Kingdom Rider92: So, that's what happened in the first adventure of Vyse and Blade. They will continue with two more dangerous adventures that will endanger the universe!

Blade: But, just to not leave you all hanging with Lori and the CFC, here's something else. It's the long secret ending for the game.




In heaven, Lori walked into a peaceful area. She was wearing what she had on before, but only there was a gold halo over her head. She then saw a young Seedrian girl. She then sat down by the Seedrian. "Thinking about that fox boy?" she teased the Seedrian.

The Seedrian shot up, and blushed at that. "I cannot believe you've met them," she responded. Lori had told her about how the heroes have grown up, meaning the girl has known them before she died.

Lori giggled, "Yeah. But Sonic's the coolest." Getting serious, Lori continued, "Senshi's going to try to defeat them by using a divide and conquer method on the heroes with the help of a dead Organization. However, I can also revive people, but give them a unique power."

The Seedrian asked, "And what does this have to do with me?"

"After he uses them to try to kill Blade," Lori answered, "I'll warp him to Station Square to meet up with Tails and Knuckles. I want you to back them up. And take this." Lori then handed her a key chain. It was Dixie's key chain. The Seedrian girl summoned an odd weapon… the Keyblade, Crystal Phoenix.

The Seedrian's face was finally seen. It was Cosmo, who died over a year ago on a grand adventure against the Meterax. "I'll use it well!" Cosmo assured Lori.


In an unknown location… a mouse with a black cloak was chopping up white creatures with two swords. Both swords looked like different versions of the Moon Soul.

Just then, a voice yelled out, "Cry, havoc! And unleash the dogs of war!" A red fox with a black jacket and one tail instead of two jump down into the white creatures, and chopped them up with a lightsaber.


He then turned to the mouse, who readied himself. The mouse then jumped at the fox with both swords in hand.

Lunar Divide…

The mouse and the fox got into a violent swordfight that would last them a long time.

Who am I?

The mouse was then hit with a miniature cow on the head, and knocked out. The person with the cow was a red gopher with a helmet, a cape, white boxing gloves, and headphones

Fear the power…

Their friends were in the background, giving them thumbs-ups.

If there's no twilight guardian... or dawn... then what's keeping order in check?

The fox then walks up to the mouse, and is about to pull off the black hood, when the screen fades to black.

The power… of the fox.


Final Author's Notes: Despite rational thinking, that's not Blade that the fox and gopher defeat. But still, why do they defeat that mouse? Is something going to happen that requires this mouse? And who are the fox and the gopher? Why should we fear the power of the fox? Was there a secret power that no one knew about that causes the lion to protect both dawn and twilight in its absence?

Only one-way to find out… in Sonic Arcadia II: Skies of Anime Hearts! I was bored when I thought of a better name. Kingdom Rider92 out of this story!