Cheap Bets, High Stakes

By: Comm. Butler

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Roy Mustang sat in his office with Riza Hawkeye leaning over him pointing and chattering about the newest budget issues. Rather then be concerned with the percentages of money taken from them to protect Central, Roy was way more focused on the very beautiful lieutenant leaning over him.

"…So that means that the alchemists and the infantry are going to take huge cash hits here and he…"

"Just wonderful." Roy stated staring at her hand.

"No, not 'just wonderful'! This is a huge problem!" Hawkeye retorted, straightening up. Roy spun in his chair to face her and looked her up and down.

"Hmm… HAWKEYE!" He said a little louder then he needed to.

"Yes sir?"

"Go around to the other side of the desk."

"Wh… of course sir." Hawkeye stepped around to the other side of the desk. Roy shook his head.

"No, not there a little to the left and back up a bit." Hawkeye followed his instructions.

"Here sir?"

"Back up a little more."


"Yes. Stay right there. Absolutely exquisite." Roy studied her figure. Her uniform didn't hang in the right places like it should have but that was what Mustang's imagination was for.

Hawkeye heard the last two words from Mustang's mouth, 'Absolutely exquisite.' What the hell was that supposed to mean? Riza watched her superior stare at her with a stupid grin on his face and wondered what on Earth the man was thinking. She never knew though, in all the years she'd been working with him not once could she ever figure out what he was thinking. She wished she could though. She wanted to be close to him so badly her body seemed to let out a little moan of protest at the distance between them. Hawkeye's mind however was being as stubborn as a bull and refusing to let her think in such an inappropriate manner. Finally when she was getting up the courage to ask him why he was staring at her he cleared his throat.

"Lieutenant when was the last time you had dinner?"

"Well last night sir why?" Hawkeye was now even more puzzled then ever.

"No not that dinner, I mean… 'Dinner'." Mustang raised an eyebrow. Hawkeye almost as if mirrored to him did the same.

"Sir, if you're wondering whether I get the proper nutrition or not then, I'll tell you, last night after I went back to my apartment I had a chicken breast, some broccoli, two small biscuits, a glass of milk…"


"Alright I admit it sir… and one shot of vodka… well and half a pint of Triple Chocolate, Fudge Chunk…"


"OKAY! So I ate the whole PINT!" Hawkeye wrung her hands nervously and flinched as she admitted her less then regular eating habits. Mustang let out a laugh.

"HAWKEYE! Calm down! I don't care what you ate last night much less how much! What I meant was…" He instantly sobered and looked around the office in an almost nervous action. He then with his finger gestured for her to come closer to him. She approached and when he continued to motion her to him she was leaning over the desk so far that the files shifted and slid uncomfortably close to slipping off the desk.

"What I meant wasn't to ask what you were eating but whether you were having 'dinner' preferably with someone of…"

"Are you asking if I've had any dates recently sir?"

"As a matter of fact…"

"Well sir I most certainly haven't in fact right now I am perfectly content and don't need any man to take me to dinner! Thanks for the inappropriate concern sir." Hawkeye straightened and turned to leave when she heard Mustang mutter.

"Not even with me?" She whipped back around and about jumped into his arms with happiness. Mustang caught her excitement and then smiled.

"Lieutenant Hawkeye 240,659,321 points, Colonel Mustang 2. I'm catching up on you." He warned and Hawkeye glared. How could she have been so stupid! He had been after her skirt just like any other pretty girl he saw on the street. Of course the thought of him thinking her pretty was something she could and should have blushed about. However that didn't mean that he wouldn't jump her bones the first chance he got. She didn't need that kind of womanizing, arrogant, pigheaded, confident, pompous, and sexy… Riza shook head.

"Sir I wouldn't go to dinner with you even if… well…"

"If what? Why don't we make a small bet out of it? You tell me the circumstance and if I complete the task then I take you to dinner."

"And if you don't?" Riza inquired.

"Your pick." Mustang offered and Hawkeye thought about it for a minute, then smiled.

"If you lose then you… have to settle down and marry one woman you have known for more then two years and do it all before the next year is out."



"That gives me what nine months at max?"

"At max."

"So I had better win then."

"I suppose." Hawkeye held out her hand for him to shake but he didn't offer it.

"Ah, ah, Lieutenant Hawkeye you are forgetting one minor detail, what am I supposed to do in order to win this bet?" There was a knock at the door.

"Umm. I haven't thought of it yet." Hawkeye turned and went to the door. When she reached it and turned the knob she turned around.

"I've got it! In order for you to win the bet and take me to dinner you have to kiss…" She opened the door to see an annoyed Edward Elric standing before her in all of his state alchemist shortness. Her smile broadened…

"Why Ed you were just the man I wanted to see!" Hawkeye pulled him inside.

"I'm here to see the Colonel, Lieutenant so if you don't mind…"

"Wait, just a second, I need to finish a… proposal with the Colonel."

"Alright let's hear it Lieutenant." Roy crossed his arms.

"Well you already know the first part so the blank is filled in with Edward Elric, the Fullmetal Alchemist."

"WHHHAAAT!" Roy fell out of his chair. Riza leaned over the desk with her hand outstretched.

"Deal?" She heard Mustang groan and then his hand gripped hers firmly.

"Deal," He agreed reluctantly. They shook and then Hawkeye promptly left.

"Colonel Mustang I wanted to ask you something about Armstrong…" Ed began. He was puzzled as hell as to the exchange having taken place seconds before and how it involved him, but he didn't dare ask. Roy tuned him out quickly though. He had three very pressing matters at this point. One, get Hawkeye to go out on a date with him. Two make sure he damn well won that bet, and third and his least hopeful, kissing the fifteen year old alchemist in front of him.

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