Calvin's Math Book (Diary)

This is Calvin's diary. Calvin doesn't want anyone to know that he has a diary, so he tells everyone that his diary is actually a math book. Got it? Good. Now, let's take a look at Calvin's dairy, shall we? By the way, Calvin doesn't know I'm here. He's still looking for the persosn who submitted his diary to this site (That would be me).

November 18th

Today, I'm wearing my hunting uniform. The trap is almost complete. I can't wait to catch a tiger. Once I catch a tiger, I'll sell the tiger to the zoo, and I'll be rich. There! Now all it needs is a tuns fish sandwich.

2:20 pm

This is weird. I should've caught a tiger by now. I mean, I put that tuna fish sandwich on the trap two hours ago, and that sandwich is still on the trap. Man, not even a nibble! I should've…what was that noise? Gotta go. I think I just heard a roar.

4:32 pm

YES! I finally caught a tiger! I knew tigers will always fall for a tuns fish sandwich! HA, HA! Well, after I got the tiger down (He was hanging upside down by a rope), I asked what his name was, His name was Hobbes. Well, that's a silly name. But Hobbes it is then. He looked hungry, so I started stuffing him full of food. He ate almost everything in the fridge! Well, I goota go again. Dad's gonna kill me again for eating everything in the fridge. It was Hobbes! Hobbes, I tell you!

8:47 pm

I'm never speaking to Hobbes again! He got me in trouble! He was the one who was playing with the cymbals, not me! Boy, Dad was really mad. He has a really big mouth when he yells. I mean one time, he yelled at me, and his mouth was the size of a watermelon. That's it! That tiger is going to the zoo tomorrow! Simple as that!

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