Skies of Arcadia II/Sonic Arcadia: Air Pirate War

By Kingdom Rider92

Well, this is my first Fan Fiction, so I should expect several amounts of flaming. This story takes place in Arcadia, and the greatest war that world ever saw is about to begin….



Inside Dr. Eggman's, the evil scientist with an IQ of 300 bent on world domination, base, several of his robotic guards were destroyed. They all had saber wounds, so it was obvious that this deed was not done by Sonic the Hedgehog, the world's fastest hedgehog that's blue and Eggman's mortal enemy. Sonic wouldn't be caught dead using a weapon. However, this job was done simple and quick, by a yellow mouse the same size of Sonic, his ears aside. He was wearing a blue sweater, with the right sleeve completely cut off, a red lion emblem on the back of the sweater, silver jeans, red air shoes (like Shadow the Hedgehog, a black and red hedgehog who rivals Sonic in speed, and calls himself the ultimate life form, since Eggman's grandfather, Prof. Jerald Robotnik, created him 50 years ago), and emerald green gloves. Other than that, the mouse's eyes were blue, and he carries a katana on his side. The sleepy lion like Chao (tiny and adorable creatures that exist on earth) that was lying on his head woke up, and in his own language, asked the mouse if he's sure the treasure is here.

The mouse simply said, "Of course it's here, Maine. Eggman did get the seventh emerald before Sonic did, so I think if I get it first, then steal the other six from the Hedgehog, we could go find Zenth!"

When I'm talking about Zenth you see, the mouse had a friend named Zenth. He is a hedgehog like Sonic. About a year ago before this story, Zenth disappeared from the town where he and Blade (the mouse) grew up. Rumor has it that he completely left the world. So Blade and Maine went on a quest based on that for the seven Chaos Emeralds, which caused Earth to be in havoc in the past, and it's mostly Dr. Eggman's fault why they have.

Blade and Maine eventually reached the treasure room deep within Eggman's base. When they finally entered, they saw several amounts of treasure. But that's not why they came here. What they came for was the Chaos Emerald on the top. So, while Blade was stuffing one of his pockets with a piece of gold, Maine fluttered up and grabbed the dark blue emerald. Then, the door from behind them burst open. Blade expected Eggman, so he quickly turned around and got out his katana. However, the angry look on the mouse's face quickly turned into a smile.

"Well, I should've known you'd be here, Blade. I could tell with all of the saber wounded robots." None other than Sonic the Hedgehog had come into the room, along with several of his friends, all of which I won't list right now.

Blade cussed under his breath, and gained balance from the shock. "Well, Sonic," he answered, "there's something I have that you don't. I have the last emerald, and you have six."

Maine sighed, and he placed the emerald he just took from the top of that pile and placed it on the ground, knowing that Blade was going to make a wager the 14-year-old mouse can't win.

Sonic questioned, "So, what are we going to do?" He was waiting for a reply.

Blade replied, "Let's end this is an honorable fashion. We will each use only one attack, and the strongest strike will win all seven. Do we have a deal? Answer quick, because by now Eggman's found out where we are."

Right when the two were about to go at it, Eggman had sent a monitor in the room and locked the door.

Eggman's faced appeared on the monitor, and he let out his evil laugh. Eggman always had a pair of glasses, a pair of black pants, and a red scientist uniform on. He had a red moustache, an egg shaped body (which is why he's called Eggman), and the IQ of 300 I

was talking about earlier.

Blade was thinking: This guy is the evil genius bent on world domination? If so, why has Sonic beat him several times? He should've given up by now!

Eggman quickly mocked, "So, you were the rats-

Blade, offended by this comment, yelled, "Hey! I'm a mouse! Not a rat! If you're going to say any species related jokes, you could use ones that don't include the feeling that you're saying I'm a rat!"

Eggman was at first confused by this sudden outburst, then got to the point. "Alright then… well, you're not leaving here anyways."

Blade scorned, then in a cocky voice said, "Bite me."

Eggman then let in a bunch of Egg Pawns, obviously ticked off at Blade's constant annoying jokes. Knowing that Eggman was not lying that he was going to finish them here, grabbed the Chaos Emerald and Maine, then took Sonic's emeralds.

Blade yelled as loud as he could, "CHAOS… CONTROL!"

A flash of light then engulfed the room, and the only things left, were the destroyed robots, the smashed monitor, and a journal Blade used to chronicle his yearly journey.

Kingdom Rider 92 Notes: Well, that wasn't bad for a start, right? I'll continue where I left off soon. My goal is to have it done before school opens up in September! See you!