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Chapter Nine

Thursday, May 4, 2006 9:34 pm

OMG, today was crazy! But I'll start from the beginning, even though the end was crazier.

So, first off, there was an explosion in the chemistry lab this morning. My lab partner gave me the wrong chemical and I poured it into the mix anyway. There was a lot of smoke, and we both got a few burns from the liquid. Then Mrs. Welch sent me and Valerie to go look for Sam Manson, who had gone missing.

While we were looking for her, we got in a fight, and I called her a b----. I wasn't actually angry with her, though. I just used anger to cover up another little slip of mine. I can't let Valerie know who Danny really is…

So, we split up. While I was walking, I heard Phantom's voice around the corner. I ran as fast as I could, but I didn't get to catch him in his ghost form. So, I ended up meeting Danny Fenton. And I had an actual conversation with him! Yay! I don't think I've ever really talked to him before… Anyway, I found out that his friend Tucker was missing too.

I also found out another interesting fact about half-ghosts: Their voices sound the same in both human and ghost modes. So, you can imagine what I did as soon as school ended: I rushed home to update my article with the new information!

Okay, now this is the craziest part. I was watching the news, and I found out that Jazz Fenton (Danny's sister) had been hit by a car! And even more frightening: my mom was the one who did it! Oh crud, what if we have to pay the hospital bill? Or what if the Fentons sue us? What if she goes to friggin jail? Good God, WHY THE H3LL DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT BEFORE? Now I'm nervous.

I'll be back with more news tomorrow…


Danny was terrified. Was he really… paralyzed? He hadn't thought that a two-story fall would have that effect. Sure, he knew he'd get badly hurt, but…

The half-ghost knew that if he was in fact paralyzed, he really shouldn't try to move, in case his spinal cord was badly damaged. But, if he didn't move, he would be vulnerable to his enemies.

I wonder if I can still fly, he thought. Still sitting up with one hand behind him, Danny tried turning into his ghost form. His effort quickly began to drain him of the little energy he had left, but nothing happened. He wasn't strong enough to go ghost.

Danny figured that his only other option was to try to crawl to safety. And since his legs were out of commission, he had to use just his arms. The prospect daunted him. It was a long way to his home from where he was, but he would have to do it.

Lying back down on the ground, Danny rolled onto his stomach. Then, he propped himself up on his hands. His legs were like deadweights, just hanging there, unable to do anything. And his back hurt like crazy; he felt a horrible pinching sensation somewhere near his spine.

As Danny slowly put his right hand forward, his head spun in agony. It only worsened when he put his other hand out and dragged the rest of his body along. And it really didn't help that he also had to concentrate on keeping his thoughts away from Valerie and her condemnation of him. The only thing keeping him going now was willpower, and he wasn't sure how long it would last.

Only a half hour after passing out, Valerie found herself on the floor of her bedroom, still feeling slightly dizzy. She slowly sat upright, putting a hand to her head and groaning softly. Her vision was a bit blurry, so she blinked her eyes a few times while standing up. Ironically, the first thing she saw clearly was the window through which she had shot Danny.

"Oh God," she whispered as a few tears leaked from her eyes. "Why did I do that? Why?" Hesitantly, she headed over to the window and looked out for the third time that night. Initially, she couldn't see anyone. After all, it was still pouring. Who in their right minds would've been out at that time?

Then she spotted Danny. He was about half a block away from where he had fallen. From where Valerie was, Danny looked like a red, blue, and black, humanoid shape. It frightened her that she couldn't see the white of his shirt.

She just looked at him for a few minutes. He seemed to be slowly making his way down the sidewalk. For a moment, she admired his courage and strength for doing something like that. Then, she thought of who he was.

But who is he, exactly? she pondered. She honestly wasn't sure. She didn't know whether she wanted to go and help him, or whether she wanted to let him suffer for all the strife he had caused her.

But what had he ever done to her, really? After all, whenever they fought, he expressed that he didn't want to hurt her. She had assumed he was lying, since he was a ghost, but maybe he actually meant it.

Valerie thought hard over the next minute, comparing all the good times and bad times she'd been through with Danny. Before she knew it, she was on her jet sled, racing to her friend. Sure, Danny was the ghost kid, but Valerie knew that she wouldn't be able to live with herself if she ever caused someone's death, especially if that person was one of her best friends.

Soon enough, she reached Danny. He really hadn't gotten very far. Strangely, she noticed, he seemed to be crawling using only his arms. And – Valerie cringed at this – he was covered in blood.

"Danny!" she exclaimed as she touched down on the ground and deactivated her suit. "Danny, are you alright?"

At the sound of her voice, the half-ghost immediately dropped to the ground. "No… no…" he mumbled. "What are you going to do to me now?" His voice was laden with pain. Slowly, he turned over, onto his back, and looked up at her with eyes that were cold and hollow. That shocked Valerie. But what really scared her was his look of fear. He was terrified of her.

"Danny, I'm not going to hurt you. I'm so sorry…" she said, not completely sure of her statement. All she knew was she didn't want him to… die.

"No you're not. You hate me now. That's why you shot me," Danny contradicted her. Now Valerie was hearing an undertone of delusion in his voice. Whatever she had done to him… it must've hurt so much that it was driving him insane!

She tried to convince him that her intentions were friendly. "Danny, I just want to help you… Please – "

"Go away," Danny exclaimed suddenly. "You hate me. Stay… away…" With that, his eyes closed and he fell unconscious.

Tears flooded Valerie's eyes, but she determinedly held them back. Quickly re-activating her ghost-hunting suit, she picked up Danny and sped to the hospital on her jet sled. She hoped that it wasn't too late. What have I done?

When she finished writing in her journal, Karli laid down her pen and put the blue notebook away. While she loved typing on the computer (it was easier), she felt that it was safer to have her private thoughts written in a notebook. Her journal wasn't very old. She had gotten it the previous year as a birthday gift, and started to use it as a journal on her first day of high school. She wrote in it every few days.

Sighing, Karli changed into her pajamas. In the last couple of her days, life had gotten rather complicated; not just for herself, but for Danny as well. She still remembered the day she had found out who he was… After that day, she felt she could never appreciate a normal life more. Sure, it would be cool to have ghost powers like his, but to be Public Ghost Enemy number one? She didn't think she could handle it. Her temper would probably careen out of control at all the clueless people, and she'd attack them all out of anger.

But Danny never gave up. He kept protecting Amity Park, no matter how many people (and ghosts) opposed him. Karli respected him greatly for that. She couldn't understand why other citizens didn't.

Eventually, they'll come around… Karli thought, hoping she was right. She climbed into bed.

It was too bad she didn't know just how much more Danny's life was screwed up while she slept…

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