determination and jumped inside the time-well.

The familiar scenery of the Feudal Era appeared before Midoriko's eyes. She slowly got out of the well and spotted a village straight ahead.

Before walking further, she analyzed her garments: a rather short and indecent kimono and a pair of highly uncomfortable sandals, which she immediately took of and threw inside the well.

"A skirt I believe it is called." She smiled in her mind, reading Kumiko's memories. It was not indecent in any way in the world the girl came from, but wearing them it here was out of the question.

She would get a new set of clothes, the ones she wore when she was alive.

With that objective in mind, Midoriko started to walk toward the village. The landscape was just as she remembered it and then it hit her: The call of the Shikon. A very corrupted shard, probably the one Kumiko felt, was near by.

And demonic energy. The shard probably belonged to a youkai. A low level one, Midoriko thought. Still she had no weapon. She whished for a bow and some arrows, or even a sword, as she was skilled in hand-to-hand combat as well.

The youkai was getting closer and Midoriko closed her eyes flexing her fingers. She concentrated on the purifying energy inside of her and felt it rise. She didn't need to open her eyes to see the huge snake-like youkai emerge from the forest. As its head was leaning down with speed to catch the human snack, she opened her eyes and extended her arms. An enourmous burst of purple light shot out and the demon dissolved with a roar, letting a little black shard fall right into Midoriko's hand. Its corrupted aura immediately disappeared, leaving in place a soft purple light.

Midoriko observed it bitterly. It was strange to see the small shard knowing it was actually her heart and she instinctively raised a hand to her chest, feeling the strong heartbeat.

She let out a small smile as she continued to walk towards the village. Kumiko's presence started to glow in her mind and it took a great deal of her power to restrain it. The girl couldn't surface now, she would not understand anything of her whereabouts. Midoriko was sure that, even as she had access to the girl's memories, Kumiko could not have access to hers.

The houses in the village were just as she remembered houses to be, which meant not much time had passed since her death.

Still she decided to hide behind a tree and wait for the night to come. People would be suspicious of her clothing.

Midoriko remained hidden, observing people doing their daily chores with a kind smile. As a miko, she cared for every human and it seemed that the war between her race and youkai was not so intense as before. The humans here seemed to live in peace, except for the occasional run-ins with low-level youkai. So at least her mistake was not in vane. She had managed to kill countless demons and seal the rest inside her heart. Because of that, the remaining ones gave up the plan to kill all humans.

She waited patiently until darkness fell, and then longer, until every human was inside his house, sleeping peacefully.

She then eyed one of the houses.

"A person with spiritual powers lives there. It must be the village Miko." Midoriko thought and walked slowly towards the house.

She carefully stepped inside, noticing an old woman wearing Miko garments sleeping peacefully on the floor. The room was mostly empty, aside from some blankets, a cooking pot and, in the corner, a bow and some arrows.

It was a poor village, Midoriko thought, feeling bad about taking the bow and arrows. After all, she hadn't stolen anything in her life and no Miko should, but it served a far grater purpose so she let go of her inhibitions and took the weapons.

She got out of the house as quick as she came in and ran out of the village quickly.

Entering the forest at night wasn't such a good idea, but Midoriko could take care of herself, especially now that she had the bow.

The cold air of the night brushed against her bare skin and she decided she had to find appropriate clothes soon. She was getting hungry as well so she started to search for forest fruits.

Kami was with her tonight, she thought, as she found a bush filled with berries and started to eat.

To her surprise, she was not alone. A small sound on the other side of the bush alerted her to another presence. A little girl was picking berries as well and seemed to enjoy them terribly. What was a child doing here in the middle of the night?

"Hello, little girl." Midoriko started.

"Oh, I didn't know anyone else was here, is this your bush? I'm sorry I took your berries, it's just I was hungry you see and I..." Midoriko interrupted her:

"Don't worry about that; eat as many as you want. What's your name?"

"Rin!" she answered happily, mouth full of berries.

"Well, Rin, you shouldn't be here by yourself, it's dangerous. I'll take you back to the village." Midoriko offered.

"Rin isn't alone!" the little girl laughed cheerfully.

"Then where's..." Midoriko stopped in mid sentence as she felt the hit of an unimaginably strong youki. She almost froze at the intensity of it, but regained her senses quick enough to see the demon right in front of her.

He was a very high-level demon, a daiyoukai no doubt. His human appearance was proof enough that he had the power to control it. Long silver hair enframed his face and frozen amber eyes studied her. He had a crescent moon on his forehead and two indigo stripes marked each of his cheeks, signalizing he bared poison attacks as well.

Midoriko instinctively placed herself in front of the child and pointed an arrow at the demon's chest.

"Leave this place, youkai." She spoke with a practiced calm.

Sesshoumaru watched the strange woman as she approached Rin and started talking to her. All was well and good until she had mentioned taking Rin to a human village. He knew the little girl didn't want to go back and he couldn't let this woman take her.

So he appeared, expecting the woman to run away screaming. Still, she was not running away and she was definitely not screaming. Instead she seemed convinced she could take him on. It was somewhat amusing.

"Sesshoumaru-sama!" the little girl screamed and ran away from behind Midoriko to be by the demon lord's side.

Midoriko remained stunned as the demon turned away to leave and the child followed him cheerfully. No, she could not let this happen. All her life she had hunted youkai, she had fought with them, she had died because of them. Youkai despised humans and spilled their blood as often as they could. She did not fear them and she despised them just as much as they despised humans.

She released her arrow and it flew in a burst of light, hitting the bark of a tree, right next to Sesshoumaru's neck.

"Release the child, youkai, or next it will be you." She warned, taking out another arrow.

Sesshoumaru turned around and looked at the woman that was threatening him so fearlessly. Or foolishly. Her arrow held purifying energy, but since when did priestesses ware such indecent garments?

He pondered on how to take care of this without having Rin witness blood shed. The little girl saved him the task as she cried loudly:

"Don't hurt Sesshoumaru-sama!"

"What spell have you placed on the child, youkai?" Midoriko asked in a high tone.

Sesshoumaru wondered idly how much of this human's insolence he could bare.

The small girl ran to the warrior Miko and placed herself in front of her arrow.

"Sesshoumaru-sama would never hurt Rin." She stated, trying to get the woman to lower her bow.

Sesshoumaru simply stood there and watched as the Miko touched the little girl's forehead with her hand. She closed her eyes and after a few seconds opened them again, this time astonishment showing clearly on her face.

"If there is no spell, why do you follow this youkai?"

"Sesshoumaru-sama saved Rin!" the little girl proclaimed.

Midoriko looked up at the daiyoukai that stood still, a bored expression on his beautiful face.

"I suppose I owe you an apology." She said bitterly.

He didn't dignify her with an answer as he turned to leave.

"Bye-bye, Miko-sama!" Rin shouted as she ran after the demon, trying to catch up to him.

Midoriko watched the little girl disappear into the forest. A youkai saving a human...had she returned to find a better world?

"Nothing I see would make me trust a youkai." she said to herself, walking on.


The half-demon know as Naraku stood in an unreachable location. A bright light filled the area as he watched the almost complete Shikon jewel in his hand. A smile graced his face and his blood colored eyes shined:

"Kagura." He called.

A young youkai woman appeared out of nowhere and spoke slowly:

"What is your request?"
"There are rumors of a youkai with a Shikon shard in the forest of Inuyasha. Retrieve the shard." Came his order.

Kagura bowed and exited the room.

Soon it would be completed, the jewel he had waited so long to have...

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