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Chapter One:

The night was cold and the moon was full. Howling of a lone wolf could be heard in the distance as it paid its respect to the moon goddess. Chilling winds swept through the leaves of the forest in and surrounding Konoha.

A scream of pain originating from a dark alley way rang throughout the empty streets of the village. In a random alley way, a mob of people gathered, wielding make-shift weapons, they shouted curses to the one they hated most, the hated and feared Kyuubi no Kitsune. In truth, a mob of villagers were yelling 'die demon' to a blonde haired, blue eyed, seven-year-old boy who just happened to be the vessel of the monstrous demon that had long since been sealed inside the child after it attacked the village.

The said boy was almost undistinguishable now. His bright, golden blonde hair was so caked in his own blood that not even one golden strand could be seen as anything other than the crimson color of blood. The bright blue eyes that were usually filled with joy were closed, well, one was swollen from a devastatingly hard hit while the other was closed as not to have to look upon its attackers. The only clothes that he had were ripped and soaked in blood that leaked from both small and large wounds. No doubt the child would be traumatized for life.

And yet, through the pain, the boy's mind noted, if for no other reason than to distract itself from the pain that was almost overriding its senses that howls of a lone wolf were getting closer, but he could do nothing about it. The villagers, being so caught up in the excitement of beating on the helpless child, did not notice the ever enclosing howls.

"It's time to die, demon, time to die for killing my brother!" A nameless person yelled as he charged forward to deliver the killing blow. However, he was halted from his charge as an overgrown wolf jumped into his path, growling. Its grayish-black fur stood on end as moonlight reflected out of its furious golden eyes. The creature was old and they knew it, but they also knew that the beast could still harm them, if not kill them.

Many of the villagers, being the cowards they were, ran when the wolf first appeared, when it growled though, the rest of them ran away in fear. The few shinobi in the crowd were unsure of what to do, eventually, they all left, thinking that they could always kill the boy later if the wolf let him live. So, they left smirking as they thought of more ways they could torture the boy and get their revenge.

"Boy," The wolf said in a gravelly voice which caused the boy to stare in disbelief that the wolf could talk. "What is your name?" The wolf questioned.

"Y-You c-can ta-talk?" The boy asked fearfully.

"Yes, yes, I can talk. What is your name?"

"Uzumaki Naruto. And, um, tha-thanks f-for sa-saving me." Naruto answered, scared, but thankful all the same.

"It wasn't a pleasure, Uzumaki Naruto, merely saving the person who shall fulfill the

destiny of a dieing wolf." The old wolf replied.


"Uzumaki Naruto, I bestow upon you the gift of the moon goddess. Become one with the beast inside your human heart and grow the skin of the wolf. Become more than human. Become one with the moon, praise the moon, respect her, and live by her laws. Bestowed upon you is the gift of strength, be righteous with it and kill not the humans, for they must live along side you and you in secret. Endanger not our kind and be one with nature. Uzumaki Naruto, the gift of the moon goddess is yours, know this though, we have weakness to exploit if you disobey the laws of the moon." When the wolf finished its speech it bit into Naruto's left shoulder.

Naruto screamed as he felt the wolf's teeth sink into his flesh. Blood dripped from the newly made wounds even though it was hardly distinguishable with all the other blood that caked his skin. The blonde felt his body becoming weaker and weaker the longer the wolf's jaws remained clamped onto his shoulder. When the wolf finally let go, it fell to the ground, dead. Its limp body began to glow the color of pale moonlight before it disappeared in a burst of the same pale light.

The young boy watched the wolf's body transform into the pale light and then shoot up towards the moon in search of its creator. His face was empty of any emotions and his body was slumped wearily. His mind was unable to process what had happened and merely did what it needed to do to keep the boy alive and nothing else. The boy's mouth hung slightly open and his eyes began to glaze over before his body went limp and he fell into the darkness of unconsciousness.

In the recesses of Uzumaki Naruto's mind a being of enormous power sat in its prison laughing manically to itself. For it, Naruto being bitten was the best thing that could ever happen to it. For it knew it could never be released from its infernal prison and had long ago settled on the hope of having a strong vessel. Being bitten by that abnormal wolf would make Naruto far stronger than some of the strongest ninja and if the entity meddled with the DNA being spread within the boy, then he could be far stronger than many demon and could possibly take the name Kyuubi if he worked hard enough.

So while its life wasn't at its best, it was still far better than it could have ever hoped for after finding out he would live and then die with his vessel. It would teach the boy demon fox techniques and the boy would learn how to be a wolf. In essence he would be a new breed of demon, a mix between fox and wolf. The speed and cunning of foxes and the strength and power of wolves, the boy would be powerful indeed.

The entity laughed louder, it would still be known as at least part of the most powerful being around. The Kyuubi no Kitsune continued laughing to itself as it used its chakra to rid the wolf's DNA of the weaknesses that the moon goddess had given them when she blessed the wolves with their power. The maniacal laughter didn't die down until it finally got bored and fell into one of the many naps it had grown to enjoy.

Naruto slowly began to wake, changing positions in hope that he just might fall back to sleep, even though his body felt totally refreshed. Content filled his body as he lay there, mind blissfully keeping what had happened the last time he was in the world of the living. Giving up on sleep, he yawned and stretched, eyes still closed as he continued to enjoy the warmth the cloth provided his small frame.

"Naruto," The kind voice of an old man said from beside him, "you're awake."

Opening his eyes, blinking quickly at the sudden light which assaulted his eyes, and then squinting at the man sitting beside him, he replied, "Hey, old man, what are you doing here?" He asked in a small high-pitched voice often associated with a child.

"Well, I came to see if you were alright." The old man replied kindly, his eyes sparkling with the comforting warmth of a grandfather figure.

"Why wouldn't I be alright?" Naruto questioned, confusion lacing his voice.

"Well, because when the ninja on patrol found you and brought you to the hospital, you were a mess." The old man said concerned, anger hidden underneath his the concern in his voice.

"I'm in the hospital?" Naruto nearly yelled incredulously. With his mind shocked out of grogginess, all the images of his last waking moments came to him. His eyes widened and the color drained from his face to make him unnaturally pale.

"Don't tell the old man about the wolf and talk to me with thoughts." A voice from within the young boy's head said with hidden urgency. "You can tell him about the beating but not the wolf. Okay?"

'Okay,' He thought back hesitantly, 'Um, who are you?'

"I am a voice that will never lead you wrong. Always listen to me okay? I won't let you down." The voice said. "I will talk to you later okay?"

'Okay.' The boy thought to the Voice once again.

"Naruto, do you remember what happened?" The old man questioned. At the boy's nod he continued. "Can you tell me?" He asked, concerned as he was before.

"Y-yes. I-I was g-go-going for a w-walk after eating a-at Ichiraku's wh-when they pu-pushed me in-into an al-alley and-and sta-started hurting m-me. Th-they kept ca-calling me a-a demon and-and say-saying I-I killed people… Am I a de-demon?" 'Wow, I'm a good actor.'

"Oh gods no, Naruto, you aren't a demon. Always remember that, okay?" The old man said with conviction and anger directed at the ignorant villagers and shinobi.

"Okay." Naruto sniffled, a slow smile turning his small lips..

"What happened next, Naruto?" The old man questioned, urging the boy to continue. The smile that just a second ago appeared disappeared in an instant. The boy's brilliant blue eyes became cold, like chips of ice as he thought about what happened. This of course passed the old man's notice as he was deep in thought about what had happened.

"Th-they kept hi-hitting me. I-I asked th-them to st-stop, bu-but they di-didn't. It-it hurt s-so bad. Th-then I remember darkness, and-and no mo-more pain." Naruto sniffled out again, tears welling in his eyes as he remembered the pain, his tiny hands clenching in tiny fist, the knuckles turning white. The old man sighed sadly after looking at the time.

"Well, I'm sorry to say this Naruto, but I must leave. You know, other things to attend to, like all that blasted paperwork. You're free to go when you please. And be careful, Naruto, I don't want this to happen again. Okay?" His eyes glistened in tears as he had to tell a seven-year-old boy to be careful not for the normal reasons a child must be careful.

"Okay, old man, I'll be careful." The young boy said cheerfully while he got out of bed. A large smile covered his face, the whisker-marks curving upward towards his closed eyes.

Naruto left the hospital in deep thought but still aware of his surroundings. Minding the Hokage's words, he avoided crowded areas as he made his way to his run down apartment.

Upon arriving, he was surprised to find his apartment was not trashed. 'Maybe 'cause they got scared away by the…wolf. That was one helluva weird wolf. It…talked? Was it a demon? Aww damn, It's too confusing to think about. I need food. Damn ramen, I wanna steak, no… two steaks. Damn lack of money.' He thought to himself bitterly.

Making himself five packets of ramen to sate his abnormally large hunger, he waited for his meal to finish cooking impatiently. He was bored and didn't particularly enjoy being stuck in his apartment.

But the strange thing was, today it wasn't just not wanting to be in his apartment, there was something else. He had this strange urge to be out in the forest running on all four feet with the wind whipping past his ears. 'Weird.'

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