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"Here's the closet, it's got all the extra pillows, and the blankets," Naruto pointed out to the younger boy.

"Naruto you're going to be late, trust me I've been here long enough to know where everything is," the green eyed red haired boy said.

Naruto smiled down at the boy; at time he could swear there was something positively fox-like about Shippo.

'He does have a point,' he thought, 'I am going to be late' pausing at Kagome's room he rationalized that Kakashi was most likely going to be late as well, and he needed to say goodbye.

He walked into her room to find her asleep on the bed. Had they both been older he would've found her strikingly beautiful, laying there with her obsidian black hair spread out amongst the pillows, her cute youthful face turned slightly to the side. Naruto laughed as a small snore escaped from her mouth.

'How long am I going to be gone? How much will you miss me?' he patted her head softly and whispered in her ear "I'll be home soon," and slowly left the room as silently as he had entered it.

Shippo smiled as he watched Naruto leave apartment and remembered when he'd first entered the village hidden in the leaves. He bumped into Naruto about a week after he had settled into his new abode; the blonde hyper ninja had welcomed him happily to the complex. It had taken a while before he'd been introduced to Kagome, even longer before he was told what they knew about her.

He liked Kagome well enough she was very nice, sweet, and gentle, however there was something slightly familiar about her. Shippo had racked his brain trying to find out why she seemed so recognizable. The closest thing his mind could come to was the rumor about the insane witch living in the Higurashi Manor.

'But that couldn't be Kagome, she was found in the sallow part of the Western River, there's no way she can be from my village.' Shippo thought.

Hearing footsteps he turned away from the door and watched as the girl in question came out from the room. Slowly, her right hand touching the wall, while the left was holding up her hem. Another odd thing he had noticed about Kagome, she didn't stumble about like one would think that someone with her condition would.

She stopped and sniffed the hair, smiled, sniffed again and then frowned. She brought her hands up to her front, her faced turned toward Shippo and motioned.

"Naruto gone" it wasn't a question, but a statement.

Shippo sighed, and walked over to the young girl he held her hands a motioned with the few signals he knew that Naruto was off on a mission but he should be back as soon as he could.

After Shippo and Naruto had become close friends the young boy had become a sort of "babysitter" for Kagome when Naruto had to go off on a mission. However he didn't mind, Kagome was fairly self sufficient and really didn't need much help once she became familiar with her surroundings.

She nodded and went to sit down by the wall pulling her knee up to rest her chin on she thought about the time line since she had come here, Shippo had been here for about five months, and before he came it'd been six months that she'd been staying with Naruto., which meant that she had been away from home and in the village of the leaves for a whole eleven months.

'My birthday is coming up soon, I'll be twelve.' she thought.

She pondered this for about ten minutes and then yawned.

'Why have I become so tired lately?' she thought motioning to Shippo that she was going back to bed.


They had found something, after many months of searching they had found a trail, faint true, but still with a faint scent and a rumor anything was possible. So the two Inu brothers set out running until they came to a walled city. One deep inhalation let them know that their target had been found, after almost a year of searching they'd found the little lady of the manor.


Mushin the old monk was slowly dying; however one of his most important works was still left unfinished.

"Miroku," he called, as he waited for the young monk to enter.

"Miroku!" he rang again hearing shriek followed by a slap, the old monk could only imagine what his young apprentice was up to.

'Sigh, not even sixteen and already he's a lecher,' thought the old monk.

"Yes Master Mushin?" asked a young purple clad monk, coming in to check up on want his ailing master needed.

"Miroku, you know I am dying, I'm at peace with that, however," he pulled out a rolled up piece of parchment from his robes, "Take this and when the seal on that glows green follow the signal to till you find the one who makes the seal turn red."

"Master, why me?" the young boy inquired his large eyes widening.

"Because you're young, and the other monks will not fitful my biddings," he coughed and handed Miroku the roll.

"You'll need to leave tonight, it's no longer safe here, take your Slayer friend and find somewhere safe, remember Miroku that seal must never be broken until you've found the one who can turn it red. I'm begging you to never allow anyone to get a hold of it," with that the old man slowly closed his eyes and slipped out of life, for once in his life sober.

He exited the temple somberly and walked over so Sango.

"It's time for us to leave now," was all he said.


Naruto's stomach growled, while normally this would've caused him to ask for food he didn't, his mind just kept going back to Kagome.

Even after him living with her for almost a year they could still only carry on broken conversations. Already she was his greatest friend but he'd been hearing some talk around the village that worried him. It seemed that as the older residents became aware of Kagome's presence even more so of her condition, they seem to have become "concerned" over someone in her condition living with someone as "unfit" as him.

'Bastards, if I was Sasuke it wouldn't matter what condition Kagome was in.' he thought to himself.

'I'll never let those old buzzards take her away from me, on my honor as a ninja,'


"Inuyasha, are you ready?" Sesshoumaru asked standing outside of the door.

"As ready as I'll ever be," came the response from his little brother.

"Right, you grab the girl and I'll take care of everything else," and swiftly, silently they entered the apartment.

Inuyasha followed his nose and soon came to a room sparely decorated and clean. He slowly walked over to the futon and smiled at the sight he saw.

The little Higurashi girl was laying face up with her hair tucked to one side, her arms resting peacefully on her stomach with a look of pure bliss on her face.

Inuyasha was truly amazed that she was still alive, checking her over slowly he could find no sign of abuse and she seemed to be fed well.

'This place seems better for her than her life at home was, but still, a job is a job,' he thought bending down to pick her up.

Suddenly a small body attached itself to Inuyasha and bit into him as hard as he could. Inuyasha dropped the girl back on the futon in order to cover his mouth so that he didn't yelp.

Kagome once falling back on the bed woke up with a start, smelling two scents that she didn't recognize she tried to move out of the way only to feel a stinging sensation at the back of her neck and then passing out.

"Really Inuyasha it's just a Kitsune, can't you even handle a kit?" Sesshoumaru asked picking up the unconscious girl and walking out of the apartment.

"I was doing just fine until this little runt attacked me!" Inuyasha half-way shouted before knocking little Shippo out.

The last thing Shippo heard was

"Time to take her home."


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