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The Secret Sexy Scroll

Summery: What if Naruto had a little bit more time studying the Secret Scroll that he stole? Warning, lots of Sexy stuff!

Chapter 1


In the middle of the forest, Naruto had finish the first technique in this scroll that he was told by Mizuki to study from in order to become a shinobi since the blond had failed the ninja exam for the third time in a row. That was a record for any academy student.

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" cried out Naruto.

Then a shadow clone appeared in front of him.

"Yes I did!" shouted Naruto excitedly.

"Now, what is the next technique I need to learn…" Naruto mumbled as he unraveled the other parts of the Secret Scroll.

"Now use henge on your clone to transform it into a girl…" The blond repeated as he saw an illustration of an average girl at the bottom of the text that the read would have to use as an example. The girl was wearing a fine silk dress just enough that one could see the curves and other assets of a female.

'What the heck? This sounds too familiar to my Sexy no Jutsu. If I'm correct, it'll mention about making a harem.' thought Naruto as he continue to read along the scroll.

Naruto became giddily as he was right on the mark!

'Score! I was right! No wonder why Mizuki wanted me to study this! It's perfect for me skills!'

Naruto reflected what great teacher Mizuki was. How ironic.

So he sent his clone on the watch while he kept reading the scroll.

'So this is a centerfold? I guess that makes sense since it's in the center and it folds.'

That was the thought of the blond as he was trying to imitate the perfect curve of a woman's chest by using this centerfold as an example provided by the scroll.

Naruto kind of got it right until he was interrupted by his clone warning of an approaching intruder. He cursed wishing he had more time to study.

Not wasting anytime, Naruto dismissed his clone and he quickly wrapped up the scroll. No need for somebody to faint at the sight of what was written inside.

With the scroll behind his back, he waited for the coming person.


Iruka was running in the forest, trying to find the thief when he felt a weak pulse of charka. He didn't know that it came from the dismissal of Naruto's clone. So he went towards the source and he found the robber.

"Naruto! I've found you!" exclaimed Iruka.

"Hey Iruka-sensei!" cried Naruto. Seeing that his teacher glaring at him, he could only laugh guiltily, scratching his head while his sensei glared at him.

Iruka was about to scold Naruto about steal the scroll when he noticed that Naruto was tired and sweaty.

"Hey, you look exhausted. What happened and how did you get that scroll?" asked Iruka.

"Oh! You see Mizuki-sensei told me about if I took this scroll from the building undetected and learned a jutsu from it, I can finally become a ninja!"

"Wait Mizuki said that?" asked Iruka. He was truly puzzled about that.

But before he could do any more analysis thinking, He felt something coming towards him. He pushed Naruto onto another place but he was injured by a rain of kunai and shuriken.

"Iruka-sensei!" cried Naruto being shocked.

"Good thing you found the brat Iruka," smirked Mizuki as he arrived onto the scene.

"What's the meaning of this!" yelled Iruka.

"Gee Iruka, I guess you're not so smart. You were always the dobe weren't you? Well I'll have to tell you flat out. I'm here to kill you and that brat so I'll have all the powers of the Secret Scroll."

"But why?" cried out both Iruka and Naruto.

Mizuki sighed at the thought. It must be some sort of thing where dobes get together.

"Simple since Naruto failed the exam, I tricked Naruto in stealing the scroll. Therefore everybody in this village will want to kill him. You should know about it first hand since you saw all the hates from the villagers, brat."

"Why do they hate me?" asked the blond.

"I'll tell you a secret that the old man kept from you," said Mizuki.

"No you can't tell him the secret! It's forbidden!" begged Iruka.

"Shut up! I've already decided to steal the secrets of the scrolls. It's not like breaking an extra law is going to do anything to me. You blond brat, are the fox demon who attacked our village so long ago and you killed Iruka's parents."

"No!" sobbed Naruto as he ran away.

"Hey come back! I'm supposed to kill you and take that scroll!" yelled Mizuki as he gave a chase.

Iruka gave a grunt as he pulled out a couple weapons out of his body and he limped after them.


In the forest, Mizuki had found Naruto.

"Boy! Give me the scroll so I can kill you after!" commanded Mizuki.

"Okay," said Naruto giving the scroll.

"Muah! The secrets are mine… Wait this is a log!" exclaimed Mizuki as the scroll spoofed into a wooden log

"Take this!" cried out Naruto as he punched the criminal. Mizuki fell down from the tree.

"Dang! I missed his nose!"

"Hey what was that for?" howled Mizuki.

"That was for hitting me with a bunch of metals," replied Naruto as he spoofed into Iruka.

"Oh of all everything, you transformed into the one that killed your parents?"

"Wow Mizuki, you sure need glasses! I mean you know that the fox was very huge and it had nine tails. Naruto was only a baby back then and to this day he doesn't have any tails. So how can I transform into the one that killed my parents?"

"Argh! That doesn't matter! I'm going to kill you first instead of the boy since you're just plain annoying! Die!"

But before Mizuki could throw his huge fuuma shuriken at Iruka, a rock knocked the metal blade out of his hand.

"Ow!" shouted Mizuki as he cradled his hand.

"Don't hurt Iruka- sensei or I'll kill you!" declared Naruto as he came out from the blades of grass.

"Ah oh! If you do that, you won't pass!" reasoned Mizuki.

"Fine, then I'll do this! Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" cried out Naruto as the forest surrounding them were filled with lots of clones.

Iruka was shocked. Naruto was able to do a high level Justu instead of a basic one. On the other hand, Mizuki was really worried about having his butt kicked badly by the sheer number of clones.

"Okay Mizuki- sensei, do I pass?" asked Naruto. Iruka-sensi was shocked at his student asking that from all situations.

"No you didn't pass!" said Mizuki.

"Why not Mizuki- sensei?" cried out Naruto.

"Simply, I'm no longer your sensi. Not only that I'm evil too. You'll just have to find a way to beat me so that I don't kill you and Iruka."

"Never! Take this! Sexy No Jutsu!" shouted out Naruto as all the clones turned into 'Drop Dead Gorgeous Blonds'

Iruka immediately passed out by the sheer number of really hot babes. On the other hand Mizuki was indifferent.

"Ha! Do you really think a trick like that would work twice? I saw that already in class!" exclaimed the evil doer Mizuki.

"Fine! I'll show you my other technique I have learned! Holy Might!" shouted all the clones as they ripped off the little clouds that hid the assets of an upper body of a female.

Mizuki immediately exploded with a showered of blood and by the force of explosion, he was propelled into a tree thus knocking himself out.

"Yeah, I won! Now to take my prize!" yelped Naruto happily as he and the rest of the clones dispelled.

He ordered his clone to grab Iruka- sensei and Mizuki. Not only that he got the Secret Scroll and they all went to home without incident.

Why did Naruto got home so easily?

Well earlier on, Sarutobi, the Sandaime, was looking at the fights using his crystal ball. When he saw that Holy Might technique, he had a gigantic fountain of blood come out from his nose. He propelled into the air through the roof from his office.

The sound of an explosion caused all the ninjas go back to the Hokage Tower. What they found was Sandaime on the ground twitching badly. They were all worried. Who could have beaten the great Sandaime?


At home, Naruto tied up Mizuki and he shoved him into the fridge. On the other hand, Iruka was sleeping on the dirty broken couch.

In his bedroom, Naruto was reading the rest of the scroll. He learned many things such as the wives of the past Hokages…

"Wow, I had no idea that Yondaime's wife looked like that!" spoke Naruto as his face was so red making that he had sunburn.


Author's notes:

I always wonder what would happen Naruto only used that type of sexy stuff in combat. Well if you got any idea, tell me.

Oh just wondering, what pairings should I do? I think with the skills Naruto learn, he could take Sakura, but again maybe not.