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Chapter Four

The (other) Women

"This is extremely strange." Ginny said as they entered the dark room. "Thank Merlin, Ron and Harry went to the match, though I wouldn't have mind to come along with them."

"You just want to snog Harry during breaks." Hermione said as she began to open the Ron's closet.

"Bullocks, I love quidditch!" Ginny moaned but Hermione turned around and cocked her eyebrow. "Fine! I love quidditch and kissing Harry during breaks."

"Of course you do." She turned back to the closet and took out a box. "What do you think in there?" Hermione asked while showing Ginny the box.

"Oh that?" Ginny said. "That's the chocolate frog card collection." She took the box out of Hermione's hand opened it and took out what looked like a thick a album.

"I can't believe it!" Hermione said. "The one time he arrange something in strict order it those ruddy cards!" she placed the album back in the box and put it back its place.

"You should look under his bed or in his sock drawer." Ginny suggested. "That's what mum did when she wanted to know what Fred and George were up too." Ginny began to giggle. "The things she found, bless them." She sighed.

"You're really scary sometimes." Hermione said from under the bed. "Ginny!"

"Sorry I had eggs and beans for breakfast." She blushed and smiled coyly.

"What? No!" Hermione called. "I mean, that's disgusting," she began to rumble. "What I wanted to ask was what the hell this is?" she than tossed Ginny a torn and worn out envelope.

Ginny picked in and took out what seemed to a couple of picture showing Ginny wearing sexy and lacy lingerie in very unorthodox poses.

"I'll kill Harry!" Ginny said. "I thought he took it with him when mum gave him Percy's old room for the summer!"

"That's Harry's?" Hermione asked looking rather pink in the face. "When did you…? How did you…? What?"

"It was part of his Christmas present." Ginny smiled.

"Part of it?"

"The other part involved Christmas pudding and a Santa Claus costume." Ginny reminisced. "I think I kept that costume…maybe…" she trailed off.

"You and Harry have a strange relationship." Hermione said and handed Ginny a second package.

"Kinky," Ginny pointed out. "The suitable word for it is kinky." Ginny looked at the package Hermione gave and than back her Hermione. "What's this?"

"I believe that's also belongs to Harry." Hermione noted. "Don't you when enough is enough?"

"That's not Harry's." Ginny gave it back to Hermione. "He doesn't need PlayWitchand *Bewitched magazines." She grinned. "He got me!" she flipped her hair.

"So that's…" Hermione gaped at Ginny, looked at the magazines, where on the cover of the top one the witch winked at Hermione and wiggled her bum. "Oh my god!" she tossed it back under the bed. "Those are Ron's magazines!"

"Ewwww!" Ginny called. "You made me touch them!"

It was only a heartbeat when the two girls ran out of the room towards the bathroom, "to clean off all the sins." As Ginny nicely phrased it.


"Don't pretend you don't want to." Harry said. "C'mon you can't resist it, it's stronger than you."

"That's not fair Harry," Ron whined. "You know Mum'll kill me!"

"She doesn't have to know." Harry said. "And what she doesn't know won't hurt her-or you in this case."

Ron hesitated for a few more moments and than pushed the door open and walked into the room.

"Urgh!" he cried and covered his eyes. "The flowery wall paper, it makes me dizzy…" he than silenced a burp."And a little bit sick."

"I like it." Harry shrugged of and walked pass him. "It's nice."

"Of course you'll like you spend here most of the time-"

"-snogging you're little sister." Harry completed him. "You're just jealous because my girl isn't a less."

"Sod off!" Ron called and launched a pillow at him. "I don't know why you tagged along."

"Future blackmail material, mate." Harry said and set down on Ginny bed.

"Bloody bastard." Ron mumbled as he walked to a nearby trunk. "Reckon this is Hermione, eh?"

"Looks like it." He lay back on the bed. "Oh yeah, this is the good spot." He jumped a little bit and than sighed and relaxed. "All the memories."

"Spare me the memories!" Ron called as he opened the trunk with his wand. "Only Hermione will keep her trunk as tidy as possible." He chuckled.

"Makes the spying better, innit?" Harry peered behind him. "Oh look a chocolate frog!" he said and took it. "T-that's a good chocolate frog." He said while chewing. "They were wrong," Harry said. "Crime does pay." He balled the wrap and threw it over his head and licked the chocolate of his fingers.

"You're insane." Ron said as he rummaged through Hermione's belongings. "I think a found something." He picked up a wooden box with flower engraved on it.

"A box?"

"A box." Ron answered and opened it slowly. Inside were letters and pictures in a very neat Hermione-like pile. "Shall we?" Ron asked

"Of course!" Harry said ecstatically. "I love looking through evidence." Ron smacked him. "Ow! I mean, I love looking for helpful information so my best friend could find a way to change his lesbian girlfriend back."

"She's not my girlfriend, yet." Ron said and he went through a couple of pictures. "These pictures are strange." He showed to Harry. "They don't move."

"Muggle pictures, mate, their not supposed to move." Harry said and picked up a bunch of letters form the pile.

"That's not fu-." Ron choked all of a sudden and began to chough. "Bloody hell."

"What it is?" Harry asked and looked at where Ron was staring. "Wow! Is that Hermione?" he asked and pointed at a picture where Hermione and another girl were in a bathing suit and short shorts, both holding cocktails and kissing each other.

"That's Hermione." Ron squeaked. "But who is she?"

"Let me see." Harry took the picture put of Ron's hand and turned it around. "Here, it's says: Danny and I, Crete."

"Danny? But Danny is a boy's name and that's a girl." Ron said dumbly.

"A girl who happens to be attached to Hermione by the lips." Harry said and than saw the look on Ron face. "But it does seem like a friendly peck."

"Her tongue is in 'Mione's mouth!" Ron bawled and got up from the floor took all the letters and pictures and chucked it back into the box, which her threw back inside the trunk, locked it and stormed out of the room.

"Mate, it's nothing," Harry stopped him at the hall. "Like this." He than grabbed Ron and kissed him lightly on the lips. "See?" he asked while still cupping Ron's face and staring at him.

"You are a strange and disturbing man, Harry."

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