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Chapter Four:

As Naruto, in his giant wolf form, looked down upon his opponent smugly, he asked a simple question in a loud, growling voice: "Well, do you give up, puny one?"

Quite offended and not being one of the smartest people around, Naruto's opponent growled hesitantly, almost as if asking a question. "Grrr?" Naruto, in return, growled in irritation. That is until an absolutely wicked idea came to him. Grinning like the part fox he was, he lifted his leg and let out a steaming stream of urine right on his opponent, followed by the barking laughs of his new comrades.

His opponent whined to himself as he stalked off into the forest to hide his shame. He was, of course, ignored, as the present pack members continued to laugh. And then, if his opponent was still watching, he added salt to the wound; Naruto's body began to shift and become smaller until he was about a head above the others. 'Good thing I learned how to do that.'

"So… who are you guys?" He questioned, looking at each of them for a moment.

"Well, your former opponent and former leader was Wanryoku (brute strength), natural born wolf. He needed a good whipping. I am Kuragari.(darkness) And all of us are your new council," the smallest of the wolves stated before they all shifted back to their human forms. Naruto followed suit. The were-wolf was about 5'7" Long black hair pulled into a pony-tail at the nape of his neck adorned his head. It seemed as if his face was shrouded in darkness that was moving slightly. He must be on the council because he has some control over shadow; perhaps originating from a clan similar to the Nara. However, they all wore black formal clothing.

Another note-worthy thing to add is that he was the one who spoke the ritual of the leader.

"I am Kenshu,(wise master) I usually train the young," an aging were-wolf with strands of gray hair running through his short black hair said. His body was slightly hunched, only showing that he really was old. The voice that came from his mouth was quiet but not weak sounding in any way.

"I am Hiyayaka,(cold-hearted) fighter of many battles," Another were-wolf stated; his voice was cold and emotionless. His face was the same, with handsome, emotionless features and cold almost empty golden eyes. While muscular he wasn't overly bulky and the skin that shone was covered in battle scars.

"I am Chiato. (blood scar)" A were-wolf who also had cold eyes spoke in a low, deep voice. He had shaggy black hair that reached past his golden eyes. On showing skin, angry red scars were scattered all around. The scars seemed to be permanently red, hence his name.

"I am Jinsoku. (swift)" A tall, lean werewolf stated, his voice smooth sounding. "Fastest wolf you'll ever meet," his lips moved into a smirk ever so slightly. It was obvious he loved to brag about that, and it was obvious that no wolf could oppose his words by the way his golden eyes sparkled with pride and smugness. In his moment of self adoration, he ran his fingers through his molit-styled hair.

"Eh?" An overly muscled, short were-wolf spoke as he moved his head back and forth, squinting his sparkling golden eyes in confusion at the other council members. "Why you guys actin' like a bunch'o stiffs?" All the council's eyes turned to him, glaring angrily at the short, overly muscled were-wolf. Hands shot up in a defense-like gesture while a wide smile encompassed the man's face. "Eh? I'm kiddin', geez, you all got sticks up your asses or somethin'?" Automatically, the glares intensified. Hands crossed over his wide chest as his mouth fell into a child-like pout. "You're no fun."

Now worried that they had offended their new leader, they turned anxious eyes to him, waiting for their inevitable punishment. It never came. At first, the boy's face remained steely; no emotion bled through his eyes; nothing. Then, when it seemed like the silence would begin tearing at their minds, Naruto began laughing; softly at first, until it grew into a great, booming laugh, echoing throughout the once silent forest.

Now slightly calmed down, the boy turned to the bewildered council members, and spoke, still chuckling to him self, "What's your name, my friend?" The once pouting were-wolf snapped out of his stupor and grinned.

"Kinzentaru (joyful) is my name, Naruto-sama, and I'm the only one without a stick up my ass, in this council," he replied happily, holding out his hand in a careless peace sign. Once again the council's eyes turned to glare at the immature were-wolf. "Peace peoples, peace, no need to glare," he spoke in a careless voice, letting his eyes droop and shoulders slouch. If it was anybody else but him, many would think by his body language that he was discouraged by the glares, but he wasn't.

Naruto nodded to himself, before saying, "Jinsoku-san, go find Wanryoku."

"Hai, Naruto-sama." Minutes passed before the swift were-wolf returned with Wanryoku in tow. The ex-leader had his arms crossed and was glaring at the back of Jinsoku's head; in short, he was still sulking.

"Now that everyone is here, follow me," he ordered before taking off into the trees, heading towards his father's mansion.


Sarutobi, the third hokage, finally got some free time, having finished all that damned paperwork. And what better to do with that free time was to check up on his favorite blonde by paying a visit to his apartment.

So, he made his way out of his office quickly, just in case someone came in with a new load of paperwork. He arrived at Naruto's apartment mere moments later with a poof of smoke.

Knocking at the apartment door, he waited. Soon enough, the door was thrown open with a cry of 'old man' and a dark blur tackled him. Sarutobi smiled, but something was wrong. Looking down, he spotted smooth, straight black hair instead of unruly golden blonde hair. Not only that, but, Naruto's head was a lot closer to his face than it should be for a seven year old boy.

Finally, Naruto pulled away and grabbed the old hokage's hand, leading him into the small apartment. Sarutobi was shocked at how strong the boy's grip was and that with the new found grip came new muscles.

The old man was lead to the table where he promptly took a seat across from the new Naruto.

"So, what da ya need, old man?" Naruto asked him kindly.

"Well, I just dropped by to visit and see how you were doing. I believe it's been about little more than a month since I last saw you," he stated, smiling softly at the young boy in front of him.

"Yeah, when I was in the hospital because those people beat me," the tone of voice wasn't sad or cheerfully fake; it seemed to be a mix of the two, creating a confused sounding voice. The old hokage instantly saddened.

The apartment was silent for a moment as the two had their own thoughts on the incident. Finally, the old man spoke, trying to change the subject, "So what happened during the time period I was away?" Sarutobi asked, truly curious.

Naruto didn't answer immediately, instead he paused to think, his face scrunching up slightly. An invisible light bulb seemed to light as an idea popped into his head and he grinned mischievously, "I'll tell you if you tell me who my father was."

The old man stared at the boy in shock; wondering why he asked that so suddenly. But he had to consider telling the boy who his father was, the changes could mean something serious, like it could mean that the demon sealed inside him is altering his body to make it more fit for him to live in. Possibilities ran through his head, making him worry for Naruto's safety.

Sighing to himself, he nodded, "Naruto, your father was the Yondaime, and I guess now that you know that, you might as well get your inheritance, you just can't tell anyone, okay?" Naruto nodded, grinning very widely the whole time. "So, what happened to you?"

"I don't know," Sarutobi almost fell over at the boy's careless town. "I just suddenly got big and strong and different, so I thought it was some kind of blood line limit," Sarutobi, while slightly exasperated, nodded, that was possible, his mother was unknown to anyone but the forth, but just to make sure, the old man asked:

"You haven't felt any strange chakra around you?" The boy's eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

"No," the old man sighed in relief. "Should I?"

"No, it's good if you don't," if possible, Naruto looked more confused. "So you want to go see all the stuff your father left you?" Naruto eyes widened and he nodded vigorously.

The rest of the day, Sarutobi showed Naruto all the things the boy's father left him, which included his mansion, his money, and many, many jutsu scrolls.

Flashback ended

The trip seemed to take mere seconds for Naruto, who had been lost in his own thoughts throughout the journey. The other's skidded to a halt behind Naruto, looking up at the great mansion before them in awe. Soon, though, their new leader turned to him, ready to speak.

"Alright, for tonight you will stay here. You will not break anything, you will not go into the village, do not try and open a locked door, if it is locked, it's locked for a reason so don't mess with it, you may sleep outside if you wish, do not follow me and only come to me if it is an emergency. I have business to attend to and don't need you following me around. While I stay in this village, this mansion will be your home. You may retrieve the rest of the pack in the morning unless you left them without protection. Any questions?" He stated in a stern commanding voice. Wanryoku raised his hand.

"Why aren't we allowed in the village?" He questioned in a cocky voice; he was trying to sound brave.

"Until I come up with a plausible excuse as to why a group of people suddenly show up around me, you will not be allowed to enter to avoid suspicion," the new leader stated as if it were obvious.

"How long are you going to stay in this village, Naruto-sama?" Kenshu asked curiously.

"Undecided," he paused, "Any more questions?" The group chorused 'no' and Naruto jumped off to his little apartment.

The council and ex-leader walked to the door and walked in and explored for a little while. When it was time to choose the bedrooms, Wanryoku tried to get the best room, saying it was his right as a pure bred to get only the best. The council adamantly refused to allow that, saying that one: it was not his house and only the owner could have the best and two: the leader always gets the best as they have the important role of leading and protecting the pack.

Wanryoku sulked off, finding another room, muttering how all the other rooms are crappy and below him. In truth, the average rooms were better than even he had ever slept in and only sulked because he didn't get what he wanted. Talk about being spoiled.

Naruto woke to the sunlight gleaming in his face and to the blaring noise of alarm clock; he groaned. A slow moving hand groped for his alarm clock in hopes of stopping the annoying noise it was admitting.

When it was finally off, Naruto sat up in bed, staring ahead of him, mind still groggy. Rubbing the sleep out of his eyes he asked his self a question, "What time is it?" Looking to the alarm clock, he blinked and blinked again before his mind registered the time: 8:37 a.m. "Holy fucking shit, I'm fucking late!" He screamed as he jumped out of bed and hurriedly dressed.

"Crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, CRAP!" He exclaimed to himself as he rushed to the academy.

He finally arrived ten minutes later, panting slightly as he slammed the door open, "Sorry I'm late, Iruka-sensei, I overslept," Naruto said as he walked to a seat in the back of the classroom. Iruka merely sneered at him for a moment before continuing the lesson about what being a ninja was about. After all, the gennin exams were tomorrow.

The school day went by without anything unusual happening, and when it was time to leave Naruto rushed to his father's mansion.

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