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The small, suburban district was quiet under the cool, moonlit sky. The streetlamps gave off a calm neon aura. It was a few minutes to midnight, and there was almost no activity.


Everyone held their position above the two-story houses at the street corner, facing a convenience store. They knew exactly who'd be visiting this particular area, and had planned when to strike.

Pincer was their target. He was an abomination, if anyone ever saw one. Not much could be said about a typically sized lombax wearing an old-fashioned leather jacket over a white vest with raggedy blue jeans, and in scruffy combat boots. However, if someone were to look at his head, then they'd be disgusted by the phenomena. Everyone in Solana had to accept the fact that all aliens are different. Pincer was possibly the only exception. His furry neck supported the full body of a buginoid, jointed at the belly. It was as if someone had decapitated a lombax and replaced his head with an insect being. Nevertheless, the amateur thief treated the second body as a cranium.

The first thing the freak did was use a stolen Gadgetron device. Not only did this unlock the door, but it also deactivated all the security systems, including cameras. The lombax-buginoid hybrid could 'get the goods' and slip out simple as that.

The next thing he did was pull on two pairs of stolen gloves from his pocket…followed by a pair of socks. In short, no fingerprints…or toe prints. It was useless, considering that everyone would know it was him by morning.

The owner of this store was a 'family guy'. He had two kids and a pregnant wife, and worked hard enough to put food on the table. Pincer didn't know nor care who owned this place. He just wanted the bolts in the register.

He walked in, his mandibles twitching, all sixteen of his knuckles cracked.

Outside, everyone crouched at the ready. They knew that they could take Pincer down. In fact, only one of them would go, and then call for backup, if required.

They didn't have to wait long. Pincer came out, holding a bag of bolts. He wasn't cocky about it, he wasn't talking to himself about it; he was just heading for the nearest manhole that would be his escape. He removed the gloves and socks, stored them in his jacket, and looked around.

Pincer found a manhole within seconds. It would only take a clawed hand to open it. He kneeled down, let go of the bag for a bit, and slipped his head's left hand under the manhole.

Then, out of the blue, a green gloved hand slapped the manhole cover back down. If Pincer hadn't sensed it, he would be missing a claw. While still kneeling down, he looked.

"Out a little late, aren't you?" Qwark asked him, standing up straight on the manhole cover.

Pincer stepped back. "Mind your own business, you meathead," he hissed in a perfectly normal voice that sounded adolescent.

"Make me," Qwark showed off his pearly whites. With little strain, he swung an open fist towards Pincer's left side.

The crossbreed ducked the swing, and kicked Qwark in the shin. The superhero let out a small cry. Pincer jumped back and stood with the robbed store behind him.

"Had enough, you has-been?" he said gruffly.

"'Has-been'?" Qwark repeated the insult. "You need to update yourself, kid, cuz I renewed myself years ago."

"If you're talking about the Dr. Heinous fiasco, you hardly did jack," Pincer pointed a furry finger.

"What do you mean?" Qwark fumed. "I destroyed a ship!"

"Pffft, big whoop."

"And why did you escape from jail again?" Qwark demanded. "Don't you crooks know that you're just gonna be captured and placed in a more secure cell?"

Pincer shrugged. His mandibles danced as he explained, "I prefer being free."

"And what's with the stealing?" Qwark held up the forgotten bag, shaking it gently as emphasis. "Any person you buy from will recognise you in an instant--!"

A long, sticky substance shot out like a rope, attached itself to the small bag, and retracted like a chameleon's tongue.

Qwark's gaze travelled from Pincer to the device he was holding. The mutant put the bag in his pocket and got into a fighting stance. "I'm not looking for trouble, Qwark."

"Sure, but if you keep stealing, then trouble's gonna find you," Qwark pointed a meaty finger.

Instead of replying, Pincer bent forward, causing his buginoid head/body to do a handstand. The green claws started moving, while the lombax feet kept balance. He charged.

Qwark held his ground, and grabbed the freak's second pair of feet. The first pair tried to move, but the costumed one was too strong.

Pincer then took advantage of this. His lombax body went on all fours as the buginoid hands grabbed Qwark's ankles. Then, the hybrid stood up straight with incredible speed, tossing Qwark over him.

"Whoaaaaa--OOFFF!" Qwark's belly met the asphalt. He skidded and came to a stop as his large chin collided with the pavement's slightly higher level. "Oooohhh," he stood up and rubbed his chin. His bruised face frowned as he spun around to face Pincer, "Why you--YIPES!" he ducked with his hands over his head just in time to miss a bright blue plasma ray.

The wall behind him was scorched.

On the other side of the road, Pincer was holding a laser gun called the Plasma Gun (rather plain) in his lombax hand.

"Why don't you just leave me alone?" Pincer barked. "I'm just doing my damn best to survive in this harsh galaxy!"

"If you're meaning that you want an easier life," Qwark spoke as he stood up straight, "then go to the Milky Way Galaxy. Experts proved that hardly anything interesting happens there."

"I'd like a little spark in life."

"Then just give me a welder's kit and bend over. How's that for 'spark'?"

"Has anyone ever told you how stupid you are?"

"As anyone ever told you how ugly you are?"

Pincer's compound eyes narrowed. He pointed his gun and fired again. Several cobalt beams flew towards Qwark's position.

Qwark smirked, this time ready. He ran to one side of the street, jumping and ducking random shots. He reached into his utility belt and pulled out a single Multi-Disc shuriken. He threw it as he ran across the deserted road.


"DAH!" Pincer rubbed his wrist as the gun in his hand was cut in two. "Aren't you a ninja….thing?" he muttered sarcastically.

"Are you done yet?" Qwark was ten-feet-away from him now. "Or do ya wanna make your sentence longer than it already is?"

"SHUT UP!" this time, Pincer equipped a Liquid Nitrogen Gun. He ran towards the latex-clad man, spraying a gush of freezing death.

Qwark's eyes bulged. With a gasp, he jumped back, fumbling in his belt for another weapon. However, Pincer equipped a Bomb Glove and tossed an explosive between Qwark's feet. The blast sent the superhero flying.

"Whoaaaa-aaaaaaa--OOF!" Qwark screamed again, and crashed into a garbage can, sending trash into the road.

"That's littering," Pincer sneered as he approached him with both weapons equipped. "What's your punishment gonna be, hm?"

Qwark suddenly smiled smugly. "A front row seat to you being hit by a rodent."

One of Pincer's eyes narrowed, equivalent to raising an eyebrow, "Huh?"

Suddenly, out from an adjacent alley, a booted foot came and struck Pincer in his left lombax shoulder, knocking the weapons out of his hands. The attacker landed from his assault as Pincer went tumbling into the road.

The freak got up, looked, and hissed. "You….."

"The one and only," Ratchet said with his gloved hands on his hips. He stood in his old school clothing; green pants, brown gloves, a belt strap, and aviator's helmet. He was also wearing his Charge Boots.

Qwark stood up and dusted himself off. "Thanks for helping me out, Ratchet," it was quite humble of him to say this.

Ratchet's smile was visible under the dim streetlamp, "You're welcome." Then, he frowned, "And don't call me a rodent."

"Dooley noted."

"Aren't you getting bored of all this thievery, Pincer?" Ratchet asked the hybrid, leaning his head to the side as he equipped his wrench.

"For the last stinkin' time, it's my way of life!"

"Well, your way of life stinks!" Qwark shot back from Ratchet's side.

"NRAAAAAGH!.!.!" Pincer made four fists and ran forward.

Ratchet jumped up high, but Qwark stayed in place. The green one grabbed one buginoid fist and one lombax fist. He did a head butt, and winced after banging his cranium against the freak's tough exoskeleton. He let go and stumbled back with crossed eyes and a spinning head.

Pincer prepared to jump him, but was tripped by Ratchet's crouching kick from behind. He fell forward and stopped himself with a pair of crusty hands. His buginoid self somersaulted forward, towards Qwark, with a push. Qwark side-stepped just in time to avoid Pincer's kick. Now, the freak's buginoid section was on all fours, but with his back facing downward. His lombax body was upside-down.

Ratchet and Qwark cocked eyebrows.

"I don't have this body as a head just for kicks, y'know," Pincer hissed. He did a flip and stood on his lombax feet. "And now, you're gonna be cut down to size." He equipped a big, red chainsaw from a stolen storage watch he had, wrapped around his wrist. The machine buzzed loudly.

Qwark and Ratchet's eyes bulged as Pincer sprinted towards them holding the chainsaw in his buginoid hands.

Qwark equipped a Swingshot, and fired up. The hook caught itself onto a railing on a second story balcony, and the gadget pulled the superhero away from danger.

Ratchet jumped to the side, landed in a role, stopped, and knelt on one knee so he could hold his wrench up to block the downward slash Pincer sent after a jump. Sparks flew as the chainsaw ate at the thick, black metal that was Ratchet's primary weapon.

The lombax clenched his teeth, descending before Pincer's unnatural strength.

The hybrid narrowed his eyes. He placed all four of his hands on the weapon, applying more weight. Ratchet couldn't last any longer.

"Hold on!" Qwark yelled as he sprinted. "I'm coming!" he equipped a Walloper to be ready.

Pincer hissed, spun around, and aimed the motorised tool at Qwark with his buginoid hands.

Qwark blocked with his Walloper just in time, causing Pincer's upper hands to rise with the chainsaw.

The superhero swiped forward.

Pincer arched to the side. "HAH!" he jumped forward and uppercut Qwark in his big chin.

"OOF!" Qwark spat, and teetered backwards.

"AAAAAGH!" Pincer let out a warcry and prepared to slice the green one down the middle. Instead, Ratchet performed a comet-strike behind the mutant, hitting him in the back of the legs. "DAAAAAH!" Pincer let out a cry of surprise, and dropped the chainsaw.

The weapon struck the charging Qwark right in the foot as it fell.




Nothing happened. The chainsaw bounced off, buzzed and rotated.

"……..whew…," Qwark sighed in relief.

"Hmm," Pincer hummed, on his back with his buginoid head/body sprawled on his lombax belly while his neck stretched, "guess it's true that you lost a foot in the Dr. Heinous battle…"

"Yup," Ratchet nodded with his wrench. "And he had a replacement."

Pincer let out an annoyed growl again. He stood up while balancing on his buginoid feet and lombax hands, bent his lombax legs, and propelled both of his bodies towards Qwark's midsection.

Qwark literally flew and banged his head against a pipe in a small alley. With a groan, he slumped to the ground, knocked out.

Pincer stood up and picked up his chainsaw. He turned and faced Ratchet. "Let's dance!" he leapt at him with the weapon buzzing.

Ratchet spun on his heel and ran towards the robbed convenience store. It wasn't out of fear; more out of having an idea. When he was sure it was the right time, he whipped around and fired a bright blue beam at the hybrid.

Pincer's eyes shut briefly has he held up his chainsaw in defence; just as Ratchet hoped for. The blue beam suddenly became a liquid and covered the cutting tool. Pincer dropped it and watched as the blue substance dissolved the weapon. His fists clenched…but then he stopped after noticing his Bomb Glove and Liquid Nitrogen Gun a few feet away. Ignoring Ratchet, he ran for them.

The lombax saw him and used his wrench in a comet-strike. Pincer sensed it coming, and jumped. He landed near the weapons, picked up the Glove, did a spin, and tossed a bomb in Ratchet's direction.

Ratchet timed it right, and hit the bomb with his wrench. There was an explosion to his side. Pincer ignored his gun, preparing the glove he had slipped onto his right hand. "Still gonna annoy me?" he asked.

Ratchet smirked as he crouched, "And how."

Pincer's eyes narrowed for the umpteenth time, "Your funeral, rat boy." He ran towards him, tossing bombs.

Ratchet ran side-to-side, barely escaping being blown up. He jumped over the freak, and vaulted off his back.

"OOF!" Pincer lurched forward. He spun around, and let more explosives fly.

Ratchet flew towards a building. He twirled his body, kicked off a doorframe, and soared in Pincer's direction.

The hybrid was ready, and threw another explosive. Ratchet equipped his Walloper and punched it away.

Pincer moved backwards, so the lombax wouldn't land on him. Ratchet took advantage of this by landing in a role, leaping over his enemy, and grabbing him by his buginoid abdomen. The lombax arched his back, and then straightened immediately, causing him and Pincer to rotate, and throwing the freak over himself.


Pincer fell on his belly.

"Nnngh!" he hastily got up, grumbled, and made to throw another bomb.

"Huh?" Pincer looked at his weapon. To his irritability, he was out of ammo. "Crap…"

"It's over, Pincer," Ratchet walked towards him.

Pincer's mandibles seemed to curve upwards in a smile, "It's never over." He reached into his pocket and pulled out a dagger. He tossed it up, caught it with his green hand, jerked his neck forward, and stabbed at the lombax's chest.

"!" Ratchet jolted to the side. He saved his chest, but couldn't say the same about his left shoulder. "AAAGH!" blood seeped out while the dagger was still embedded in his flesh. He fell to his knees, clutching the hilt of the sharp object.

Pincer's eyes narrowed in victory. "Let me help you with that," he said as he bent over to pull the blade out. Ratchet winced in pain as the dagger was plucked from his body. More blood dripped out.

Pincer examined the knife. A long, forked tongue slithered from his mouth, and licked the dagger clean of Ratchet's blood.

"You taste delicious," he hissed, "but I don't have time to kill. Next time, stay out of my way, or there won't be a next time." He left Ratchet walking off. He knew he was victorious enough, and didn't need to go any further. He had the valuables he needed, and was on his way to a manhole.

"Pssst!" a voice called form an alley to his left.

"Hmm?" Pincer stopped. "Who's there?" he spoke to the darkness.

"Come closer," a high-pitched, raspy voice beckoned.

"No way," Pincer shook his ugly head. "If this is another attempt at catching me, then you can just kiss my hairy--"

"I said come closer!" the voice hissed.

"Bite me," Pincer answered.

"You asked for it, freak."

"Who are you, anyway--?..." Pincer's eyes widened in fear as he saw who he was talking to. "N-Not you."

Ratchet grinned from where he was, knowing exactly what was going to happen.

Pincer could see a pair of glowing red eyes in the darkness. Above them, there was an equally red circle. Below them, there was a glowing circle, much bigger. Then, two glowing forearms………two glowing legs. And a glowing groin.

"I-It can't b-be," Pincer stammered, backing away.

"Oh…it is, bug boy," Dr. Nefarious said, standing tall and scary in all his glory. Not all of him could be seen, but Pincer had a good view of his silhouette and glowing body parts. "Wanna play?"

"Y-You're s-supposed to be on--"

"Investigating the attack on Kronos?" Nefarious interrupted with a cocked head. "Kid Nova, W3RM, and The Muscle took over for us." He stepped closer, "Pity…. I wasn't in the mood to take you down again. But, seeing that you have a little arsenal up your sleeve, I'll have to take matters into my own hands."

Pincer swallowed a lump in his throat. His eyes thinned in little bravery. "I'm not going down so easily!" he leapt at him.

Nefarious smirked, "I think you will." He side-stepped.

Pincer landed besides him, and swung a buginoid foot.

Nefarious ducked, and caught it in his metal hands.

Pincer gasped, and kicked at the robot with his mammalian leg. Nefarious caught that one, too. The scientist threw the freak over him.

Pincer reached one of his four hands out, caught a lamppost, did a spin, and flew towards Nefarious with a boot ready to make his head spin.

Nefarious grinned psychotically, and produced two holograms of himself to act as a barrier. Pincer didn't know of the dangers he was headed, and received an electric shock.


"AAAAAAAAGH!" his big eyes shut slightly. "……ugh….," he fell backwards with his buginoid body sprawled awkwardly on his lombax chest and belly.

"Hehehehe," Nefarious chuckled. "Of all the positions for you to be in a time like this……."

"Nnnngh!" Pincer glared at him. "I'm so gonna--!"

"Lights out, kid," Nefarious pulled a syringe from out of nowhere. "Now, hold still, you little….!" He lowered himself.

They struggled.

"Get off me!"

"You're only gonna make it sting more!"

"Hey! Let go of--OW!" Pincer jumped up high, clutching his rear. He landed on his feet in front of the smiling robot. His eyes were half-closed, "You're……..sooo…….gon-………-na……p-pay……for…" and he fell forward, on his belly.

Nefarious narrowed his eyes at him, "Lights out."

"……," Pincer breathed calmly.

Nefarious turned and walked towards Ratchet. The lombax was busy using a netpack to heal his shoulder. The blood disappeared, and the wound closed, allowing the lombax to stand up, and move his arm with no pain. He tilted his head sixty-five degrees to share eye contact with Dr. Nefarious.

He smiled, "Nice going."

"Thanks, but why didn't you just use that netpack earlier?"

"Eh, didn't wanna spoil your fun," the rodent went back to pick up his wrench.

"I can accept that," Nefarious uttered with a shrug. He looked back at the now snoring hybrid. His red eyes narrowed. "So, what do we do with freak boy over there?"

"Nothing; he won't be waking up anytime--" he noticed that that tranquilizer was sticking out of the freak's butt comically "--……soon." He looked at Nefarious with a brow raised.

"Heh, I think it's funny," the robot spoke.

Ratchet shook his head. "I'm gonna get Qwark," he said in a breath one would use after losing an argument.

"And what do I do?"

"Call the Commissioner, and tell him that the bug's in the spider's web."

"Y'know, ya' could've made a better pun than that, Ratchet."

"…..Whatever. I'm just glad we didn't wake anyone up."

"Well, spank me, and call me Maxwell! Those punks managed to catch 'im in less than ten minutes this time!"

"Indeed, sir. Isn't it exciting?"

"………Eh, not really."

Two robots exited their cruiser. They were none other than the Commissioner and the Lieutenant.

Commissioner David stood almost at Qwark's height. His right yellow eye was bigger than his blue left. His eyebrows were very comical. In that, they were semi-circles below his forehead. The right one was higher than the left one. However, his eyebrows and eyes didn't make him look lopsided in any way. His metal body was coated with a blue-metal…ish colour, bringing out the glowing circle in the centre of his torso. One small antenna stood on the top of his head. Instead of a nose, he had two tiny holes for nostrils. He had a square-shaped jaw, with evenly-spread teeth. Both his arms were identical, bulky, like a ranger's right arm. His legs were thinner, and his spiked knees resembled padding. Around his metallic waist, there was a belt, supporting holsters with Blasters and N60 Storms. Unlike the rangers, he wasn't so……..'hunched'. And lastly, he had the mark of the Commissioner on his forehead, which was simply a yellow star with a ranger's eye in its centre.

The Lieutenant was about the same height as a ranger. He was a lot like a one, but much thinner, shorter, had an orange colour, and, like the other robot, didn't have an arm for a gun. Unlike the rangers, he had a mouth under his big eye. Like the rangers, he was hunched.

Dropships touched down behind them, with rangers filling out. Some residents were exiting their homes to investigate. The rangers were telling them what was up.

"Ahh, there you kids are!" the Commissioner pointed a metal finger as Ratchet, Qwark, and Nefarious came into view. "Nice job at baggin' Pincer," he said with, not happy or angry, "I swear that guy's escaped too many fricken' times."

Qwark, Nefarious, and Ratchet--in that order--stood in a line as they spoke to the Commissioner of the Galactic Rangers. Everyone was illuminated by the light of the streetlamp they were standing under.

"I'll say," Qwark heaved an annoyed breath. "Can't you just put him in an airtight cell and leave him there?" he requested.

"I'd love to, but there'll be too many questions," the Commissioner said with a wave of his hand. "Right, Lieutenant?"

"…huh? Oh!" the robot jumped, having not been paying attention to the conversation, "Yes, sir."

"Catching that big-headed freakazoid was a walk in the park," Nefarious commented. "Too bad; I'd rather be on Kronos with the others." He sighed with his claws behind his pointy head, "More interesting there, y'know."

"You should have," Ratchet said. "We could've handled it."

Nefarious cocked a thick eyebrow as he looked down at the lombax, "Oh, really? This coming from the guy who thanked me from saving his miserable life?"

"Cool it, you two!" David narrowed his uneven eyes. "No more tiffs."

"It's just brotherly bonding," Ratchet spoke up.

"Yeah; we do this all the time," Nefarious added with a nod.

"Besides the fact that they're not really brothers," Qwark pointed a green thumb at them.

"Excuse me!" a random ranger broke the conversation. "Transmission from Planet Kronos!" he had a vid-screen in his hands, which enlarged and floated in front of the group. The ranger left.

The screen flickered, and displayed the image of an egg-headed boy with blue goggles.

"Ahh, Kid Nova," Ratchet commented, "how's Kronos?"

"Dark and wet, as usual," the image said. "I just got word that you guys managed to take Pincer down for the umpteenth time."

"Yeah, no biggie," Nefarious casually 'examined his nails'.

"Nonetheless, I'd like to congratulate you on a job well done," the image said with a smile.

"How's the investigation going on there?" David asked.

"Oh, Commissioner!" Kid Nova said in surprise. "I don't notice you! Ahem, we encountered some--"

An explosion sounded from off-screen, followed by the right side of the hero's face being brightened.

The Kid looked, and his goggled eyes widened. "Just a second!" he said, equipping a Tesla Claw. "HIIIII-YAAAAAH!" he jumped off-screen.

Ratchet, Nefarious, Qwark, the Lieutenant, and the Commissioner waited in silence, listening to the sounds of battle.

The screen was taking up by a wide, reptilian face with widespread eyes.

Qwark cracked a smile, "Hey, W3RM. What's happening?"

"H1, C4PT41N QW4RK, 4ND 3V3RYB0DY," a voice that sound like a cross between a hiss, a cybernetic voice, and a raspy voice came from the hybrid hero's barely-moving mouth. "D0N'T W0RRY 4B0UT 1T. W3 H4V3 3V3RYT1NG UND3R C0NTR0L"

From behind him, Kid Nova was doing flips and letting out battle cries, while shooting blue, groaning creatures. Also, a man with a potbelly and green skin was laying waist to the monsters alongside him.

"4NYW4Y," W3RM continued, "WH4T'S G01NG 0N 0V3R TH3R3, 0N M4RC4D1A?"

"We just bagged Pincer again," Ratchet clarified.

"O RLY?"

"Yeah, he escaped again," Nefarious said with a huff as he folded his arms in front of his chest. It was at that exact moment that the thief in question was being taken away on a stretcher behind him.

"T00 B4D Y0U H4D T0 B3 TH3R3, 4ND M1SS 4LL TH1S." W3RM then shrugged, "0H W3LL."

"That fight behind you sounds like it's getting hairy," the Commissioner said. "What're you fighting, anyway?"

W3RM raised a boxing glove, "0N3 M0M3NT, PLZ!" He equipped a Devastator, and fired a missile off-screen. There was an explosion, and W3RM jumped with joy, "LOLOLOLOL! 1 4m t3h PWN!.!.!.!.!.!"

Everyone, except for a grinning Qwark, exchanged confused looks.

"OK4Y, 1'M B4CK," W3RM looked at the screen on his end.

"As I was saying," the Commissioner began, "what're you fighting, over there?"

W3RM's image narrowed its eyes, "SP4C3 P1R4T3S."

Qwark's antenna stood on end as he gasped, "'Space pirates'?"

The Commissioner's eyebrows rose, "But that means…"

"Y3S……" W3RM said gravely, looking down.

"What?" Nefarious was ignorant. "What's it mean?"

"Now, just a minute," Qwark raised a latex-clad finger. "How can we be sure, exactly? I mean, I--" he put his hands on his chest in gesture "--am the one who beat him long ago!"

"Big deal," Ratchet told him. "Villains have a habit of coming back from the dead!"

"What makes you say that?.!"

A shrill whistle caused Qwark to turn his head.

Nefarious waved at him, his fingers moving up and down.

"……..Besides him!"

"If I may make a suggestion," the Lieutenant raised a metallic finger from besides the Commissioner, "they could be some surviving forces, who have just decided to attack a planet at random."

"Uhh, hello?" Nefarious moved his arms around for attention. "I'm in the woods here."

"But after so long?.?.?"

"Even so," Ratchet began seriously, "we can't be too careful." He looked up at the vid-screen. "W3RM, we're coming to Kronos to assist you."

"1T'S 0K4Y," he leaned back comfortably as the fight went on. He didn't notice Kid Nova kick a robotic pirate ghost that was about to slice his head off from behind away. "W3 D0N'T N33D 4NY H3LP R1GHT N0W; 1'M SUR3 W3 C4N H4NDL3 1T."

"Hello?.?" Nefarious called, and was unanswered.

"Okay," Ratchet nodded.

"I'm sending a squad in for backup," the Commissioner stated. "Just encase…."

"Oh, I give up….," Nefarious crossed his arms, like a spoilt child.

"UHHHH, 0K4Y. W3'LL B3 W41T1NG. W3RM 0UT--" Stktktksktksksssss!. After the signal stopped, the screen was filled with static. The screen shrunk, and flew away.

"You guys can go home, y'know," the Commissioner said to the group, with his hands on his hips. "Give your asses a rest."

"Right," Qwark nodded. "I'd better go and visit Skrunch at Holostar Studios," and with a hum, we was gone.

"So, did you find out what Pincer stole?" Ratchet inquired.

"Whaddaya think, lombax?" David tilted his square head. "A bunch o' bolts, and a breath mint."





"……Sksktkttt!" Nefarious sniggered, receiving questioning looks from the other three. "BWAHAHAHAHAAAAA!.!.!.!.!.!" he hugged himself with one arm, and wiped an imaginary tear from his barely open red eye. "Heee-heee-hee!"

"……," David, Ratchet, and the Lieutenant were staring at him.

"Heee……………………………….! Ahem," Nefarious regained his composure as he placed his fist near his mouth. "I thought it was funny."

They didn't even smile.

Nefarious frowned, "Screw you guys; I'm going to the mansion." And with a huff, he was gone.

Ratchet simpered at the Commissioner, "I had better get going as well. See ya, guys."

"Goodnight, Ratchet," the Lieutenant waved.

"Later, kid," David muttered.

And, like Qwark and Nefarious, the lombax was gone.

"Quite an exciting night, right, sir?" the Lieutenant asked and some of the rangers in the area began to leave.

"If it means having to miss the next episode of Queer Eye for the Tyhrranoid, then yes."

"I didn't know you watched--"

"And you never will from now on, get it?"

"Yes, sir."

The Commissioner then noticed something. He cocked an eyebrow, and walked briskly.

The Lieutenant followed him, silently wondering what was up.

Commissioner David stopped, clenched both fists, and yelled at the top of his 'lungs', "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?.!.?.!.?.!"

"Uhhhh," a ranger was on his knees, in the middle of the road. In his only hand, he possessed a pair of tweezers that were doing their damn best to pick up Pincer's Liquid Nitrogen Gun. "Trying to collect evidence…"

"What for?.!" David barked.

"Um, to sh-show what w-weapons P-Pincer used….," the ranger stammered nervously.

"And why are you using tweezers?.!.?.!" David growled.

"F-Fingerprints, s-s-s-s-sir……," the one-eyed robot explained. "I don't want my fingerprints to get in the way of the tests………sir."


From behind his boss, the Lieutenant was making several gestures for the ranger to run away

The Commissioner's hands swooshed and grabbed the ranger by the neck. He shook him violently. "IDIOT! YOU'RE A ROBOT!.!.! YOU DON'T HAVE ANY FRIGGIN' FINGERPRINTS!.!.!.!.!" the ranger wasn't there anymore; he was replaced with a green blur. The Commissioner pushed the ranger to the ground.

The shaken robot's metal rear made a 'cong' sound as it hit the asphalt. After literally screwing his head back in place, he called to two of his buddies, "Hey, guys! You can use your hands! Guess we forgot we don't have fingerprints! Heh."

Two rangers picked up evidence with their regular hands.

David huffed, and walked away. He was followed by the ever-loyal Lieutenant.

"Hehe, isn't that humorous, sir?"

"A fricken' comedy," the boss mumbled. He sighed, "I'm surrounded by Kindergarten dropouts here."

That's it for the first chapter. Encase you were all wondering, Pincer has nothing to do with the main plot of this story. He's just a lombax thief with a buginoid for a head. This chapter was meant just as a little opening. The real story won't be starting just yet, but I'll do my best to keep you entertained until then, m'kay?

Another thing: Commissioner David and the Lieutenant made minor appearances at the end of It runs in the family. They'll have bigger roles in this story.

By the way, I'm aware that most of you dislike onomatopoeias for some unknown reason I'll disagree with no matter what. I love using them, but, for your reading benefit, and to prevent criticism that will be ignored, I'll limit the use of sound affects to a maximum of ten times per chapter. Sounds good, or should I lessen it?