I thought of this songfic after seeing "Half Baked". So, if you haven't seen the episode, don't read!

Disc.: I do not own ADJL or "Time of our Lives". They belong to Disney and Paul van Dyk respectively.

After Fus' little pep talk, Jake sat on the couch of the store to think some more about Rose. The other night, she said it was too dangerous to save her. He wanted to try, though. So much. He couldn't help being so obsessed over her. He wondered if Rose felt the same about him.

there's a time for us to let go
there's a time for holding on
a time to speak, a time to listen
there's a time for us to go

Taking a deep breath, Jake put the picture in his pocket, and ran out of the store. He learned to love running. It's like you're in this place where nothing bad would happen.

there's a time for laying low-down
there's a time for getting high
a time for peace, a time for fighting
a time to live a time to die

On the other side of town, Rose was looking at her yearbook. Jakes' yearbook picture from 7th grade. She was a little surprised to see Jake in that portal. She wanted to talk to him. And that scared her.

a time to scream, a time for silence
a time for truth, against the lies
a time for faith, a time for science
there's a time for us to shine

Rose got up and went for a run. She knew now that Jake was looking for her. It was too dangerous for her, because the Huntsman would kill Rose if she found out she and the American Dragon were close.

there is a time for explaining
there's a time to understand
a time for hurt, a time for healing
time to run to make a stand

Rose decided she would find Jake and figure out how to get out of this mess. It warmed her just thinking about Jake and how he kissed her in the dream. So close, yet so far away.

oh, this is the time of our lives
oh, this is the time of our lives
oh, this is the time of our lives
oh, this is the time of our lives

Jake was nearing his street by now. He promised himself he would still look for Rose, even if it's dangerous, and figure things out. Jake realized depression and obsessing weren't worth it.

They will find each other in the end.

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