ThroughKyo's Eyes

Lots of Kyo/Tohru fluff! Very corny… but you gotta love it!

Disclaimer: I do not own Furuba…. Sigh.

Chapter 1 A Storm of the Heart


I turn over slowly, opening my eyes and moaning softly as I swing my hand over to hit my alarm clock. Using my left elbow, I prop myself up on my bed, gingerly. Standing up, I stretch away the sleepiness from my stiff body. Why do I feel so tired? My usually strong arms feel weak and hang limply at my sides. I hear a small pitter patter on the roof. Opening the blinds on my window, an unhappy sight greets my eyes.

"Ugh," I groan. "'s raining."

I stretch my shoulders and pull a shirt over my bare chest. Looking down, I finger the familiar black and white beads around my wrist yes, I know in the manga they were red and orange, but I want them to be black and white so there!. I do this every morning, as if to make sure they didn't disappear over night. I'm so tired…. yawn.

I slowly creak open my door and deliberately slam it shut with my foot. I know it will wake up Yuki. If he doesn't like it, he should really get up earlier! HAHA. I laugh wickedly to myself. I am so amused that I don't notice the fold in the carpet by the stairs.

"YARG-G-G-G-," I scream as I bounce down the wooden steps.

The monotonous sound of chopping in the kitchen stops, and Tohru pokes her worried head around the corner. I'm so disoriented, I can hardly stand for a moment, but I know I can't lay sprawled at the bottom of the stairs so I attempt it. I sway uneasily. Tohru's hand steadies my shoulder. I close my eyes to stop the spinning. I'm already too weak because of the rain. Damn it. This wouldn't normally be a problem.

"K-Kyo –kun!" I feel her fingers on my face. I stand, leaning against her for what seems like eternity. When I open my eyes, she looks into them with concern etched into her face.

"I'm fine," I say unconvincingly. My body aches all over. She smiles that bright smile of hers, and I'm made painfully aware of just how beautiful she is. I can't control it. My head tips forward. I want to kiss her. I want it more badly than I've ever wanted anything in my life.

A door opens upstairs and we turn as Yuki's head emerges. His eyes are half closed.

"How can you make such a racket so early in the morning?" he asks. He looks at Tohru supporting me. "You fell down the stairs… didn't you?" There is laughter in his voice and in his eyes. Damn rat.

"SHADDUP! This is all your fault anyway, rat boy!"

"How is you falling down the stairs my fault?" he asks calmly. He sighs and goes back into his room. I suddenly become aware of the feel of Tohru's fingers on my face and her shoulders under my hands. I pull away from her.

"Kyo-kun, did you hurt yourself when you fell?"

"Of course not!" I yell. I'm not angry at her, but her eyes fill with tears anyway.

"L-Look you," I say. "You don't have to cry, alright?" Where did her bright smile disappear to? "I guess I'm just a little… tired."

I sit down on the bottom step. She does the same. She puts her hand on my shoulder, making my heart skip a beat. My face flushes with embarrassment. Partly from her touch and partly because I am once again experiencing the strong desire to kiss her. I imagine how her lips must feel and my blood turns hot.

"Kyo-kun." Her voice makes me jump. "Do you have a fever?"


"Your face is all red," she says as she presses her hand to my fore head. I pull away from her and go into the kitchen. I'm afraid of what I will do when she touches me. I can hardly make eye contact with her during breakfast. I remain silent.

"I wish it would rain more often," says the now fully awake Yuki. "Then the stupid cat would stay quiet." I ignore him. I'm too tired to fight with him. Then that perverted dog decides to butt into the conversation.

"Do my eyes deceive me or is Kyo actually being nice this morning?" He covers that loud mouth of his with a hand for dramatics I suppose. "I'm shocked!"

"Shut up!" I yell. "I just don't have the energy to deal with that damn rat this morning!"

"EEK! Kyo-kun, why are you being so rotten to me?" he asks in a whimpering voice. "You can't blame me for being surprised. After all, you're usually so rebellious and hot-headed." He pauses, waiting for a response. He's baiting me, the bastard. Keep it up, Shigure. "What? No punching, kicking, biting, or otherwise violent acts of hatred to direct at me?" I keep ignoring him and take a bite of my rice. "You really aren't feeling well, are you?" I throw my chopsticks down onto the table and stand up angrily.

"You're damn right I'm not feeling well!" I stomp out of the kitchen. "Don't be surprised if I don't come back!" I yell as I walk outside in the pouring rain. Take this, you stupid curse! I run as fast as I can and as far as is possible in my current condition. Tears mingle with the rain and pour down my face for more reasons than I can say. This is so unlike me.

By the time I arrive at the clearing, I am so tired, out of breath, and dizzy I can't go any further. But I don't want to be here. It was here that I… I think of Tohru's surprised face and the feel of her skin beneath me ripping, and I slump to the ground, panting. I bury my fists in the mud and hang my head. Why do things always have to turn out this way? Why am I so stupid? I moment passes and in the next, I find myself face down in the mud.

When I awake, my head is pounding. It's dark and lightning flashes around me. The wind whips my hair. I know I don't have the strength to make it back home, so I'll just have to spend the night here. My legs are turning a little numb from the freezing rain. I lean my head back and let it pour down my face. It's coming down so hard it doesn't even feel like rain, but rather like someone has a pitcher of water and is constantly pouring it over my head. I think I hear someone calling my name. It doesn't matter. Even if they were, I can't muster the strength to answer back. I close my eyes.

There's something soft under my head. Is that light? I open my eyes and find myself in a warm, fluffy bed. It feels so nice, I slink back under the thick downy comforter to go back to sleep.

As I turn over to make myself more comfortable, something warm and fleshy tubs against my skin. Puzzled, I open my eyes and look around. Lying across from me is none other than Tohru. She's sleeping peacefully, her hair cascading around her. Her mouth is open slightly, but not in an embarrassing way or anything. I swear… she sleeps just like a little kid.

I think about the voice I heard the night before and know it was hers. She must have found me, hugged me, and carried me home. I feel my face turn incredibly hot. That doesn't explain why I'm in bed with her… with no clothes on.

I know I should get up, but I don't. Instead, I take the opportunity to lie beside Tohru and watch her sleep. Her chest moves slowly with her breathing. In. Out. In. Out. She stirs a little in her sleep and inches closer to me. My heart beats faster and faster until I think it might give out. I wonder vaguely who this girl is and why she has so much power over me.

Suddenly, I'm ashamed. I can't explain it. I want so badly to grab her arms and whisper lovingly into her perfect ears. Unaware of my desire, she slides closer and closer until she's touching my bare skin. I shiver unintentionally.

The sudden movement causes her to wake, and she opens her eyes. They stare into my own, sleepily. We are nose to nose. And almost… lip to lip. She smiles at me and closes her eyes again. Then, acknowledging the situation, she jolts up and in the process, elbows me in the nose.

"AHH! Damn it, Tohru!" I yell as I clutch my nose.

"I-I'm so sorry!"

"It's alright. It's not like I need my nose anyway," I say. I turn around expecting to see her usual smile, but what I find are tears. I sigh, smack my forehead, and fall heavily onto the bed. "Look, chill out, okay? It's not like you killed me." At this, she cries even harder. I take her chin in my hand and stroke her face. "Don't cry." She looks up at me. "I-I don't like it when you cry." She smiles at me. "Okay?" I ask.

"Yes!" she says.

"You know, you really need to learn not to start crying at every little thing."


"Stop saying 'yes!'"

"Ye- … mmmph!"

I playfully knock her on the head. "How did I get here anyway? Did you hug me and carry me home or something?"

"No," she answers. "You were already transformed when I got there. The storm must have made you weak. I didn't' know what to do so while you were unconscious, I carried you back."

"Oh." I pause tactfully, thinking of how to phrase my next question. "U-Um, Tohru?"


"How um… How…?" My face is now crimson. I'm sure of it. "How did I get in your room?"

"U-Um, well…" Her face is as red as mine. "Your body was cold as ice, and you were shivering. I didn't want you to get sick so I brought you into bed with me to warm up. I-I'm sorry!"

"No, it's alrigh-"

"But I was petting you and I guess I fell asleep! You just felt so soft and cuddly."


"You just felt so nice!"

"AH? Wh-What do you mean 'nice'?"

"You were even purring in your sleep! It was really very cute!"

My face once again turns scarlet.

"I was!" She nods. "DON'T. TELL. ANYONE." I'm humiliated.

I know something inside me changed last night. Something that is giving me the courage I need to move forward. And I think that something might just be Tohru. A storm awakens in my heart.

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Chapter 2 Sunsets and Unidentified Flying Objects