B.A.D. W.O.L.F

Rose was bored one day, and began to surf the Internet.
Not days before she'd found a site forum which had held her interest - now she was looking for another

The Doctor's Internet connection was faster then broadband, and before long she came across something that made her heart stop.

"Doctor! Doctor get over here!" She called with urgency.
The Doctor scurried over to where she was, wondering what could've upset her so.

"What is it Rose, whats so wrong?" He asked her.
She said nothing merely pointed.

"A new board? Is this what this is all about. A new Doctor Who board?" He asked her, beginning to get a little annoyed.
"Look at the title." She implored him.

"What about it... oh. BAD WOLF. Well we'll have to visit that! Just in case!" He assured her.

Authors Note: this is a valid board site. If you want the addy - mail me.