A/N Hello again readers! I am finally shortly leaving my Greek mythology story-writing, and this one is about Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho, told by Marion's point of view. No shower murders this time! This first chapter is kinda boring, but expect lots of twists in the next chapters of the story!

Summary: Ever wondered what happens if Marion doesn't die in the shower? And what if Norman just isn't as crazy as we thought he was?

Chapter One – On the Run

Saturday, June 24th, sometime after 1960, unsure of exact year

Dear Diary,

While writing this I look back on what happened to me, and I am shocked. Shocked, but also glad. I suppose you want to know what exactly did happen to me. Well, up until a few years ago, I lived in Phoenix, Arizona. But one time I actually decided to leave. Well, I'll tell you everything, just so you'll understand.

Friday, May 23rd, 1960

Dear Diary,

While writing this I am in my car. The only problem is that I don't know where I am heading.

You see, I had just left the town that I currently lived in. I was unhappy with my job there, and so I thought, what if I leave and start a new life somewhere else? Then another, more negative thought came into my head and thought, but no, how can I just abandon the only life I've ever known? And, I know now that I had done it without properly thinking about the consequences. You see, when my employer gave me forty thousand dollars to take to the bank, in a sudden rush of impulse, I went away. I ran away with the money in my handbag, and a suitcase packed with everything I could find, hoping to leave Phoenix forever and make a clean start.

So I left. I got into my car and drove off. But I realise now that this was a bad decision. Why? Well, let's see. Firstly, just after I left, I had had a close shave with the police. A few hours after I left Phoenix I started driving, not sure exactly where I was heading. My mind was sort of not working properly then. All sorts of thoughts were rushing in and out of my head, like, "Where am I going to go now? And what if the police catch me? What if someone from back home comes looking for me?" I also felt bad, stealing forty thousand dollars. I knew that it was wrong, and I felt guilty. Right then, I very nearly changed my mind and went back. But then I just carried on. If I run away I might as well actually go through with it.

I was trying to calm down, but then I realised that a police car was following me from behind. I had no other choice but to pull over, but I got out of that all right. I just made up some story; I can't even remember it right now, I just showed him my driver's license and he let me go. But it wasn't long before I realised that he was still following me. So I thought the best idea was to buy a new car, just in case someone decided to look for me. I pulled over at a garage and bought another car. I was in a big hurry, and I think the salesman thought that I was a bit strange. But luckily, when I left, the policeman was nowhere to be seen.

So, after that encounter, I was feeling a bit better, but I still had no idea where I was going. Another hour passed, and I was still driving. I suddenly realised that I was very tired. I had to pull over and rest somewhere for the night. I was worried that I wouldn't find somewhere very soon and I'd fall asleep at the wheel. I looked around me, hoping to find a road sign or something. Then, as I looked to my right, I noticed a neon sign. As I got closer to it, I saw that it said "Bates Motel". When I saw it I was sort of relieved. At least I had somewhere to spend the night. It looked a little shanty, but still it looked like a reasonable place from the outside. So, without a second thought, I pulled over to get some rest. I would decide where to go and what to do later. Right now I was too tired to think about complicated things any more.