Chapter Eleven – The End

Today, two years later

Dear Diary,

In case you're wondering what happened afterwards, there is really not much to say. I stayed with Norman in his motel, and we were happy together. He finally got rid of his mother's corpse! And I moved into the house with him. You may wonder how I was not scared to stay with him. There was something about him that made him completely harmless. There had been all the way from the beginning. It just didn't show until now. And besides, I'm glad that I helped him see sense again.

Surprisingly, after all this happened, I learned afterwards that all the people back home had been looking for me, but since this motel was so far away, and so off the beaten track, no one found me. I had to admit, there were times when I missed my old home, I missed my sister Lila, and I admit that sometimes I even missed Sam, my former boyfriend. Sometimes I really did feel bad for leaving home. I even considered giving them a phone call to let them know where I was, but that was all in the past now. Now I have to look to the future. So, in a way, I feel happy that I left. I don't mind living here. I love it, because I'm with Norman. I could live anywhere with Norman. What I learned since I arrived here, I think is to be a better person. I think we both did. Norman helped me take life a bit more seriously, and I helped him overcome his problem. So, I suppose everybody's happy!

Oh, and there's something else too. I decided to send back the money I stole and ask for forgiveness. As I said I have realised that I can't just act without thinking about the consequences all the time. Maybe sometimes, but not all the time. So, I'm glad that I did another (kind of!) good deed.

I'm very glad that this happened to me, because I feel that it was like an adventure. A long, sometimes scary, but definitely romantic adventure, that will definitely have a happy end…