Sam looked apprehensively at the house before him. He didn't want to go back, since he wasn't sure what Tobio had done in that house when he had been possessed by him. Although, he had an ominous feeling about it all, that something bad had transpired.

Dean looked over to his brother, seeing the apprehension on his face. They hadn't told him all the details about what he had done while he was out of it. They thought it best that he wasn't told everything. Better to keep Sammy in the dark than turn him into some depressed, suicidal Emo. He squeezed Sam's shoulder to comfort him, granting him a slight smile, but that didn't change much. "Hey, you ok?" he asked. He got a shrug in answer, and he left it at that. He knew he wasn't going to get anywhere if Sam didn't want to tell him anything.

In Sam's lap, was the dagger and the book that Tobio wanted from the family. He knew why he wanted them, and surely the head of this family knew as well, but the rest of the family might not know much about the situation. It had been a few days since Sam was back in full control, and it had been Dean and John that had gotten the items back. Nothing was known about the other gang member's whereabouts, they seemed to have disappeared so it was easy enough to get them back.

"Come on, lets do this" Dean said, getting out of the Impala. Sam reluctantly followed, dagger and book in hand. The walk up to the door felt like years to Sam, though it was over far sooner than he wanted and as the door opened, he looked away, rather than face whoever it was that answered the door.

"Hey, your dad in?" Dean asked, the boy obviously recognising him. The boy glanced at Sam, and recognised him too, for he swiftly went inside to get his father.

Sam felt like he couldn't take this, he really didn't want to be here. He clutched at the items in his hands as he heard someone coming to the door, his eyes darted downwards to the floor, his bangs coming to cover his eyes.

"Hey Gordon, we've got the dagger and the book that was taken from you" Sam heard his brother's voice, yet it sounded distant to him. Feeling a hand on his shoulder, he looked up into the eyes of the man who he had practically tortured while possessed. It was a strange moment, the two just looked at each other though nothing was said. In Sam's eyes, guilt and self repression, in Gordon's, thoughtfulness and surprisingly guilt.

"You were possessed by him?" Gordon asked. Sam just nodded in response, not wishing to betray his overall calm façade by his quivering voice. "I'm sorry" Gordon added before escorting the two Winchesters into the house.

"It seems that the dagger was used to expel demons from a body or a corpse, and only a single shallow cut was needed. That was why Tobio wanted it. If Gordon had known about him, and he was sure that he would after the kidnapping, then that dagger would be used against him." Sam explained to Dean, painfully reminded of his experience by the narrative. He sighed and rubbed his temple again. This headache really wasn't about to let up no matter how many pills he had popped. " I don't really know why he wanted the book, but I do know that it had something to do with psychic blood."

"Psychic blood?" Dean exclaimed, trying to remember this all for when he had to explain to dad.

Gordon jumped in before Sam had a chance to reply. "There is a passage in this book-" he said holding up the book " - that tells of a ritual of reincarnation. Its an old spell, of sorts, that allows a demon to gain full access to a body, essentially making it his own in every sense of the word."

"But " Dean interjected "demons already have full access to a body. Why would they need to do this ritual"

"No, demons don't have full control. They have control until they are expelled. A demon's body is not his own no matter how hard they try and keep it." Gordon went on to explain "This ritual expels the host's soul from a body, essentially making it a hollow shell for the demon to rest in, making it his own, and you cannot expel a demon from a living body if there is nothing to bring out." He took a minute for the two boys to take all of it in, it was a lot to digest in such a small amount of time. Especially since one of them was possessed only a few days ago.

"For the ritual, a demon needs three psychics, one for a body, and two for the blood needed for the transfer. I believe that young Sam here was to be the host body for Tobio" he added, slightly grimly considering.

There was a long pause, and a deathly silence fell upon the room. In true fashion, Dean was the one to break it "You really are a pain in the ass, you know that Sammy?"

Sam laughed, thankfully, at his brother's comment. Sam could always count on Dean to try and lift the mood. No matter what the situation was - life or death or just a road trip, it was always the same.

"I'm sorry you got possessed by him, I thought I had banished him a long time ago. I thought he was secure where he was." Gordon said, feeling guilt for letting Tobio walk freely for so long.

"It wasn't your fault. He had been planning this for decades. I don't think anyone could have foreseen it" Sam replied, knowing full well that he did know that it could have been prevented. Dean didn't say anything about it either, and soon the boys were walking back towards the car, Gordon by side.

"You boys take care now. I hope that you guys stay on your feet and keep hunting. We need more guys like you" Gordon said.

"It'll be a while before we do that, but I'm sure our dad will keep us on it" Dean said, smiling. It was one of those rare occasions that they were thanked for their troubles, and it was nice to be praised. "plus, he needs to sleep this off, don't ya Sammy?"

Sam had his head buried in his hand "Stop calling me that Dean" he said almost threateningly, ruffling his hand through his unruly hair. He just wanted to go back to bed. This morning had been tiring to say the least. Slipping into the car he silently thanked Dean for having such a comfortable car.

Author's note: YAY…homage to the car. I updated twice for you guys since I've been a jerk in not updating. I have been lazy I wont make excuses, I know you guys don't want to hear excuses. Though, seeing episode 21 (It only just arrive here on ITV2 on Sunday the 24th) it has made me have a lot of ideas for this fanfic. I haven't seen the last episode, but these last two chapters have parts of the second series in it. I've just added a few thoughts and such that the characters have had in the series, and I think it ties nicely. Hopefully you guys have liked it and now….its FINALLY FINISHED!!! I might start a sequel to it, or start a new fanfic based on some of the other episodes in series 2.