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Before High King Peter and his brother and sisters ruled over Narnia, there was a small household in the far forests of Lantern wastes. There lived a small family of brown haired dwarfs.

One cold summer, when the white witch had made everything winter, a dwarf named Twiddle was scrounging for scraps of food. As he walked, he stumbled upon a small bundle. He looked down at it and saw that there was a baby in it. He picked it up and saw that it was a human baby! He quickly brought it back tohis home to show to every one else.

The dwarfs who lived there were brothers and sisters. The youngest and the only two girls were kiddledem and Tiddledem, who were twins. The tallest but third youngest was a boy dwarf named Keddletin. And finally, the two oldest were boys, Twiddle and Teettle, also twins.

When Twiddle showed them the baby they all got exited and decided to raise it as their own. It was a girl so they named her Lily, because of the lily pads outside their home.

They raised Lily and hid her when the war of Four children and Narnia, against the white witch and her followers. Lily was 16 at the time.

When Lily turned 20, they decided to let her travel to the castle to try to get something to do, a job.

That's when the story starts.