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"This is Darla Gratch reporting live from Planet Kronos," she stood in front of the camera with her microphone in hand, "where a new battle is underway. For those of you who weren't here ten minutes ago, several robotic pirate ghosts have started attacking this dark planet in an unprovoked attack. It appears that the planet's Dark Cathedral is the main focus of this scuffle."

She gestured behind her; to the fight going on at the Cathedral's doors.

"As you can see, three of the Galaxies greatest heroes, Kid Nova, W3RM, and The Muscle, are here to make sure these ghostly threats are gone."

Kid Nova had just tripped a pirate with a sweeping kick.

W3RM was using a laser sword to gut the fiends in half.

The Muscle was slamming heads together.

Darla went on, as if nothing was happening, "Officials believe that these are the surviving pirates of the notorious Captain Blackstar, a dreaded pirate who terrorized Solana during its fifth equinox. He was defeated by Captain Qwark, and never seen again. And here to join me, the Galactic Commissioner."

David and the Lieutenant stepped into the camera's view.

"Commissioner David," Darla held the microphone to his squared head, "what do you make of this?"

"Well, Darla," the Commissioner removed his cigar, and threw it over his shoulder, "it could be just remaining forces who are unaware that their leader is gone forever. It's similar to the tyhrranoid problem we had after the defeat of Dr. Nefarious. So, yeah, it could be such a situation."

There was a huge explosion behind them that went ignored.

Darla spoke, "Do you think that Captain Blackstar is, in any way possible, involved in all this?"

"Well, Darla, it might be possible, though Captain Qwark had defeated him." He shrugged, "I suppose villains have a bad habit of coming back. It's because of this possibility that the President of Kronos had asked me to appear in a press conference, along with Ratchet and so on…"

"I see," Darla nodded. "Thank you for your time, Commissioner. Do you have anything to add, Lieutenant?" she walked past David, and held the microphone to the said robot.

"Me? Uh, no. I think Commissioner just covered everything."

"Yes, I have. Well, better help 'em out," the Commissioner pulled out an N60 Storm, and went to join the fight. "Let's get 'em, Lieutenant!"

"R-Right away, sir," the Lieutenant nervously equipped a tesla claw, and went to help his boss.

Darla spoke to the people at home, unaware that a pirate had just noticed her presence. It pulled out a dagger, and slowly approached her back.

"So, there you have it. With all these pirates running amuck, citizens who were there several years ago can only hope that Captain Blackstar is not back, and that these are just surviving forces."

The pirate was within two feet of her.

"Darla Gratch. Channel 64 News."

And the pirate stabbed at her back a nanosecond before the cameraman cut.

"Qwark here," the latex-clad superhero ran down a hall at Holostar Studios with a vid-screen floating ahead of him so he could see who he was talking to.

Al's image was visible onscreen. "Captain Qwark, I just got word that someone's broken into a lab on Planet Marcadia and is demanding some sort of chip!"

"Marcadia again?" Qwark whined. "I was JUST there!"

Al glared, "Yes, Marcadia."

"What's so important about--S'cuse me, Miss," he almost knocked over a random staff worker.

"I don't know, but it HAS to be important for someone to go through so much trouble to steal it."

"Where, exactly, do I have to go?"

"Sasha says we need to get to a place called 'Gibson Labs', located in the Southern part of the Capital City," explained Al as Qwark neared his shuttle. "It's owned by some guy named Eric P. Gibson, a scientist who founded the company years ago. They develop various kinds of technology for Gadgetron. I've already uploaded the coordinates to your ship."

Qwark arrived at his shuttle. The back ramp opened on command from a remote the superhero had extracted from his belt.

"Anything else I should know?" he pressed random buttons as the ramp rose.

"Ratchet and Nefarious have already been informed of the current events, and will be joining you."

"Right," Qwark pressed one last button. "I'll be there as soon as I can."

"Roger. Al out." The screen shrunk and entered the superhero's utility belt.

His vessel began to leave the planet.

"I'll make sure that this 'chip' doesn't fall into the wrong hands."

Gibson Labs was an extremely tall skyscraper coated with a shiny blue alloy. The tenth to last floor upwards were circular, while the rest of the building was squared. Due to its height, a bridge had to be connected to the middle floor. It was surrounded by infinite apartment complexes that would have made Metropolis' tallest building jealous. The words 'GIBSON LABS' rotated around the seventh to last floor in big, golden letters.

Qwark's shuttle landed on the bridge. Before his vessel had touched down, he saw Ratchet's ship, Nefarious' ship, and a few ranger dropships; all on the bridge. There was a group of rangers trying to keep curious onlookers away at the section that connected to the city.

"About time you got here, Qwark!" Nefarious barked the second Qwark stepped out of his shuttle and onto the bridge. "I've been waiting for hours!"

"We've only been here for ten minutes," Ratchet muttered.

"Just tell me the situation, so we can get in there and get out as soon as possible," Qwark said.

"Well, we don't quite know what the thief looks like," explained Ratchet. "All the security cameras were short-circuited before the intrusion."

"Great," Qwark rolled his eyes, "a smart criminal."

"No one's been reported killed so far," the lombax went on, "so we can guess that the thief doesn't use much lethal force."

"In other words, we're up against a pansy," Nefarious said bluntly.

Atop one of the buildings…

Facing Gibson Labs…

With the bridge perfectly in view…

A tall and muscular figure stood.

Covered in armour.

Arms crossed.


Eyes narrow under a mask.

Watching Ratchet, Captain Qwark, and Dr. Nefarious.

"……," it snorted.

"We're ready to move, Sarge," a ranger gave a salute to Ratchet. "If you don't mind, myself and five other rangers will be coming to assist."

"No problem," Ratchet replied. "So, what floor do we have to get to?"

"The one above the one we're on, sir. It's where the wanted computer chip is located."

"Hmm," Qwark rubbed his massive chin, "that's convenient."

"Isn't it, though?" Nefarious grinned.

"Alright, grab your partners, and let's move!" Ratchet ordered.

"Sir, yes, sir!"

They began their short walk towards the middle floor.

After ascending the stairs by one story, the group walked down a seemingly endless hall. Everything was a pain white colour, with a few doors on the left or right side of the wall.

The main three took the lead, flanked by the rangers.

"Stay frosty, people," a ranger said nervously. "The intruder could be hiding anywhere."

They walked.

They walked.

They walked.

They walked.

And walked.

And walked.

And walked.

And walked.

"The Hell's taking so long?" Nefarious muttered.

The walked, turned a corner, and walked some more.

Upon turning another corner, they noticed a scientist--with his lab coat--leaning against the wall and nervously lighting himself a cigarette. His features depicted him as a local from Planet Novalis; grey skin, pointy head, and spikes.

When he noticed the approaching group, he frowned, and shouted, "About time you kids got here!"

Nefarious glared from behind Ratchet as the group stopped, "I'm almost into my fifties, you filthy smo--!"

"Relax, Nefarious," Ratchet waved him off, and lowered his wrench. "Nice to see you again, Ed. How're Will and Jane doing?"

Ed exhaled smoke fumes through his nose, "They're fine; sent to pick up something on Planet Hoven."

"Good, good," Ratchet nodded at the small talk. "What're you doing here, anyway?"

"Waiting for you guys, so I can get the heck outta here!" Ed responded. "Y'see that vault door there?" he pointed down the hall.

Anyone with eyes could see it.

"The intruder's in there," Ed went on. "When he wasn't looking, I closed the vault door right behind 'im." He smirked as he took another puff from the death stick. "All yours."

"Did you get to see him?" Qwark asked.

"No, and I doubt I'd live to tell the tale if I did."

"Strange," Ratchet looked at the door suspiciously, "….did he seem terrified after you closed it?"

"Nope," Ed shook his grey head. "He didn't make a sound."

"…..," Ratchet was in deep thought.

"Well, I'm leaving," Ed walked past Ratchet. "Good luck, and make sure that chip doesn't get away; it's very important."

"I'm gonna check on the vault," Nefarious broke into a jog.

"Wait up," Ratchet went after him, with the others in tow.

"Hmmm," Nefarious had his head placed against the vault's thick metal. He listened carefully to what was happening inside.

Qwark spoke, "What do--?"

"Shhhhh!" Nefarious held up a finger to silence him.

Everyone listened.

Ratchet moved his ear to the vault, below Nefarious.

From the other side…


Ratchet's and Nefarious' eyes widened.



They shoved the rangers and Qwark back just in time to avoid the vault door exploding from the inside. The blast and most of the door sent some of the unsuspecting ranger flying.

"Erk!" Qwark's back landed on the floor. He did a skid, and stopped at Ratchet's feet.

The lombax had already run to safety and had Nefarious standing by his side.

"Is everyone okay?' a random ranger asked.

Only his comrades answered him.

"I'm fine."

"I'm okay."



"Juuuuuuust peachy," the last answered in a sarcastic tone. If he had a face, he would have been glaring.

"Everyone stay alert!" Ratchet commanded, pulling out his primary weapon.

All eyes--masked, electronic, and all--fell on the opening where the vault door used to be. Some rangers actually used the debris as cover, while another held the datapad, that used to be on the wall, as a bludgeon.

Four tiny robots emerged from the slowly-clearing smoke. They walked on tiny, bird-like feet, and sniffed the ground.

One ranger screamed, grabbing everyone's--including the little robots'--attention. "GLOVE OF DOOM AGENTS!.!.!.!"

Ratchet and Qwark gasped as the little robots grinned enthusiastically and ran towards the rangers with the urge to detonate.

"Damn! People still buy these?.!" Nefarious hollered.

One ranger turned to run, but was too slow. He blew up the second an agent came in contact with his foot. His body parts went in all directions.

"Holy smokes!" the ranger closest to Ratchet pointed. "It got G-88!"

Nefarious aimed, and managed to destroy an agent with a well-aimed shot from his ray gun.

However, he wasn't ready for the third agent, which claimed its victim.

"AAAAGH! They also got H-12!.!.!"

"That's it!" Ratchet growled, and tossed a sphere from a newly-equipped glove.

The ball hit the ground in front of the furthest ranger, and began to beep. When the last agent got close enough, Ratchet pressed a button on his glove, blowing up the bomb and the agent.

"Nice one," Qwark complemented.

"Thanks," Ratchet held up the glowing glove. "The trigger bomb glove. Available at all Gadgetron vendors."

"Look," Nefarious stepped between them and pointed.

All eyes fell on the vault doorway. A figure was standing in the wreckage. The identity was concealed, because he was attired in Infernox armour from head to toe. A section of armour was created for his long ears, and short tail.

Ratchet's brow frowned.

"Hey, guys…," Qwark said, "…it's a 'she'!"

"How can you tell?" Nefarious asked him.

"Because she has a 'womanly' figure," Qwark answered matter-of-factly. "That's why!"

Indeed, his…..her armour had a curvaceous shape along the sides, and a chest plate that was designed to benefit her breasts.

"Oh, great," Nefarious groaned, palming his face. "Guess we have to 'go easy on her' or sum--OOFFFFF!.!.!.!.!" a missile flew, and exploded right in his face. He flew past Qwark and over Ratchet, crashing in the hall. "Ughhhhh…..," his smoking self groaned.

The woman was busy storing the stolen chip in a storage watch. A devastator was leaning against her thigh.

"Hey!" Qwark barked. "That's Gibson Labs property, missy! And I don't care if you're a babe underneath that shiny exterior…. YOU BROKE THE LAW, AND HAVE TO PAY THE CONS--YIIIIPE!.!.!.!.!" he ducked in time to miss another missile, which blew up the ceiling above the stationary Ratchet's head.

The lombax was knocked out of his thoughts, so he could bat away the debris with his wrench. "Stop her!" he pointed. "But don't kill her!"

The remaining four rangers set their guns to stun. They fired.

The intruder sprung into action. She jumped the shots, and began to run towards the group. Every shot missed as she jumped, and kicked off the walls.

"NnnGH!" Qwark fumbled in his belt for a weapon. He pulled out a taser. "Eh, close enough." He began to fire at the nearing intruder.

Ratchet silently pulled out his wrench, and waited.

"Shoot her, man!"

"I'm trying!"

"She's too fast for me!"

The thief landed in an agile roll, equipped a meteor gun, and sent several red hot projectiles at a ranger.

"AAAAAGH! NRRR-AAAAAAAGH!.!.!.!" he screamed as his feet melted.

The thief grabbed hold of his head, and pulled it right off.

"Son of a--!" the head was cut off after being squeezed to pieces.

A ranger screamed, "SHE KILLED L-49!.!.!.!"

The thief picked up the melting body, and threw it at the group. The rangers divided, providing an escape in the middle.

The thief equipped a blitz gun, and blasted through.

"What the…? That's a MegaCorp weapon!" Qwark pointed with his taser. "She could be from another galaxy!"

"GUYS! SHE JUST DESTROYED H-55 and J-72!.!.!.!"

She was about to destroy the other ranger, when suddenly--


A blue figure burst through the ceiling, landed in a crouch in between the ranger and intruder, and sprang up with an uppercut.

The Infernox-clad interloper was caught off guard. She was struck in the chin, and stumbled back a few feet. She wasn't hurt that bad, though, because she didn't seem to let out a cry of pain and wasn't rubbing her chin.

"You won't do anymore damage," the one who had just saved the ranger's life said in an eerie and deep voice. "Surrender if you know what's good for you."

"I'm sorry," Qwark began, "but who are you?'

The tall and muscular man was covered entirely in navy blue armour, save his face, which was covered with an azure mask. His armour had bright, blue, electrical glows along the forearms, kneepads, shoulders, chest plate, and helmet. It also had yellow highlights on the wrists, ankles, neck, and waist. His mask covered all of his face, and had holes for the nostrils and possessed one-way, see-through, grey patches for the eyes.

"Name's Plasma Man," he answered Qwark without looking.

"'Plasma Man'?" Nefarious remarked, rubbing his pointy head. "Name sounds familiar. By any chance, where you the one who saved that group of kids from a bunch of leviathans?"

"Let's talk later, please. After we're done with her, I'll explain everything."

The Infernox-clad woman made to punch him.

"Hhh!" 'Plasma Man' held his arms up in defence, backing away as he was struck in the hands.

She kicked at his chest.

He took the strike, but managed to catch her foot. He ducked a punch.

She equipped a spitting hydra, and charged the weapon.

"DAAH!" Plasma Man fell backwards as he was zapped in the head. He was about to get up when he was sprayed with some sort of sticky goo that solodified. "Nnngh!" he struggled. "I'm stuck!"

The intruder jumped over him, and shoved the nervous ranger into the wall.

"Not so fast!" Qwark stepped in her way, ready to zap her.

She kicked him in his chest, and bounced off in a back flip.

"URP!" Qwark fell over, clutching his belly.

"Idiot," Nefarious muttered. He stood up, ran past Ratchet, and prepared to attack the thief who just jumped over Qwark's grounded form. "This is how you get it done!"

He swung a fist at her head.

She ducked, and made to strip him with a sweeping foot.

Nefarious jumped up high, pushed off the ceiling, and aimed his feet to squash her.

She rolled under him, equipped a walloper, spun, and punched at him.

"HAAA!" Nefarious was quick enough to spin around and catch the boxing glove with both hands. "Now, Ratchet!"

The lombax ran towards them, ready to smack her upside the head with the flat side of his wrench.

She looked behind her for too long. Nefarious released his grip from her walloper, and landed a foot right in her side.

She stumbled in Ratchet's direction.

Ratchet swung his wrench. She managed to catch it, and use her momentum to push past the lombax. With no one else in her way, she ran down the hall.

"She's getting away!" Nefarious sprinted.

Ratchet growled, and followed him.

"Ohhhh," Qwark weakly stood up, and rubbed. "Man, she's one Hell of a hard hitter" he ran after the group.

The last ranger shook his head, and placed a hand on his metal cranium. He was about to follow everyone, but a deep voice halted him.

"Excuse me."

"Huh?.?' the ranger looked.

Plasma Man was still struggling in the goo. "Some help would be appreciated."


"Stop right there!" Nefarious several deadly balls of plasma in the thief's direction.

She jumped, missed one, kicked off the wall, missed another, kicked of the other wall, and missed a third one. She tossed a grenade behind her.

Nefarious expertly caught it, and threw it back.

The interloper turned a corner, and the grenade left a hole in the wall.

"Damn!" Nefarious cursed. "She's practically invincible."

"My turn. Nefarious, out of the way!" Ratchet had some sort of crossbow/gun thing. It fired a set of bolas. They spun, and successfully wrapped themselves around the thief's ankles.

"Oof!" she finally uttered something as she fell on her front.

"We have got you now!" Nefarious bellowed.

"I don't think so," her voice sounded young, and strong. She turned over, and equipped a shock cannon. A wave of blue blasted from the weapon.

Ratchet had to duck Nefarious' flying form.

"You're not gonna get away, Tahiri," he said as he approached the thief. His eyes narrowed. Somehow, he knew her name.

"We'll see about that," she--apparently named 'Tahiri'--had already cut through the cord binding her ankles with a knife.

Ratchet jumped, ready to perform a hyper-strike.

The woman bent her knees up to her head, and somersaulted backwards, dodging Ratchet's attack. She sprang up, and ran.

Ratchet equipped his annihilator, and fired a missile.

Direct hit; Tahiri was struck square in her armoured back. As Ratchet neared her, he could see a broken piece of the armour fall off. However, the Infernox layer that was supposed to make everything soft and comfortable on the inside was still there; a section of her back was now vulnerable.

She slowly got up.

"You've got some nerve," she uttered before tossing a sphere over her shoulder and carrying on.

The ball turned into a miniature turret.

Ratchet's eyes bugged.

"Get outta my way!" Nefarious suddenly shoved past him.

The miniturret began to fire tiny shots at the charging robot. Nefarious held his arms up in an 'X' shape, causing the pathetic shots to bounce off his forearms. One simple hologram destroyed the turret.

"Nice going, but she's still getting away," Ratchet told him as he broke into a run.

"I noticed," Nefarious answered sarcastically. "Qwark isn't far behind, but I don't know about that 'Plasma Guy', or whoever."

"If he wants to help, then let him help."

"Look! There she is!" Nefarious pointed as they turned a corner.

The armoured woman saluted them, opened a window, and jumped.

Ratchet gasped. Nefarious 'gulped'.

"LOOK OUT!" a ranger pointed up.

"Huh--AA--!.!.!" an unwary ranger was crushed as Tahiri landed on him. He was flattened into a robotic pancake.

The other ranger gasped as Tahiri equipped a swingshot, and launched the cord just above the window she jumped through. The hook imbedded itself in the building's side, and pulled the thief up.

"Where'd she go?.!" Nefarious stuck his head out the window. He was kicked back in as Tahiri swung over.

Ratchet looked out and up. Tahiri was running up the building with a pair of gravity boots. The lombax equipped his own pair, and went after her.

"What happened?" Qwark had managed to catch up, and noticed Nefarious rubbing his wounded face.

"That bitch just kicked me in the face!" the scientist screeched. "Can you believe that?.!"

"Yes," Qwark answered immediately. "Where'd she go?"

"I think she's running up the building," Nefarious poked his head out the window, and looked up. "Yup, they're doin' just that." He jumped out the window, and flew after them.

Qwark pulled out a swingshot on one hand, and a hypershot in the other. He was about to jumped out, when a deep voice stopped him.

"Just a second, Captain Qwark," Plasma Man had caught up. The ranger that helped him out of the sticky goo stood by his side. "Where did everyone go?"

"They're sorta climbing the building," Qwark answered. "If we hurry, we may be able to catch up." He leaned out the window, and pointed both gadgets up. He was pulled up by the swingshot cord.

Plasma Man looked up, and watched Qwark alternate between grappling gadgets. He turned around, and sprinted past the inquisitive ranger.

Ratchet panted as he ran up the building of Gibson Labs. Tahiri was ahead of him and above him as they neared the roof.

The armoured woman tossed several bombs over her head.

These were relatively simple to dodge. "Look out below!" Ratchet called behind him.

Nefarious saw the bombs heading his way. He grunted, and composed a shield around himself. The explosives exploded on contact with the barrier, leaving the robot unharmed.

Qwark flattened himself against the building, allowing the bombs that Nefarious didn't destroy to pass over him.

"Stop, Tahiri!" Ratchet yelled as he gained altitude. "You're not gonna get away from us today!"

"Listen to yourself; you're already worn out after beating Pincer!" she answered him as they neared the rotating letters. "If you want to live, get away from me, and let me do my business!.!.!"

"Nnnnngh!" Ratchet growled.

"I'll get her!" Nefarious ascended past him.

"Good luck," Ratchet muttered.

Nefarious ascended to Tahiri's level. He flew 'above' her armoured head as he watched her run higher without a hint of tire.


"Whoa…," a ranger looked down at his crushed comrade. "Was that the intruder?"

"Yes, it was!" the only surviving ranger ran from inside the building. "And take my word for it; she's one Hell of a tough cookie!"


"Yes, she. She took out everyone except for me."

"And that makes you a soul survivor or something?" the other ranger replied sarcastically.


"Right. I'm gonna send backup."

"I wouldn't!" the other ranger said hysterically. "She'll wipe us all out!"

"Oooookay….," if the other ranger had a ace, he would have been looking at his comrade strangely.

"How about we go for some robotic ice-cream?"

The other ranger's voice lit up with glee, "I'm there!"

"Alright, girly!" Nefarious took on a sexist tone as he watched the thief run up the building. "I let ya get passed us back there, but now, I'm gonna give it my all!"

"Do you always talk as much as your head is big?" Tahiri taunted, running.

"Wh-What?.!" Nefarious' surprised face frowned. "Okay, I'm gonna give you 'till the count of three to give up before I blast you to smithereens!"

He spoke at a volume only he and she could hear.


He hadn't been looking where he was going. The robot had bonked his head on the bottom of the 'L' of the rotating 'GIBSON LABS'. Tahiri, however, had managed to move 'under' them.

Nefarious waited for the 'A', 'B', and 'S' to pass before flying after the woman.

They were nearing the roof.

"Okay, you asked for it," Nefarious was almost completely infuriated. His hand produced a blue ball of plasma, which he threw at Tahiri. "Dodge that, sucka!"

"Hmm?" Tahiri's helmet turned half-heartedly. When she saw the incoming bomb, she jumped the attack.

Nefarious grumbled to himself, "Damn…"

"Relax, Nefarious!" Ratchet told him from below. "I dodged that crappy attack hundreds of times."

"That makes it soooooo much better," Nefarious' ego took another hit.

The roof was only two stories away. Tahiri had bent over, grabbed the three-foot wall, and flipped over it. She landed on the roof.

Nefarious grabbed Ratchet's arm, and landed them both on the roof.

The roof of Gibson Labs was basically a typical roof. One surprising thing about it was that it didn't have a spire in its centre. All it had was a cube with a door that led to the stairs on the lower floor.

"Alright, you!" Nefarious pointed a threatening finger at Tahiri as she stepped in the centre of the roof. "I'm giving you one last chance to surrender, or at least, give us that computer chip thingy!.!.! Now, are ya gonna cooperate, or do I have to kick your runaway ass to the next millennium?.!.?.!.?.!"

Tahiri merely struck a martial arts pose, and gestured the 'come on' sign.

Nefarious' eyes narrowed. "You asked for it…," he said sinisterly. "Take five, Ratchet."

The lombax stood down.

He started off with a hologram. The copy whooshed, and missed the side-flipping thief.

Nefarious growled, and decided for hand-to-hand.

He threw a punch. Tahiri caught the fist, turned around, and attempted to throw the robot over herself. Nefarious was stronger, and swung his arm over his head. She flew over, landed on her feet, and swung her foot low.

"DAA!" Nefarious was tripped. He fell forward, but stopped himself with his hands. He turned this into a summersault. He unfolded in a crouch with his ray guns.

Tahiri equipped a glove, which produced a circular holoshield. The ray guns weren't having an effect.

"Sure you don't need help?" Ratchet asked, leaning against the door to the roof.

"I'm fine!" Nefarious answered. "She's just using weapons, is all. I bet she doesn't know how to properly defend herself."

Several bombs flew towards his position.

Nefarious jumped up, and hovered. He concentrated, and unleashed his deadly purple beam from a newly-created wormhole.

Tahiri side-stepped, "Is that the best you can do?"

Nefarious landed besides her, and pushed her towards the beam that was still eating its way at her.

The Infernox-clad woman nimbly flipped over the beam.

"RAAAGH!" Nefarious pounced at her. He swiped at her with his sharp claws.

Tahiri held her arms up in an 'X' shape, blocking every one of his deadly swipes.

"HAAH!" Nefarious swept his foot, knocking his opponent off-balance and on her back. "I've got you--…………"

A plasma storm was shoved right in his face from the grounded woman.

"Uh-oh," he said before he was blasted, and sent flying back. "Nnngh!" he hit the wall hard. "You got lucky, punk," he seethed. "Ratchet, I'm gonna be humble just this once."

The lombax took that as his queue. He ran at the intruder, and randomly swung his wrench.

Tahiri jumped over him, landed behind him, and shoved.

Ratchet lurched forward. He grunted, spun, and did a comet-strike. Tahiri had jumped over the spinning wrench in the nick of time. While still airborne, she equipped a multi-star, and unleashed several shuriken.

Ratchet held his breath as he spun his wrench in front of him like a fan, deflecting every shot.

"Heads up, Ratchet!" Nefarious was running. He aimed with his guns, and destroyed more stars which had multiplied. "Haha!" he spun one gun on his finger. "Who's da man?.!"

"Not you!" Tahiri flew out of nowhere, and kicked him right in the face. "That's for sure!"

Ratchet sighed.

"You're pathetic," Tahiri said to Nefarious as he rubbed his head. "I can't believe you were the same person who controlled an army of tyhrranoids."

"So I've gotten a little rusty…," Nefarious uttered with a shrug. "Big deal. It's you who's pathetic; not even noticing that she's about to get kicked by a metal foot."

"Huh?" Tahiri's question was answered when Qwark kicked her in the rear, just below her tail, from behind with his cybernetic foot. The force was so strong, that she flew and fell on her front.

"Okay, I admit it wasn't very manlike of me to strike someone who isn't ready," Qwark stood, cracking his knuckles, "…much more, a female, but it's become personal!" he uttered the last part with a frown. "You really hurt me back there, and I tell ya, not even nanotech can cure this bruise!"

"The 'great' Captain Qwark is worried about a little bruise?" Nefarious tilted his head to the side. "And she says I'M pathetic…"

"Watch it," Qwark pointed a big finger. "You don't know pain."

"Feh," Nefarious waved him off.

"Do you two mind?" Ratchet gestured at the thief.

"Oh, sure."

"Yeah, I forgot."

They formed a triangle around her.

"Raaagh!" Nefarious dove with a claw.

Tahiri back-flipped out of the way. She landed with her back to Qwark, who attempted to grab her. Instead, she caught his arm, and threw him over herself. The superhero just missed accidentally landing on Nefarious, who was quick enough to jump backwards.

Ratchet approached her with his wrench at the ready. Tahiri side-flipped towards Qwark's direction. The superhero had just picked himself up. He swung a fist at her helmet. She ducked, and Qwark's fist flew into Ratchet's hastily-raised wrench.

Tahiri rolled under Qwark.

Nefarious saw it. He made a plasma-charged fist, and swung for an uppercut. Tahiri jerked to the side. She did several back-flips.

Qwark ran up to her, pulled out his taser, and prepared to give the woman an electric shock.

Tahiri did a high-kick, and knocked the taser out of his hand.

"What the--?" Qwark was cut off as she was shoved backwards by Tahiri's immense push.

Ratchet and Nefarious came at her from both sides.

"HYAAH!" Tahiri jumped up, did a split in midair, and sent both of them backwards.

Ratchet was quick enough to raise his wrench in the way. Nefarious was hit in the face once again.

"RAA-AAGH!" Qwark charged at her with his fists ready to knock Tahiri off the roof.

She effortlessly caught his latex-clad fists. Qwark gasped, and managed to pull his left fist away. Tahiri's left fist suddenly squeezed Qwark's hand, putting the superhero in extreme pain.

"AAAAAGH!" Qwark fell to his knees. "OW! OW! OW!" he screamed when he heard his wrist crack.

A hologram flew into Tahiri, causing her to lose her grip on Qwark's hand. She flew in Ratchet's direction.

Qwark clutched his broken wrist.

"That looks pretty bad," Nefarious said, examining the wrist. "What the Hell happened?"

"I d-dunno," Qwark stuttered. He nervously fumbled in his belt for something. "She just grabbed my fist, and broke it." He had a handful of nanotech. "It was amazing," he relaxed as he was healed. "It's as if she has super strength."

"Could be," Nefarious said casually.

They looked, and saw Ratchet battling with the thief.

Nefarious' red eyes narrowed. He noticed that the left sleeve of Tahiri's armour was much thicker than the right.

Ratchet landed from a back-flip after dodging a deadly punch.

Tahiri noticed Nefarious and Qwark heading straight for her. She grunted, "Okay, I've had enough of you!" she jumped Ratchet's swipe, ducked, Qwark's punch, and blocked Nefarious' kick.

She equipped a glove, and threw a ball. The sphere turned into a cylinder with a tiny turret mounted on top. Two darts flew, and imbedded themselves in Ratchet's and Qwark's necks. The lombax and superhero both fell on their backs, paralyzed from the neck down.

"I can't move!" Ratchet's head thrashed left and right, being the only body part which could still be mobile.

"We've been immobilized from the neck down," Qwark stated

"Not to worry," Nefarious stood in a fighting stance. "I'm still mobile."

"We're doomed," Qwark muttered.

Tahiri equipped a gun, and shot out a glowing green ball in Nefarious' direction.

The robot's eyes widened, recognising the weapon. He jumped back, but the blast radius was bigger than he expected. He fell flat on his face, near Qwark, sparking.

"EMP grenade," Ratchet stated.

"Like the paralyze glove, it's temporary, but it gives me time to escape," Tahiri made her way to the roof entrance. "I'll be seeing you around, losers. Hehehe."

Her armoured hand moved to open the door--


The door flew open, and slammed her aside. Plasma Man stepped on the roof, out of breath.

"I'm….here….," he panted.

"What took you so long?" Qwark asked him.

"The…..elevator…….was……out of order…..," he explained, leaning against the door. "Why are you……on the…….floor…..?"

"Our little, armoured thief paralyzed Ratchet and I, and short-circuited Nefarious with an EMP grenade."

"Which reminds me," Ratchet added as Plasma Man stepped closer to them, "LOOK OUT!.!.!.!.!"

The paralyzing cylinder sensed Plasma Man's presence, and shot a single dart towards his neck. The dart bounced off his neck, leaving him unharmed. The armoured man raised a foot, and crushed the cylinder.

"Where is she?" Plasma Man inquired.

"Right above you," Ratchet stated.

By instinct, Plasma Man sun around to see Tahiri descending towards him with a walloper equipped.

He jumped backwards, almost stepping on Qwark's no longer broken wrist.

"I'll lure her away from you," he blocked a punch that was meant for his masked face.

"Can you take her by yourself when you're out of breath?" Qwark was doubtful.

"I'm confident I'm capable."

A few seconds later, they were on the other side of the roof.

"What the heck's so important about that chip you stole, anyway?" Plasma Man asked.

"None of your business," Tahiri answered. "And you're gonna pay for that surprise punch before, and slamming the door in my face!" she clenched a fist.

"I'm sure it didn't hurt such a strong girl like you," Plasma Man taunted, his deep voice taking on a smart tone.

Tahiri grunted, suddenly losing her cool. She replaced her walloper with her devastator. She aimed, and pulled the bazooka's trigger.

Plasma Man ducked under the projectile, and equipped a plasma whip. He flung the weapon at his opponent's ankle. Thanks to her armour, Tahiri wasn't affected by the deadly plasma; instead the weapon was like a regular whip.

Plasma Man pulled as hard as he could.

"Whooaaaa!" Tahiri was pulled off her feet. She flew in Plasma Man's direction.

The armoured man raised a foot to meet her. For a split second, he had forgotten that she didn't let go of her devastator. Tahiri flew towards him, and smacked him in the head with her rocket launcher.

"Nnngh!" Plasma Man stumbled backwards, dropping his plasma whip.

Tahiri ran up to him, jumped, and landed a foot in his chest.

Plasma Man staggered further towards the edge of the roof.

Tahiri landed, and aimed her devastator. "Say 'goodbye'," she said as the missile flew.

Plasma Man's eye-patches narrowed in sequence with his masked eyes. He extended his hands with open palms. A single ball of plasma, similar to Nefarious' but brighter, formed. It flew from his hands, and caused the devastator missile to explode on contact.

"So, that's why you call yourself 'Plasma Man'," Tahiri mused. "You can create and manipulate plasma, and use it as a weapon."

"A rather vague way of putting it, but yes….," he answered. "I'll give you the chemistry-physics lesson after you've ended up in jail."

"Fat chance, Plasma Puss."

"Ouch, you have officially hurt my feelings."

"Your feelings aren't the only things that are gonna get hurt!" she prepared to fire.

"What are they blabbing about?" Qwark asked Ratchet. They were still paralyzed.

"I don't know, but I think I can move again," Ratchet replied. He stood up, and dusted himself off.

"Hey!" Qwark frowned. "What about me? I can barely move my fingers."

"Guess it doesn't last as long on lombaxes as it does on you," Ratchet bent over to pick up his wrench. "I'll take it from here. I think we've tired her out a bit."

"Fine," Qwark said sadly. "Go, and claim all the glory."

"Sure," Ratchet said with a chuckle.

Plasma Man was expertly blocking all of Tahiri's kicks and punches, and vice versa. When the armoured woman saw Ratchet coming in their direction, she did a back-flip that kicked Plasma Man right in the chin.

She ran, and jumped over the roof's edge.

Ratchet gasped, and looked over the edge.

Tahiri fell, and suddenly, a big, green paraglider emerged from her armour. She drifted towards a building.

"I'm sorry I let her get away, Ratchet," Plasma Man calmly said over the lombax's shoulder.

"No problem," Ratchet replied. "Take care of Qwark and Nefarious until they can move again, will ya?"

"And what will you be doing?" Plasma Man watched as the lombax stood on the roof's wall.

"Catching her," Ratchet said before jumping.

Plasma Man watched as the wings of Ratchet's glider sprung out from both sides. Gloved hands held on tight to the glider as the lombax flew after Tahiri.

Plasma Man sighed. "Oh well. Plenty of time to kick butt later."

Ratchet touched down on a random apartment as the wings of his glider shrunk in on themselves.

"Just won't give up, will you, Ratchet?" Tahiri asked, casually leaning against an A/C unit.

"I like to make sure that I come for what I wanted," Ratchet answered, lowering his wrench. "And I want that chip."

"You're not gonna get it!" she exclaimed. "For once, enjoy the fact that I'm not trying to kill you, and stop following me!"

"What's the chip for, Tahiri?" Ratchet's face was stern. His brow was furrowing. His tail was as high as his ears.

A chuckle sounded from inside the Infernox helmet, "Wait awhile, and you'll find out. It's about time stole something from Gibson Labs."

"I won't let you get away with it!" Ratchet equipped his blitz cannon.

Tahiri darted to the side, and equipped a tesla claw. Ratchet just barely flipped over the beam of electricity that was shot at him. After he landed, several bombs flew his way. He twirled his wrench, and managed to deflect all of them.

Tahiri stood calmly. "This fight is over," she said. "It was fun, but now it's just getting redundant."

"If you're fed up with fighting, then hand over the chip and your ass to us!" Ratchet glared.

Tahiri pressed a button on her left wrist. Instantly, a scarlet ship with countless slots materialized above her, and behind near her.

Ratchet's eyebrows rose.

"Cloaking devise," Tahiri answered before he could question.

Ratchet heaved a knowing sigh, "You could have escaped anytime you felt like it."

"That's right," Tahiri's helmet nodded. "I just wanted to give you some hopeless hope before leaving."

Ratchet's jaw tightened. "You're just gonna leave like that?" he wanted to stall, even tough it was futile.

"Yes, I am," she sounded a little irritated now. "I have other things to do."

"Heh, you're the second person to decide against killing me today," Ratchet couldn't help but smile.

"Consider that lucky," Tahiri said as her ship's cockpit door slid open ever so sleekly. "I'll see you later." She jumped in.

The vessel was already rising before the cockpit door slid closed. The ship flew towards the sky at full speed.

Ratchet hurriedly equipped his visibomb. He spun around, and aimed towards the sky, but Tahiri's ship had disappeared.

He was rather angered. One moment he was taking down Pincer, and the next, he was taken down by a seemingly invincible thief.

"Rrrrrgh!" he punched the ground with his fist. "She got away."

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