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His dirty, sweated hands were currently tangled in her hair, although she could feel one of them slip out and trace the outline of her body. Good, her scalp began to hurt a little.

His legs immobilized any movements she might try, by hooking around hers', his knee already pushing to part thighs. She couldn't make a sound, as his tongue was still inside her mouth, giving her a taste of alcohol and saliva, which, mixed with hers, dripped down their bodies.

With her hands on his chest, Ino could feel sweaty muscles under slightly torn and bloodied shirt. Idly, she wondered if he got like that because of her or was he like that from the beginning.

He groaned and gripped her hips when she moved her fingers downwards, in a painfully slow motion. She could feel her skirt move a little further up, never mind it's so short. His large hand was placed on her thigh, drawing nearer and nearer to that place between her legs...

When suddenly he got perfectly still, apart from the shudder that shook his body. The heated kiss was broke and the Yamanaka resisted the urge to spit on the floor. That taste inside her mouth was horrible.

She looked at him carefully, trying to judge whether her cover slipped or she had made any mistake. Everything seemed perfect, just a second ago.

However, right now something was clearly wrong. The man, practically on top of her, pressing her to the wall with his body, moved to turn around.

That's when Ino saw, or more like, felt, it too. The killing intend spread through the dark and narrow street, clearly seeping out of the man who stood, leaning on the wall across from them, looking at the scene. Ino could clearly see veins around his eyes and the angry, white glare the drunken man received. He trembled again, taking more and more steps away from the blonde.

Without further explanations, Neji Hyuuga came up and swiftly grabbed what was left from the disgusting shirt just to threw it onto the wall, with the owner of it, of course. Not before he hit the shirt owners' stomach with 'gentle fist'.

It was a matter of seconds, but Ino managed to re-adjust her skirt and button everything loose. Scowling, she ran to the prodigy who went onto the busy street, as if nothing happened.

"That's not the first time we go on the same mission and it's not the first time you get in my way! Answer me finally, damnit!" The whole statement lost a lot on its' force because Ino had to hiss it in an angry whisper, instead screaming it furiously.

But their position was currently in the Cloud Village and both ninja were disguised as average, random people. Such statements could only ruin their mission.

"We'll talk about it in the hotel," he whispered back, on the corner of his mouth. "Now there's not the place and time for such discussions."

Ino obeyed her leader, although she couldn't help but feel anxious about the anger his posture signalized.

Ino Yamanaka and Neji Hyuuga often went on spying mission together. Their cooperation was almost perfect, and their abilities only added to that. Neji was a respectable leader and even someone with Yamanaka genes calmed down under his famous glare.

Usually, their assignments took place in an enemy village, where they would stay for few days, gathering information.

At first, it was hard for them to get along and almost everyone poked their forehead when the Hokage sent them together for the first time-surprisingly, it worked. Hyuuga needed some time to get used and open up to someone- and after few missions, the two pale shinobis were finally able to act normally. In short, they got used to each other's flaws.

As soon as the door closed after them in their small, hotel room, Ino threw her bag on the bed and put her hands on her hips in a demanding manner. Neji simply stood still, waiting for her to begin.

"Time to sort this matter once and for all, Hyuuga." Ino raised her voice, poking him in the chest. He didn't even flinch. "Why don't you let me spy in my own way?" Many, many more accusing and bitter remarks just begged to get out of her mouth but Ino stubbornly refused to get so angry so soon. First, she wanted to hear what was his reply.

After a moment of silence, her leader finally formed an answer. "I won't allow such dirty tricks, like seducing, on my missions."

Ino could feel her blood boil a little. She took a deep breath. "I'm not a child, Neji. I'm a jounin, just like you, and I demand to be treated as such! Woman's body is just another weapon, to make men weaker. Such tactics are widely used and you know it! Hell, the Hokage herself approved of spies doing so! So...why won't you at least trust me as your equal comrade?" The last part came a little weaker and quieter than she meant. Ino shook her head mentally. She refuse to let him know how much a simple sign of trust means to her!

The next what came from the Hyuuga's lips was one of the last things she'd expected him to say.

"Are you that desperate to fuck someone?" The low murmur was a sign of something bigger, something more powerful coming. What, she didn't know.

For a moment Ino could only gape. The way his eyes stared at her made her feel so defenseless. Like he could see everything inside her soul.

And it wasn't good, since they way he whispered it sounded like...like an offer. Combined with the intense stare he was currently giving her, it didn't help.

Ino could feel something hot pulsate inside her. Especially, when he started at her, making the blonde back away until she hit a wall.

Ino's heart beat wildly inside her chest, obviously trying to make a huge hole. She held her breath and waited for Neji to finally reach her and...

"I'm going to get something to eat. Stay here, today's work is finished." Before she could open her eyes, the man was already out, closing the door with a thud.

...And what? What did I expect him to do? Act like that drunken guy, back there? Get a grip, Yamanaka! That's Hyuuga Neji you're talking about. Remember, cold and calm, always. He would never act like this.

Just why, oh why, did it make her so disappointed?

As soon as cold, evening air brushed over him, Neji could feel his nerves relax a little. He pushed away guilty thoughts about reacting too harshly on his comrade; he'd make it up to her, somehow, in his own way.

Deep down, he knew Ino was right. It was common for woman to use their charms while spying. There were even special lessons in seducing, for female ninja.

However...he really couldn't help the rage that washed through him whenever Ino used it. She's under his command. She belongs to him and him alone.

The Hyuuga grimaced slightly at the uncharacteristic emotions he displayed. His forehead creased as he entered the shop. That girl. She was confusing him and causing to act irrational.

How could that be possible?

Maybe, because they shared many...not exactly intimate, however Neji considered them moments when he'd been as close as he could to another human. Time they spent together was treasured very deeply inside his memory and gave him strength during some missions. Sometimes, shinobis' are forced to do things they aren't proud of. He did such as well as Ino. (The disgusted expression on her face, masked with fake smile never fooled his skilled eye.) As far as he could remember, Ino was always there. Whenever he moped, snapped...she was always there. Her loud ways were far more appreciated than sympathy others showed.

The prodigy finally reached the shelf with traditional and easy to make noodles, along with some soups in powder. Ino isn't a reliable cook yet, so it's better to buy things that didn't involve her using the kitchen too much.

He picked up a few bags and made his way to the cash, when something caught his eye. A bright, blue and green pack of cookies, covered in white chocolate. He thought for a moment, before realizing why it looked so familiar. From time to time, he saw them in her hands. She even offered one to him, which he took stoically. They were good; sweet, yet filling. And it was a nice sensation when the chocolate melted on his tongue. Ino told him then that they were her favorite sweets. She ate them, even while being on diets.

Neji went through all the events that took place on the mission.

He couldn't remember Ino holding a bright bag and munching on the baked good, sending bits around.

Ino just finished her bath when she heard the door open and close again. Drying and dressing herself, she wasn't surprised one bit when she saw familiar, lean figure on the nearby table, obviously writing something.

"There's food on the table in the kitchen. Eat something before you go to sleep." Her leader spoke, not even turning to face or look at her. She nodded, noticing the steaming bowl on the desk, and, still sulking a little, went to the other room to prepare herself supper. When she came back, after few minutes with a warm sensation inside her stomach, something new caught her eyes. Neji was sitting at the desk, just like she left him, but...

There was a foreign object on their bed.

Inspecting it a little closer, the Yamanaka recognized familiar bag and smiled, despite her previous sour mood. Touched, she glanced at the back of her teammate with warmth in her eyes-and even though he couldn't see it, she was sure he felt how much the gesture was appreciated.

Neji often did something like this- more accurately, after each fall out with her. Ino never inquired about it, nor did he explained his behavior. That didn't matter to her, surprisingly-as long as he did something like that for her, it was enough. She was afraid that, if she made the slightest wrong move, it'd end.

As the sound of ripping bag and quiet, delighted munching reached his ears- Neji couldn't help but smile slightly.

Knowing from experience how dangerous it was to disturb the leader while writing a daily report and thinking of a strategy for the next day, Ino kept herself busy with brushing the long ponytail. As she put down the brush, a familiar voice startled her.

"Go to sleep. From what I'd seen, you had a rough day." The whole sentence was said in a light tone, however Ino could sense a hint of irony and anger behind it. It was almost unnoticeable, but undoubtedly, it was present. "This mission should end in two days. Tomorrow, we'll part again, just this time you are going to the East Side of the town. Then, the day after tomorrow, if our assumptions are correct, we'll go together to that hideout and eliminate him."

Ino muttered a sound that meant agreement and slipped under covers on the big bed. They always chose a room for married couples, because it was the most convenient one. Separated a little from others, guaranteed a safe way to discuss plans. What's more, when they were together it wasn't so strange to the hotel's servants.

Come to think of it, she never actually slept with Neji in any bed. He was gone when she woke up and still working when she fell asleep.

It was cold, she shuddered, suddenly longing for the warmth her comrade provided. During the walks they took, she could feel his characteristic heat. Sometimes, it was almost impossible not to launch herself on his arm. Keyword: almost.

Her feet brushed together in a feeble attempt to warm up a bit. No use. The urge to get him to the bed grew stronger.

Yea, right. What am I supposed to say? Hey Neji, come into the bed and warm me up? No, thank you, I'd rather die.

For a moment, she settled to watch his bent back, waiting for the mattress to warm a little bit. She could see his muscles move as he wrote something on the scroll.

Eyelids began to get heavier and heavier, slowly closing the blue orbs. She used last bits of her strength to focus at the figure one, last time. It moved, so she closed her eyes completely, acting on instinct. She heard shifting and felt warmth on her cheek. When the rough texture moved and brushed back some of her bangs, she recognized it as a hand. The weight on the bed got bigger. The delicate movement on her cheek didn't stop.

Cracking one eye open, she saw her leader sitting by her with a gentle smile. His fingers covered her vision so she had to close eyes again.

Is this a dream...?

Oh, yes it has to be a dream. Because Neji would never be so gentle and affectionate with her. Because Neji would never show his emotions so openly. Because he would never neglect work just for her...just to warm her up and press her already limp body against his hard chest...

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