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If Inuyasha was sure of anything in his life it's that he didn't like the almost teenager in front of him, in the past two and a half days that they had recovered the girl he had been: bit, slapped, scratched, kicked in the privates, burned, half drowned, and (this happened to be a personal favorite of Sesshoumaru) attacked by a nest of bees. How the dark-haired little devil front of him figured out how to set up the last one he had no clue, however; this just added to his theory that Kagome Higurashi was a demon child in disguise.

"Really Inuyasha, she's just a girl," Sesshoumaru's deep voice came from up one of the near by oaks.

"She's not a girl, she's a demon and I can't wait to drop her off back at that hell-hole they call her home," Inuyasha growled.

"Very well," his brother said.


They had been running for what seemed like forever. Sango was used to it from all the training, but Miroku who was unused to this style of life seemed to be on the verge of passing out.

"Miroku get up! We're not safe here!" Sango said picking him up and shaking him.

"I know Sango, I know, and I'm trying," he coughed out

"My, my what have we here?" a voice from behind the two asked.


"She's been found," Kanna's small voice told Naraku.

"Good, I must prepare for her return then," the dark haired demon stated cryptically.


Naruto woke up with a feeling of dread in his stomach, he tried to communicate this feeling to his team but they told him he'd had too much to eat at dinner.

Still he couldn't shake this feeling as he fell asleep. The next morning wasn't much different, along with the day after that, and the day after that.

He couldn't wait until the mission was over and he could get back to Kagome, he was sure all would be well then.


Maeko Higurashi stared at the piece of paper before her.

'She's coming home, my child, she's coming back home to me. After all this time,'

"Souta! Souta! Get a room ready you're sister's been found!" she yelled to the boy running down the stairs, grabbing him and hugging him with all her might she whispered.

"She's coming home,"


Shippo sat in Kagome's bed crying.

'I wasn't strong enough; I couldn't save her, just like I couldn't save my parents from that demon,'

He looked at the door she'd been drug though.

'We'll I'm not going to fail this time, Naruto I swear upon my father's fur, I'll help you find her,'

Now came the hard part.

'Just how do I tell you she's gone?'


Kikyou had become used to the life style she lived: 'steal, pillage, plunder' that was her motto, and the pair in front of her made her feel the need to live up to that motto.

"Now what why would two teenage children be doing out in the woods at this time?" she mused looking at the boy in monk robes, and the girl in a slayer outfit.

"No reason," Miroku stated.

"I'm sure there must be some reason you two are out this far in the woods, eloping are we?" she purred.

Sango blushed heavily but glared up at Kikyou.

"Why we are here is none of your business now we'll be on our way," she gritted out.

"Everything's my business dear," and with that she attacked.


"Inuyasha, that girl is no more a demon than you are a princess," Sesshoumaru's bored voice came.

"We'll I'm a damn pretty princess then!" Inuyasha yelled after Kagome bit him again.

He let go of the girl and backed away.

"Why don't you handle her for awhile?" he shot at his brother darkly.

"Why yes your majesty," he stated smirking.

Sesshoumaru picked up the girl with a relative ease, bowed mockingly to his brother, and then resumed his walking again.

"Stupid pretty boy bastard," Inuyasha muttered.

"Don't press your luck, princess," his brother's voice came from up the road.

They walked along the path for a ways, when a seemingly familiar smell met their noses. Kagome started to struggle and scream, clawing and pulling hair. Sesshoumaru finally was able to subdue her and looked to his brother.

"Go up the path, find the source of the smell, and then come back and report what's up there," he stated.

He stood there in silence waiting for his half brother to return. Twenty-five miles upwind Inuyasha almost past over the source of the smell, four humans surrounded a fire; by the way they were dressed he concluded they were ninjas. The smell of the small blonde one caught his interest though, after a few more whiffs he left before the group detected him.

When Sesshoumaru saw his brother arrive he quirked an eyebrow, and waited for his brother to tell him what was up ahead.

"Just a group of ninjas, but get this one of them lived in that place we took her from, and the others were around her a lot," he grinned.

"Then we have to be sure to avoid them, I'm positive they'll want her back," he stated.

"What the great Lord Sesshoumaru running away from a bunch of ninjas?" his brother teased.

"I fear nothing, just why rush into a needless battle?" he asked looking at Inuyasha.

Apparently seeing his brother's logic Inuyasha nodded, as he and Sesshoumaru moved away to the west.


Sango and Miroku stared at Kikyou's prone figure on the ground in shock. Looking at each other they picked up their respective weapons and ran deep into the forest.

"That was sheer dumb luck you know," Sango yelled back to her slower running companion.

"Well let us count our blessings, and thank your boomerang," he yelled back.

Sango just nodded and kept running.


Souta Higurashi was sitting at the river that had taken his sister.

'You're never coming back are you?' he thought staring into the clear waters.

"You don't know that for sure young master, in fact she may be returning quite soon," a deep voice came from behind him.

Standing up quickly he almost fell into the same river that took his sister, he turned his head to glare at the man he blamed for all his problems.

"You have no right to be here," he hissed.

"On the contrary young master, I have every right to be here, or will soon enough" Naraku walked forward to him.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Souta asked slowly walking backwards.

"With the Master Higurashi deceased and the heir to young to take control the Law states that if the eldest daughter is married off when she comes of age, the land will be put in to the hands of her husband," he said walking toward Souta.

"But I'm only a few years younger than Kagome, and she's dead," Souta cried.

"No she isn't," and with that he grabbed the boy and pulled him into the darkness.


Shippo was cold and alone, but he had to find them, he hadn't eaten for days but he couldn't rest until he found them.

On the sunrise of the six day he thought he was going to die when it happened.

"Shippo, is that you?" Sakura's voice called out in front of him.

"Sakura? Sasuke?" his eyes danced deliriously over the two forms in front of him.

"Shippo, where's Kagome?" Sakura asked.

"Naruto! Take me to Naruto!" with that he fainted.

Sakura looked at her team mate.

"What's happening?"

Sasuke just glared and picked up Shippo's limp body.

'Nothing can happen to Kagome,'

Reaching the campsite and laying Shippo down, he raced off to find his Sensei and the Blonde Bombshell.


Arriving at the edge of the Manor the brother's felt a feeling deep pride; their longest job was finally finished, and successful.

Walking gracefully into the room they were greeted by bustling servants and a very emotional Lady Higurashi.

"My baby girl came home on her birthday! My beautiful little Kagome, I'm so glad to have you home, nothing bad is ever going to happen to you again I promise," Maeko said holding her daughter close to her.

Standing up, still holding Kagome's hand she looked at Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru.

"Thank you both, I'll never be able to repay you," she said hugging the two enthusiastically.

"Souta! Souta leave your room my son your sister has returned!" she called up the stairs.

Souta's figure moved slowly down the stairs, dressed in a black outfit which is a style he seemed to have adopted as of late. His eyes lacked life and fullness the almost black voids stared at his sister.

"I'm glad she's back mother," he said reaching out to touch her shoulder.

Kagome knew where she was the moment she felt her mother hug her, and while she was happy and felt loved she was still missing the home she had made with Naruto.

The touch on her shoulder scared her, she could smell her brother but this didn't feel like him, it was darker, more sinister.

It wasn't the brother she had left over a year ago.


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