Of Like Mind

A Beautiful Mind


5 years before Yan Dooku's Knighthood...

Ancient tomes were spread open in front of the pair as they studied. The little light that came into their secluded corner reflected off her pale hair and when Yan glanced up from his datapad the dance of light as she moved her head distracted him. His eyes rested on the top of her head for so long that she looked up inquisitively.

"What?" she asked.


She bent her head to her work again. He kept on staring. After a few seconds, she raised her head, irritated.

"I can't help it," he said before she could speak, "I've never seen anything so beautiful."

Her eyes narrowed.

"You, that is," he said, to make his point clearer.

Her eyes were still narrowed but she was colouring as well. She looked down at her work.

"You have a beautiful mind."

She jerked back up. "A beautiful mind?" She was not flattered.

"What else?" It was his turn to narrow his eyes. "Don't tell me you've become as vain as that Twi'lek Padawan of Master Sapiro?" He drawled.

"Don't pretend you can't remember her name."

"Irrelevant. You used to be so sensible."

She favoured him with such a cold, piercing glare that he turned back at once to his tome. She glared at his dark head a few seconds longer for good measure before she also returned to her work. Strained silence, punctuated by the sporadic and furious flapping of turning pages, followed.

Jocasta finally closed 'The Annals of Healer Meg'i'ton', and reached for another tome. As she did so, she sneaked a glance at him. His pale face was even paler against his night-black cloak: he never tanned well. He was not a handsome boy, not technically: the bones of his face were too sharp, and his mouth's natural slant looked cruel except when he smiled. No, it was not his looks. It was something else, something closer to charisma…

"You aren't falling in love with me, are you?"

Her eyes jumped to his direct, smirking gaze. She flushed. "Don't flatter yourself."

"Well, one of us has to do it, don't you think?"

A cold glare was not as effective from a flushed face so she just ignored him and drew her tome to her.

"Which is a pity," he continued easily. He leaned in close - she looked up, startled - until his nose was almost touching hers, "because it would be so easy to fall in love …" his mouth twitched "… with your mind."

His eyes were so grey they were almost silver. She could see her own wide blue ones reflected in his, as well as the rest of her shocked face. He was laughing at her with his eyes, but it was not cruel, it was never cruel, although many people who only looked at his mouth tended not to know this. The amusement that stared at her out of those silver eyes was laced with gentle affection… and then something else…

Her eyes darkened at the same time his did. Jocasta bit her lip.

Yan drew back so sharply she almost fell forward. Instead, she sat frozen, blinking rapidly in confusion, then gradually she slumped into her chair, feeling dazed, then gradually annoyed, foolish and very worked up.

"Why don't you just run off and play with your nameless Twi'lek friend?" Jocasta snarled. She pushed back from her chair and got up abruptly.

He caught her wrist as she passed him. His eyes were downcast, hidden beneath long dark lashes, as he deliberately placed his thumb on her pulse. She hated herself for not yanking her hand away, for letting him hold her there.

"'Waterfall of Impassivity'" he murmured. "That's the most effective calming technique to use when you're…" his mouth twitched again; she longed to slap it "… worked up."

She yanked her wrist away and walked off.

Yan Dooku was left alone in the silence of the Archive stall. Without her to obstruct them, the shards of sunlight now bathed the tomes on the desk with a soft glow that reflected off his face, turning it from pale to golden. He rubbed his thumb and forefinger together, fancying that he could still feel Jocasta's furious pulse on his skin.

"I guess I was right," he murmured. "You are falling in love with me."


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