I'm beginning to think that the old bag in the junk shop was right; this thing is cursed, and I know what the curse is too: guess I found out the hard way huh? The curse is something like: and whoever lays hands on this diary will have bestowed upon them the worst luck unimaginable. Seriously Ryou's been torn between thanking me for hooking him back up with Otogi and yelling at me and telling me how pissed off he is that a) I slept with him and b) I got him to crossdress again. Course he'd forgotten about the first time so I got an earful for my saying that.

To be honest if my luck is this bad when I'm writing in this thing then I think I'll give up now. Ra knows this is by far the longest thing I, Bakura, have ever written – I mean come on I flunked writing classes. The only thing is that I no longer have an excuse to send anyone to the shadow realm if they read it… Actually I do seeing as they could read it even though I can no longer be arsed to write it. And I send people to le Shadow Realm anyways so yeah evil snerk.

I mean come on, look how bad my luck is – maybe I sould just give it to Marik, that'd be fun to watch… or the Pharaoh/his brat, coz that'd be even funner. Yeah, okay I hear you, I know funner isn't a word but… Hey, hang on a minute, who are you? Who are you, foolish mortal, and why are you reading my diary!

sends scary reader to the Shadow Realm

… why has it gone all silent?

le end of my crazy writings and (hopefully) bad luck also

... For now at least.