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Bend down.

Pick up.


Look up.




Two hours earlier

Valerie left the lunchroom with a few bruises, but nothing more. She was pretty lucky. From the things she'd heard about on the news, some people nearly died from being run over by other people.

After brushing herself off, she immediately began to worry about Danny. Was he okay? Valerie longed to go find him and check on him, but then the bell rang for fifth period.

Looks like we're still having class… she concluded miserably. With a sigh, she retrieved her books from her locker and hurried to chemistry.

She entered the classroom and was instantly bombarded with myriad smells and sounds. Vinegar, sulfur… sizzling, popping… Chemistry was a rather lively subject.

Almost as much could be said about the students. While most of them detested other classes, they liked chemistry for two main reasons: One, it was easy to converse with fellow classmates and not get caught; two, many of them liked making things change and (in some cases) explode.

Valerie took her seat near the back of the classroom and placed her books under her chair. Chemistry didn't really interest her much for some reason. Well, not today, anyway. Her life had become rather eventful recently. She rested her chin in her hand and let her mind wander…

She didn't get far. Just as the teacher began to start the class, Valerie got onto the mindset of ghosts. More specifically, the ghost kid.

Valerie felt proud at her accomplishment regarding that particular problem in her life. She had figured out something about the ghost boy. Now she had leverage over him, and he didn't even know it!

Now what she had to do was find out who his human half was (that is, assuming he really was a ghost-human hybrid). Valerie analyzed all the information that she could gather about the ghost kid without questioning him: he was about her age, so he was probably a freshman or a sophomore. His hair was a bit messy, he was about her height… No one really came to mind yet.

What about his personality? Well, Valerie supposed, I think he's an arrogant show-off. But, being the smart girl she was, she figured that he might not be like that as a human, or to other people. Like Paulina, she thought disgustedly. The aforementioned girl happened to be sitting right in front of her, and Valerie could see her doodling the ghost boy in her notebook.

So… What else would help me figure out who he is? Valerie wondered.

As Valerie kept thinking, the girl sitting next to her was beginning to mix chemicals according to what the teacher had ordered. Her voice interrupted the ghost hunter's train of thought.

"Hey, could you pass the (insert name of chemical)?"

Valerie's brain barely registered the request. Her mind was somewhere else, still thinking about the ghost kid. Valerie just grabbed the first bottle her hand touched and gave it to her without really thinking about it.

The other girl didn't really look at the bottle either, and just poured some of its contents into the beaker. Almost immediately, Valerie was shaken from her abstraction by a monstrous explosion. The ghost hunter instinctively shielded her face and closed her eyes; a millisecond later, she was splattered with a hot liquid that scalded part of her arms and shoulders.

Ignoring the stinging pain, she opened her eyes to see that the girl next to her had shared her fate. Her chin-length, light brown hair was singed at the ends, and small blisters were forming on her upper body where she'd been hit with the liquid.

"Everybody out!" Valerie heard the teacher yell. It was then that she noticed the thick smoke that was rapidly spreading around. The students (including Valerie) quickly evacuated the room, none of them having the desire to suffocate.

Danny was rather bemused as he walked to fifth period. The note he had found at lunch was somewhat intimidating, but he had no clue what it was supposed to mean. And the piece of black cloth he had found with it made even less sense. He didn't have any idea as to what it came from, or whether it had already been there before the incident.

"Well, at least this loon got my name right," he said to himself sarcastically as he entered his History class.

But the note didn't concern him nearly as much as Valerie did. He would have to be especially careful with his ghost powers now that she knew the ghost boy was half human. That meant no more flying to school, like he had this morning, and no more going ghost unless it was absolutely necessary.

Danny made his way towards the back of the classroom, where he and Tucker usually sat for History (and for most other classes). Sam normally joined them, but she wasn't in this class with them.

As he walked, he marveled at the fact that he wasn't late; all around him, students were chatting and doing other non-school related things. Danny could hear bits of their conversations:

" – Invisobill is so amazing…" (A/N: coughPaulinacough)

" – stain will never come out!"

"Hey, did you see what happened – "

"How did you do that?"

The half-ghost expected to see his friend Tucker doing one of two things: attempting to find a girl he hadn't asked out yet and ask her out, or fiddling with his PDA or some other tech toy. However, Danny's predictions turned out to be completely wrong. Tucker wasn't even there.

Where could he be? Danny wondered as the bell rang and everyone returned to their seats. Tucker usually wasn't late unless Danny was as well (due to a ghost).

The halfa figured that he would show up soon, and drearily began the bookwork assignment written on the board.

Five minutes… Danny still wasn't too concerned…

Ten minutes… Well… He'd been later than that…

Fifteen minutes… Okay, something was definitely wrong. Danny raised his hand.

"Let me guess," the teacher, Mr. Patalano, started in exasperation at seeing Danny's hand in the air. "You want to go to the bathroom?"

Danny couldn't really blame him (or any of his other teachers) for his annoyance. After all, he asked to leave class quite often. He had to whenever his ghost sense went off.

"Actually… uh… I want to go to the nurse. I don't feel very good," he requested. Danny figured that pretending to go to the bathroom wouldn't give him enough time to search for his friend.

Mr. Patalano sighed. "Yes, go ahead." The halfa got up quickly and departed from the room. He started walking rapidly through the hall, looking for Tucker as well as a good place to go ghost…

Once all the students were out of the smoke-filled room, the teacher, Mrs. Welch, took attendance to make sure they were all there.


"Will that stuff stain my shirt?" came the response.

"She's here…" Mrs. Welch placed a check on the clipboard she was holding.


"…Here." She had myriad blisters on her arms, but was nevertheless present.


"I'm right here," the short, bespectacled girl called. The ends of her hair were still smoking from that explosion.


No response.

"Miss Manson, are you here?" she called a little louder. Still no response.

Well, this can't be good… Mrs. Welch thought, slightly worried. Where could the reclusive Goth have disappeared to?

"Miss Grey; Miss Tinyk! Come here please!" she summoned the two teens that were involved in the explosion. As they approached, the teacher noticed how odd they looked side-by-side; Valerie had a normal height, but Karli was about a head shorter than most other freshmen at Casper High. It was almost comical.

When they arrived, Mrs. Welch said to them, "Alright… I need you two ladies to go to the nurse and get those blisters attended to. And on the way to the nurse's office, I'd like you to keep a sharp eye out for Miss Manson."

"Why?" the shorter girl inquired. "Has she skipped class?"

"I don't know," the teacher replied. "Most likely. She's not here. So I'd like you to look for her. But make sure you do go to the nurse as well. Those are some pretty nasty burns."

"Okay," they both complied. Then Karli and Valerie turned and set off down the hall. Mrs. Welch watched them go, hoping that young Samantha hadn't gotten herself into trouble.

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