According to "certain" people who shall remain nameless…. I ruined the last chapter. Well, I'm sincerely sorry you didn't find it as hysterical as I did, but thankfully, I'm going back to all fluffy stuff this chapter. So here you go. I hope you like it. And thank you to all my reviewers. Sorry to have kept you waiting so long. Reviews welcome… and wanted… very badly.

I step out into the cool night air, my face still red from all the hysterical laughter. That's the first time I've ever felt so free in my whole life. Tohru, much to my surprise, grabs my hand and shimmies up close to me. I turn to face her and that small smile lights up the night sky.

"You hungry?" I ask. My own stomach is growling like a bear. She nods. "Well, let's stop by somewhere and get something to eat." Her face lights up with enthusiasm. Before I can stop myself, I reach up and touch her cheek. Even in the dark, I can see her blushing.

We walk around all over the damn city searching for some kind of food. Nothing seems to be open. I lift my wrist (the one attached to the hand holding Tohru's) and look at my watch, pressing the button on the side that makes it light up. 1:00am. I frown.

"It's late…. Or early rather," I say. "I don't see anything open Tohru. What do you want to do?"

"Ummm…. That is…. What if we went back home?" Her searching eyes peer into mine.

"Oh. Right. Sorry. I didn't mean to keep you out so long."

"Oh no! You didn't keep me out too long, Kyo-kun! And I really am having fun! What I mean to say is… what if we went back home and I made us dinner."

"Sounds good," I agree.

Yeah, so that was a short chapter, but it'll lead into a really good chapter when I get more time. Next chapter, Kyo and Tohru watch the sunrise together. Aww…. How romantic.