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The Secret Sexy Scroll

Summery: What if Naruto had a little bit more time studying the Secret Scroll that he stole? Warning, lots of Sexy stuff!

Pre read by Amei-chan

Chapter 3


Sarutobi Sandaime was confused. As he unraveled the Secret Scroll, more blank pages came out. He cried out in despair, making Naruto confused. He went to the old man and saw the scroll.

What was it that made the man so worried?

"Hey Ojii-san, what's wrong?" asked Naruto.

"It's empty!" the Sandaime panicked.

Naruto was confused. There were lots of writing and diagrams on the paper.

"You're getting old! The pages aren't blank."

Now it was Sarutobi's turn to be confused. He thought for a bit and his eyes widened. It might be possible, but he needed to do a few experiments to confirm his theory…

"Okay Naruto, I need you to read a couple words before I give judgment," ordered the Hokage as he flipped to a random page.

"There are times when a girl can be out of control. There are various ways to keep them in line such as…" read Naruto before being interrupted.

"Okay! What about this!" spoke Sarutobi a little too fast as he quickly flipped to another random page.

"Some Taijutsu stances can be practice preferable with your female partner in a private quiet area…"

"Enough!" shouted the old man as he slammed the scroll shut.

Now it was Naruto turn to be confused. "What is wrong with you?"

Sarutobi paled. Oh what to say to a young innocent kid?

"Well Naruto you know what is scroll is about right?"

"Yep it's a scroll to enhance my Oiroke no Jutsu skills!" declared Naruto.

"Uh right… You see Naruto, this scroll is very dangerous. You must not ever let anybody know the content in it."

Naruto was puzzled so Sarutobi continued his explanation.

"This scroll was meant for only the Hokages to look and to read. It has the power to create a village or to destroy one. Konoha was founded upon these sacred techniques. It is why it cannot be taken away for its dangerous power. Many people would kill to take this secret scroll"

The boy was awed but scared. He had the power now to destroy this village? Wow.

"But…but how was I able to read while you can't?" stammered the kid.

The third Hokage grimaced. He was pretty sure what had happened, but he was not yet ready to tell the kid about the fourth's heritage. After all, he was successful with a secure family lineage. Sarutobi had no need of this scroll as he knew all and every ninja technique in existence, and he knew that Naruto always wanted to be Hokage but he didn't expect the kid to be one so soon. Ah, what to do…

"Well you see, my time was up when the Fourth was elected, therefore I had no use of this scroll anymore. As you know, he died before appointing a successor. There was nobody else who dared to read this scroll. The scroll somehow must have read your thoughts about being the next Hokage and it deemed you worthy. But it is only a guess."

Within Sarutobi's thoughts, he speculated that it was father like son such as when the prince of a king takes the throne.

"So… What should I do?" asked Naruto to the sage Hokage.

Sarutobi fidgeted. Oh what to say to the boy? Well it couldn't hurt to let Naruto have the scroll since nobody else (hopefully) could read it. The other reason was that it would stop (hopefully) Naruto from pranking other people.

"Since you are now in possession of the Secret Scroll, I am giving you an S rank mission. You are NOT to tell anybody about this because… they will kill you in a blink of an eye. You are also to learn everything you can to improve your skills…"

"No problem, I promise to do that and I will not fail!" declared Naruto.

Nice! A very secretive mission that he needed to do just right out of the academy. But something dawned at him.

"Uh… Ojii-san, how can I do that if I have no team?"

The Third thought for a while.

"I guess you have to find your own team. I have my ANBU team, you have to get your own team. Oh one last thing, do try to keep the scroll in a safe place, we wouldn't want trouble do we?"

The old man left the apartment with Naruto thinking.

"Yeah, you're right. I still have to get my harem…"

Then his stomach rumbled.

"But first I got to get lunch!"

As he ran out from his apartment, he realized something.

"Ah, I still have to hide my scroll first!"

Naruto had long ago built a secret room to stash all his good stuff since his house was vandalized too many times in the past. To this day, no villagers were able to find this room…

At Ichiraku, the best place for ramen, the store was empty due to the rush hour being over.

Naruto, seeing nobody at the stand, took a seat and yelled out his order.

"Ossan! A bowl of prawn and pork ramen, please!"

"Coming right up!" yelled the Ichiraku owner.

Naruto sat there pondering what to do since he needed some bodyguards until his order came up. He quickly readied his chopsticks and dug in for the meal.

After the inhaling the food of greatness, Naruto burped and he patted his stomach.

"Ah, that was good as always," sighed the boy.

He pondered about his dilemma. Who could join his team? It was then he spotted his savior, the Ramen Girl. Actually it was Ayame, the daughter of Teuchi who owned the stand.

"Hey Ayame-chan, I got a question for you," spoke the boy.

"Oh hey Naruto, sure what is it?" asked Ayame who just got out from cleaning most of the dishes.

"I…uh…" stuttered the boy. He didn't really know how she would react to his question.

Ayame laughed since Naruto looked so cute at his state. The girl with brown locks hanging in front of her face coxed:

"Come on Naruto, what is it?"

"Do you have any plans for your future life?" inquired the boy.

Ayame thought about her possible options for her future. One possibility is that she would say with her dad working at the ramen stand. But the future wasn't so good, considering the fact that ramen wasn't really considered a great food, and providing minimal income. Another option was that she would open her own high-priced restaurant located in the high-society world. But the funding would cost way much more than operating a lone ramen stand. Nope, her prospect of a bright future wasn't so good at the moment. Well if you consider the easy way out by marrying a rich snobby man.

"Nope, I have no idea so far, why?" asked the girl.

"Well Ayame, I'm wondering if you would be willing to join my harem?" asked Naruto bluntly.

"Eh? Say that again?" asked Ayame. It was not something that she would expect the boy would ask.

Naruto sighed as he repeated his question.

Ayame was shocked and confused. Why in the world would he ask that sort of question?

In normal circumstances, like as another girl, she would go and beat up the boy for saying something so perverted. But she was not just a regular girl. She was actually a logical and smart female who knew to gather all information before making a judgment.

"Any reason why you asked me?" asked Ayame with a face that gave Naruto shivers to his spine.

"Well one day I'm going to take the seat of the Hokage and I'm going to need support to help me get there. So will you be willing to join my harem?"

"But why use the word harem?" asked Ayame as her nose creased.

"Harem, team, it's the same right? I got to have an original name right? I mean most of the other girls are just shallow."

"Uh, I guess so," sighed Ayame.

She knew about how the other girls in the village treated Naruto with contempt. She also knew that those girls went for the good-looking, rich, famous guys. Ayame remembered the time when she was made fun of at school.

There were many types of castes in modern society. Mainly there were the rich, the working, and the poor. Even though she was in the lower working class, she had enough for her basic needs such as the stand being a place to sell and a place to sleep. Still, she had to go home to help her father with the work at the stand.

Yep, the part of her life such as going out shopping with the girls, makeup, and other stuff such as dating were a non-existence in her life. So when one of the girls asked what she thought about a guy who was hot (at that moment), Ayame replied that the guy was not so hot. After all, the guy was snotty and heartless to others.

By doing that, Ayame became the target of every fangirl's hate. Ayame knew what she said was true, but how could it be her fault if those fangirls were unable to think logically? Even after the guy left the school, Ayame still bore the hate. It was unknown why, but Ayame vowed one day to make those jerks pay after leaving middle school.

"Hey Ayame, are you okay?" waved Naruto.

"Uh, yeah!" faltered Ayame as she snapped from her thoughts.

"So have you decided?" asked the boy giving his friend a pleading look.

"I'm not so sure…" replied Ayame as she adopted a thinking pose.

"The ramen stand will be our place of meeting," petitioning in the boy.

"Deal!" declared Ayame with a grand smile.

After all the bigger his harem was, the more business the stand would get.


Author's notes:

There is not much history of the ramen stand owners. So I made up a history for Ayame, hopefully it's good but again it seems too bland for most readers.

Maybe it was too fast for Ayame to accept.