AUTHOR'S NOTE: Sorry it took me so long to get this up but work is keeping me rather busy soo... well here is part two, I hope it doesn't suck too much! runs off to work on 'Itty Bitty Little Problems'



"RIZA! There has to be another way! I'd do anything!" Roy embraced Hawkeye's bare legs and she looked at him with disapproval over the top of her sunglasses.

"You should have told me two months ago if you had a problem Colonel."

"I didn't think it through! Please I'll do anything!" Hawkeye raised an eyebrow.

"Yes anything just as long as I don't have to… you know… with the pipsqueak!" Roy shuddered as he heard Edward Elric shout,


"See what I mean?" Roy commented and Riza rolled her eyes.

"Well if you'll do anything then you can start by letting go of my legs." Mustang looked forlorn and clung even tighter.

"I shall not let go until I am Furhur! They are so pretty! I must cherish them for…" Hawkeye pulled her pistol from her hip holster underneath her skirt and gave Mustang a light smack on the head with the butt of it.

"When you are finished drooling all over them… we can address the group and begin the barbeque." Roy's head rotated slowly to see that everyone present (so all of HQ) was staring confused at the two of them, except for Ed who was still fuming about the shortness comment. Mustang let go reluctantly and stood up. Hawkeye straightened her khaki skirt and flipped her hair back over one shoulder. It had been way too hot to wear pants and her shorts were all cut offs so here she was in a skirt and tank top with Mustang's drool running down her calf. If she didn't like him so much or wasn't a junior officer she would have killed him by now. Mustang cleared his throat and spoke as if nothing had happened.

"On that note, welcome to our annual barbeque, perfect for boosting moral and other such matters, so drop ranks and have a good time today." Mustang smiled and then gave Hawkeye a sly smack on the ass as she passed him. Hawkeye jumped and snarled.

"Just for that the bet is still on, Colonel, and then after I'll file charges against you!"

"No you won't Riza," He tweaked her nose.

"Oh and why won't I?"

"One because I'll win that bet and… I'm great in bed."

"What was that?"

"Oh and we're out of uniform, by the way Riza."

"You vile, stupid and… FINE!" With that Riza walked off and Mustang strolled away whistling, but when Ed dashed by him chasing Al his heart sank. He still had to pull this off somehow, but doing it straight up wasn't an option… yet.


"Well it looks to me like you have a serious problem. How long has this been going on?" Mayes Hughes looked at Roy Mustang from the couch where he was sitting.

"Since April." Roy moaned.

"So you haven't done anything in five months! Mustang you are going to be in some serious trouble. She's got you cornered."

"I know! And actually it was six months yesterday," Roy held up his hands with his head still on the desk. Hughes whistled.

"Well... I could help you--"

"Would you!" Roy jumped up so fast he hit his knee on the top of his desk.

"Yes, I could, but I also have a wife and daughter to consider. Hawkeye's wrath isn't something… By the way have you seen the new snapshots from when we were at the park the other day!" Hughes jumped up and Roy looked horrified. Not more pictures! He made a beeline for the door and when he opened it he slammed it shut again quickly.

"Help!" He squeaked and taking the lesser of two evils endured Hughes' pictures. When he was finally done, Riza Hawkeye stepped into the room and Hughes stood.

"Afternoon Hawkeye. I was just on my way out. Well Mustang see you later." Hughes left and Roy went back to his desk, not that it would protect him from anything but just the same.

"So how are things going Colonel?"

"I CAN'T DO IT! I GIVE UP! JUST MAR…" Roy shouted. Riza raised an eyebrow.

"You mean you can't sign the papers I gave you this morning? It's quite easy you've been writing your name since you were three right?"

Roy stopped his squirming.

"Huh? Oh those! I had those done an hour ago."

"Hmm, how much do you want to bet on it?" Hawkeye said leaning over the desk and looking him squarely in the eye.

"Uh uh, I'll get right on it!" Roy snatched a paper and began frantically signing. Riza smiled and sat down across from him and began working silently. She was torturing him and she was having so much fun doing it. Besides what harm could it do? She had him, any move he made.