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Chapter 1: Broken Vow

Here I am, this is me. I am the rat from the Chinese Zodiac, the rat that is loathed for tricking the cat and using the ox. The rat who is now helplessly sprawled out facedown across the blood-soaked carpet waiting. Waiting for what you ask? Waiting for death, I suppose, if only it would soon come, before...Akito returned.

His cold voice, "You are mine Yuki..." his murderous stare, "You can never go back now..." Those skeletal pale fingers that cruely carress my cheek and selfishly explore my bruised and beaten back. His rose-pale lips that ever so often are connected with mine by force; it all vigorously haunts me.

Its been this way now for days since I was abducted from Shigure's warm and hospitable home, from Tohru and yes, even Kyo. Missing them hurts but it does not hurt me as much as letting Akito have his way with me every time he succumbs to his urges.

No, missing Tohru's laughter, the way she clumsily stuttered over her words in an awkward situation, her meals made from the heart and her smile; it doesn't hurt half as much as the physical and emotional pain I endure from Akito. Why do I say that you ask? Because, no matter how much my heart yearns for the way things were before all of this, no matter how many times I dream of being back home with them, I know I will see them again, I will get out of here, it may take days, even years but, I will get out. I will escape Hell.

A draft made itself present against my skin. The cold breeze tuffled my hair and aroused goose-bumps along my naked back. The freshly scathed skin stung and tightened as the cool air swirled around my body.

I turned myself over to one side from my stomach and brought my knees up to my chest and buried my face. I was completely naked on the blood-stained floor, blood-stained from my bleeding cuts and gashes made by Akitos nails and teeth.

An oozing wound caught my eye as I raised a finger and touched it. The sting made itself known as soon as contact was made. I drew back my finger quickly and hissed at the pain, it was infected.

No one came for hours on end, though I was used to it like this. Usually after Akito sexually had his way with me I was left to reflect; on what I do not know. But I do reflect sometimes, reflect on the pain, the regret. I closed my eyes as a rippled image appeared in my mind...Kyo...

The vision of him standing there, hands hidden in his coat pockets, eyes staring blankly into mine' they were slightly...comforting.

My eyes shot open at a sudden sound, footsteps were hurriedly running, scurrying around.

"Move!" That voice. "Get out of my way!" He's coming.

The shouji doors slapped open madly, my body tightened around itself from the sound. My eyes were shut tight, so tight my eyelids would have ripped, that is, if he hadn't forced me to look at him by cupping my chin and pulling me closer to him.

"Yuki..."he breathed. His hot breath stung my face as he spoke my name.

"How are you?" he casually asked. I did not speak, rarely do I ever in his presence unless I am forced, which seems possible at the moment.

Akitos eyes flashed with irritation. He cast my face aside as if it were a dirty rag.

"Why won't you speak to me?" His breathing was becoming rugged, a sure sign of his anger rising.

I turned my face away and stared blankly at one of the vases placed in the corner, waiting for what would happen next.

I heard a low chuckle emerge from his throat, a sinister sound it was, evilly slicing the air around us.

"Yuki..." He touched my shoulder with those pale fingers of his, carressed my skin with his. I flinched.

"Come now Yuki...you can't remain this way forever..."he whispered. "Always silent, always stoic..." he trailed off.

His breathing slowed but I noticed it became uncomfortably close to my ear, I could feel it. I shivered as he licked my ear lobe, the sound of his tongue clicking against his teeth.

"I will break you" he said. "Soon you will be begging me to be with you..."

He kissed my cheek and left but not before saying, "By the way, Miss Tohru Honda's funeral is tomorrow, I expect you'll want to attend it. I'll have someone bring you proper attire, oh, and of course you'll have to stay hidden, no one knows you here with me...and, they better not find out." He chuckled deep in his throat, proud of the impact the news had made on me, though his laughter wasn't worth caring about. "Goodnight...Yuki." The doors shut behind him as my eyes filled to the brim with tears.

She's gone.

But how?


I turned to look at the recently closed doors.


I layed my head on the blood-stained carpet and sobbed throughout the night, letting my tears and blood soak together.

How is Kyo taking it?


Did that dog know this would happen?

Was he a part of it?

Her funeral.

She's dead.

I will never see her smile again, never plant strawberries in the garden again, never, never, never.

My vow, it has been broken.

It seems I won't see Miss Tohru Honda ever again...

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