Dark Heaven

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City of Haven

15 years ago

She whimpered and pressed herself closer to the woman holding her to her breast. Kaede sighed and stroked the hair of the small two-year old infant in her arms. But it did nothing to sooth her. The infant was confused. Kaede understood what was happening. She had been shielding the child from the slings and arrows of the Council. Naomi Higurashi, the child's widowed mother, was a member of the Council of Thirteen. When she had given birth to Kagome two years ago, the Council flew into a flurry.

Never had there been a child like Kagome. Her…abilities, brought about a debate of her origins. Many had thought she had been a hanyou child, but that was impossible. As a member of the Council, it would have been rather unlikely that Naomi could have relations of any sort with the Youkai without proper authorization. None knew what she was. Most, sadly, didn't care, and Youkai or Human, the verdict would be the same. This time, Naomi's influence would not save her daughter.

"I don't like the yelling," Kagome whispered, sobbing silently. Kaede nodded. The yelling was coming from the door to the next room. Behind that door, the Council of Thirteen would decide what to do with what had become known as The Child. Suddenly, the door flew open, and Kaede gasped as a dark figure filled the doorway.

"Will you protect this…creature, any longer?" The man seethed.

"Councilor Naraku, you will stand down!" A female Councilor roared. Councilor Nine, Onigumo Naraku, turned around.

"She has been allowed to live long enough, Kikyo, and you know well as I that it is folly to allow her to live any longer!" Naraku snapped. "Why do we delay judgment on this one, when so many others have been put to death?" Councilor Five, Kikyo Tama, narrowed her eyes.

"It is a delicate situation, Naraku," Kikyo grated.

"It is a farce," Naraku spat. "Were she the daughter of any other member of the city, she would have been killed long ago! We cannot allow her mother's standing to blind us to what should be seen!"

"You would challenge me to protecting her?" Naomi shouted. Kagome's mother was Councilor Seven, two ranks above Naraku. But then, Naraku had only joined the Council a single year ago. Moving up 4 ranks in that space of time meant he would surely be promoted again soon, and Naomi knew that if she could not secure favor with higher members before then, Naraku's power would surely seal Kagome's fate, once he outranked her.

"I would challenge to say you only refuse her death because she is your blood," Naraku shot back.

"Enough, Naraku," A voice called out. The Council grew silent as a tall brunette woman shifted past them, all moving to make way for her. The Councilor looked down at Kagome with gentle eyes and a sad smile.

"Midoriko, you have judgment?" A Councilor asked. Midoriko Shikon, Head of the Council, nodded.

"I do," She whispered. She looked at the terrified child in Kaede's arms. "Kagome Higurashi is but a child, and yet, we cannot allow ourselves to be blinded. She is not hanyou nor youkai, for the genetic tests have proved so. And yet…I feel there is no other choice. She may not be of them, but she is not of us, either." Naomi's heart clenched as Midoriko turned to address the Council. In that dark moment…she knew.

"The Child will not be accepted by the Youkai, and yet, we cannot allow her to remain with us. I fear we have no choice but to do what must be done."

"I demand a ballot!" Naomi cried, her eyes watering. Midoriko turned to her.

"A ballot has already been passed, last night," Midoriko said.

"And I was not notified?" Naomi asked.

"We agreed that you were too close to the situation. Your vote could not be trusted. The Ballot passed with a nine-three margin. Nine in favor. The Child must die." Kaede gasped, Kagome looking up at her in confusion. Die? What did that mean?

"We have agreed that the death will be via injection," Midoriko continued. "Painless, it will be as if she is falling asleep." She looked at Naomi, and the tears running down her face. It was harsh, yes. Children this young should not be put to death. And yet, Kagome was not an ordinary child. There was no other way.

"May I…may I have…a minute alone with her?" Naomi sobbed. Naraku opened his mouth to protest, but Midoriko stopped with a hand in the air. No one disobeyed the ruling of the Head of the Council.

"You may have five," Midoriko said. She turned and gestured for the rest of the Council to enter the meeting room, leaving Naomi alone with Kaede and Kagome.

"Mommy?" Kagome asked, stepping away from Kaede and taking a few steps towards her mother. Naomi sniffed. How to do this? How do you look your child in the eyes and tell them they're going to die?

"Kagome…I'm so, so sorry…" Naomi cried, tears streaming down her face. She had spent the last two years in Council, trying to keep the debate going, hoping that, if she could delay the inevitable long enough, a way out might rise before her. But no. "Please, Kagome…my beautiful angel…I'm sorry."

"What's wrong Mommy?" Kagome asked, looking up at her mother. Naomi fell to her knees and pulled Kagome into a deep hug.

"I don't want to lose you, but there's nothing more I can do. They have voted…" She whispered. "Kagome…in a few minutes…" Naomi was cut off as the door opened. Two armored guards in blue and white, the city's colors, stepped out, closing the door behind them. Naomi noticed the small silver case in the hands of one of them, and paled.

"It…has not been five minutes," She protested.

"Councilor Naraku's orders," One of them muttered. Naomi bit her lip. Of all the Council, Naraku had been pushing for Kagome's death ever since she had been born. There was no sympathy for the Child in his heart.

"Mommy?" Kagome asked.

"Kagome…this needle they're going to give you…you're just going to go to sleep," Naomi said. Kagome shook her head.

"But I'm not sleepy." She said. Naomi sighed as she felt the two guards step up behind her. She eyed the silver case, and made a choice. A choice that would surely earn her a suspension from the Council, possibly even expulsion. But she made her choice.

Naomi grabbed the case and swung to her feet, slamming it into the head of one guard. He fell back as his partner stumbled for his gun. He was down as Naomi swung the case again.

"Go!" Kaede urged. Naomi scooped up her daughter and turned, running down the hall as fast as she could. She heard a door open behind her, and Naraku's cry of anger as he saw her flee. Naomi reached the stairwell and started to descend the stairs. She gasped as she saw the doors on the ground floor burst open, 4 guards rushing into the stairwell. Naomi turned back and ran up. Below, Naraku flung open the door and looked up.

"That…Beast, cannot live, Naomi!" He roared. Naomi held Kagome closer to her.

"Mommy!" Kagome wailed. Naomi ignored her and kicked open the door to the roof. She ran forward, skidding to a halt at the railing that lined the edge. Before sprawled Haven, city of the humans. A city that knew, to keep themselves safe, genetic purity was needed. No breeding with the Youkai city a mile away, none. No one could be different. This place was one where Kagome was doomed.

"Stop this, Naomi," Naraku pleaded, his voice shockingly soft. "I know this is painful for you, but you only hurt yourself more by denying the inevitable truth. She must die for the good of the city, you know this." Behind him, two armed guards stepped onto the roof. Naraku nodded to them. "Take the Child," He ordered. Naomi gasped and turned back to the city, letting Kagome down from her arms.

"Kagome, remember what I told you to never, ever do?" She asked. Kagome nodded. "Do it," Naomi ordered.

"But Mommy…"

"DO IT!" Naomi screamed, pushing her daughter. Kagome screamed as she fell back under the railing and fell into the air.

"No!" Naraku cried, running forward. He and Naomi watched as Kagome plummeted.

"Do it, Kagome!" Naomi screamed desperately. Kagome heard, and remembered what her mother had told her to never do. But if she was saying to do it now…Kagome clenched her muscles. Nothing. She tried again. Nothing.

"She does not know how to," Naraku sneered. Naomi shook her head.

"Naraku…she will live," She promised. Kagome sucked in a breath, clenched her muscles, and closed her eyes. She summoned all the strength she could in her infant body, and released. It was painful. It was difficult.

It was magnificent.


"Impossible!" Naraku screamed, his eyes wide in disbelief. Kagome opened her eyes, tears falling from them as she noticed her descent slowing. Naomi smiled.

"Kagome…my beautiful angel," She whispered. Far below, Kagome's leather torso restraints fell to the ground, along with the remains of her tattered shirt. Naraku and Naomi watched as Kagome crossed the sky, carried away on her feathery white wings.