On one summer eve

By cs-ayeka

Disclaimer: Naruto™ is not mine.


Chapter 1


Summer on Tea Village is like having summer at Leaf Village. The temperature is not warm as every stranger would have thought. But then again, aside from the warmth or heated passion summer can give, on this fated summer it will be different…

On the busy streets of Tea Village, a young man stood. He was probably around 18 years old from the viewers' perspective. He had blonde spiky hair and deep cerulean eyes. He also had three whisker marks on both of his well defined cheeks. He was tall for his age even advance for his age. The said young man was currently looking at his trusty map. He was pondering whether if he took the right turn or the other.

'Kuso! If only there were signs anywhere. Come on, Kami, give me one!' The young man pleaded in his mind. He turned and walked again as he looked at his trusty map at the same time until… he bumped in to someone. Before him was a woman probably around her mid twenties. She had black wavy shoulder length hair and wine-red intense eyes. It was until now the young man noticed that he was on top of the said woman. He immediately moved up and started to walk again but before he could walk his fourth step, the woman shouted. "Not even a single sorry!"

This caused the young man to stop from his tracks. He looked at the woman who crossed her arms in defiance. "Listen lady, I have important things to do. Besides, you're perfectly fine." The young man said.

"How dare you?" The woman said. If only they were at Konoha she could show him whom he's dealing with. She noticed the leaf hitai-ate on his forehead.

"Can't you even understand simple English?" The young man shot back. After five seconds the young man turned his heel and started to walk away again. But something was off, he couldn't move.

"Naruto?" A man's voice rang. The said man noticed the blonde's state of stiffness. He promptly countered the said jutsu. "Jutsu kai" He said.

"Yuuhi-san!" The young man hugged the man before him. Surely, he was glad to see the said man, Yuuhi Takashi.

Takashi noticed the woman, behind Naruto, who apparently had a shocked/surprised expression on her face. "Kurenai, what are you doing here? I thought you were coming at the fourteenth. You're a week early." Takashi said.

But before Kurenai could reply, Naruto break in. "Wait! You know her Takashi-sensei?" Naruto asked.

'Sensei?' Kurenai thought.

"From the looks of it, I take that the both of you know each other." Takashi said with a grin on his face as he looked at Naruto then to Kurenai. "Naruto, meet my daughter, Yuuhi Kurenai." Takashi added.

Naruto, on the other hand, had the urge to scream, faint, or even stick a Rasengan to the nearest wall but none came, thankfully.

"Are you alright, Naruto-kun?" Takashi asked as he waved his hand in front of the said young man.


One hour later, the three of them settled inside the Yuuhi Manor. Some of the servants were currently serving the three of them. Apparently, somebody inside the room hadn't stop glaring at each other. Takashi could swear under his late wife's grave that his daughter and Naruto had not yet stopped sending death glares at one another.

Kurenai's POV

Jerk! How could Father let this 'jerk' be his student! Arrggrrr! I need to kill something… his 'perfect' blonde – WAIT! Did I just? NO! Aaahh… His deep cerulean – NO STOP THIS!

At the end of her POV, she unconsciously slapped herself.


Takashi watched at the comical pair as they slapped their foreheads at the same time. He had the urge to laugh but then he just settled for a chuckle which in turn failed. Yuuhi Takashi started to laugh. Some of the servants who were at the room as well just settled for a chuckle. Meanwhile, Naruto and Kurenai were watching the man before them. After a couple of seconds, Takashi stopped laughing.

"/Chuckles/ looks like you've met your match, Kurenai." Takashi said.

Kurenai didn't reply. She just looked at her father as if he'd gone crazy. 'I wonder what made Naruto slap himself just like me.' Kurenai thought.

Naruto's POV (awhile ago)

Who the heck does she think she is? Just because she's beautiful – WHAT THE? Where did that come from? NO! I need to kill something! Anything! Her intense red eyes – NO STOP THIS!


It has been two (2) weeks since Naruto stayed at the Yuuhi Manor. It wasn't half bad as what he had thought it would be. Actually, he enjoyed his stay at the said Manor. Takashi even noted that his daughter and his student were becoming close. Whenever Naruto was having a hard time in his training, Kurenai would come and help since everything that was being taught to Naruto were illusion techniques (Genjutsus).

Currently at the Yuuhi Manor, they were having a feast as Naruto called it. In front of them were: 5 bottles of sake, 2 platters of sushi, sashimi, and maki. Unfortunately, there was no ramen much to Naruto's dismay.

Naruto was watching Kurenai as she drank her fifth cup. She already had flush cheeks due to the alcohol. By the time she wasabout to drink her sixth cup, Naruto took it and drank it. Unfortunately, the sake was rather hot when it entered the part of his throat. Kurenai watched him as he drank the sake. She promptly filled her cup. Once again, Naruto took it from her and drank it. This happened repeatedly until Naruto had his fifth cup. "What do you /hic/ think you're /hic/ doing?" Kurenai said, obviously drunk.

"You're /hic/ drunk!" Naruto said.

"So? I'm old enough /hic/ to drink. I can so… /hic/ handle myself." Kurenai replied.

"Are-are! You two are obviously drunk go to your rooms and sleep!" Takashi said.

Immediately… err… slowly, drunken Naruto was carrying 'the drunken' Kurenai to her room. Once he saw her bed, he could feel his knees wobble making them both fall to the bed. None of them took notice that their lips were coupled together, feeling each other's warmness due to the concentrated sake they've consumed. They were too coped up with the heat. They didn't even felt that they were shifting their position. The moment they stopped, Kurenai was on the top. She was lazily sitting on Naruto's torso. She could see closely Naruto's deep cerulean eyes. She didn't even know she got lost in them ever since they first met.

Kurenai was about to fall sideways but thankfully Naruto caught her. From what Naruto could see, Kurenai's porcelain skin was somewhat radiant, illuminating her intense wine-red eyes. Kurenai slowly caressed Naruto's cheek. She could feel his hand slowly moving up to their waist. Both of their mentalities were there. They definitely know what they were doing. But physically their bodies were moving uncoordinatedly with what their minds were ordering them to.

They lasted for a couple of hours that seemed like forever for them. In every fiber of time they had, they shared something couples do. Who would have thought the countless cat and dog fight will turn out this way?

Irritation that turned into fascination

Fascination that turned into passion

Passion that turned into affection


Morning rays slowly crept up to Kurenai's eyes. She was battling with herself whether to wake up or not. But the sunlight was forcing her to. She slowly sat up. She remembered what had happened last night as she saw her state of undress. She only noticed one thing, though. Naruto was gone. She could feel something was wrong. Immediately, she took her robes to check if Naruto had slept at his room. By the time she opened Naruto's door, she was greeted by… nothing. Naruto's room was empty. All of his belongings were gone.

Kurenai, on the other hand, only let out one word from her lips. "No…" She said.