Lorelai and Rory Gilmore were climbing the steps up to the door of the Vanderbilt house. Emily said that their presence was required for this party since Yalies were supposed to attend.

"Ring the doorbell Mom", Rory uttered to her mother.

" You mean the shiny gold button? The same button that will lead us to yet another society party? Why would I want to do that? I refuse! I plead the fifth!" Lorelai countered.

"Mom. Fine, I'll ring the doorbell" and sure enough Rory did.

"Hello Miss. May I take your coat?" asked the maid. Rory and Lorelai handed their coats and soon Emily spotted them.

"Rory! Come on now darling, we have a lot of mingling to do." Without even a simple nod of agreement, Rory was soon walking towards a group of adults. "Rory, I'd like you to meet: the Vanderbilts, Rockefellers, Morgans, Huntzbergers, Carnegies, Bergdorfs and Dugreys. Their children are all starting at Yale like you this coming fall."

"Nice to meet you" quipped Rory. The women look familiar.

One of the adults then said "our kids are somewhere around here. Probably enjoying their infamous sub parties. I'm Katrina Vanderbilt." Rory smiled.

After what seemed like three hours of listening to the women talk about the next DAR meeting, Rory decided to what she thought was a study since her mother was nowhere to be found. When she entered the study she found a group of teenagers about her age and was about to leave when one said something.

"Oy mate, a lovely Sheila has come to join us!" said one of the other boys. " My name is Finn Morgan love" he then proceeded to kiss her hand.

One by one they introduced themselves. Next being a bubbly blonde. "Hi! I'm Stephanie Vanderbilt. Steph for short."

"Colin Rockefeller" then shook her hand.

"Seth Carnegie" another said

"Robert Bergdorf" introduced another, and then he winked. Well, that was nice.

"Logan Huntzberger" said a brown-eyed blonde. They all seem nice but they're probably all spoiled rich kids. They seem familiar. Have I met them before? Rory thought.

"Oh, my name is Rory Gilmore." Rory said, "It was really nice meeting you all but I'm gonna go look for my mom."

"Really? Leaving already?" Logan asked

"In a hurry?" Colin said. She's a Gilmore. Maybe the granddaughter. Oh they don't have that much money. Probably a little lower than mine but they are old money.

"Well, I'm not leaving. Just looking for my mom," Rory answered

Stephanie then perkily answered, "Ooh we'll help"

"Well… ok sure"

"Yay this sounds exciting. I get to hang out with a girl"

Rory thought that only Stephanie would only be following her but soon found out that all the guys also were coming. Then Rory stopped in her tracks and just looked around. She didn't notice when someone came up behind her though. "Hello children."

Logan, Steph, Colin, Finn, Robert and Seth were all speechless. Right in front of them was a very intimidating man, Supreme Court Judge Straub Hayden and his wife Francine Hayden.

"Hello sir" they all answered.

Rory, ever the curious reporter, wondered why the group all of a sudden said hello to someone. Must be someone important. Then she turned around and what she saw in front of her made her mad. It was her grandparents and the last time that they have had contact with her was the dinner years ago when they called her a mistake. She stood there glaring at them and the group wondered why she was so cold to them.

Why is she doing that? Doesn't she know who this is? Thought all six of the other teens.

"Lorelai." Said Straub

"Rory. Call me Rory" Rory retorted and everyone else stood gaping at what she had just said.

"But of course"

"Yes, that's what I'm normally called by."

"So we see that you are going to attend Yale. Am I right?"

"Yes, I'm attending Yale."

"Did you get accepted to all the school you applied to dear?" Asked Francine. Then with Rory's nod she continued, "and those schools are?"

"Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, Duke and Columbia." Rory stated solidly.

"Why not attend Harvard then?" inquired Straub.

"Gilmores are a legacy at Yale."

"But Haydens attend Harvard"

"Rory Gilmore. I am a Gilmore"

"Also a Hayden."With that, everyone around them was shocked.

"Biologically, but I haven't been on good terms with Haydens excluding dad"

"You would be good at Harvard. I know Harvard has been your dream."

"I will be attending Yale"

"Fine. We would like for you to attend lunch with us on Saturday."

I can't believe this! First they start talking to me as if we talk everyday and that dinner never happened. Now they want dinner? I'll give them a chance, I guess.

"Okay. What time?"

"1:00 at the Club" Francine readily answered. Then the two walked away.

Lorelai bounded over to her daughter and proceeded to try and cheer her up. "Wow! Did you see that? The Haydens talked to you! Oh my gosh? Is it true? You're their granddaughter? I can't believe it! You want coffee? Coffee is always good!" The six teenagers were left unnoticed by the two and after three cups of coffee Lorelai started again but on a more serious note. "Sweets its okay. You don't have to go this lunch. I can try to get you out but I won't promise success."

"No mom. It's okay"

"Mom?" mouthed Finn to his friends, which didn't get unnoticed by Lorelai.

"Oh daughter of mine, introduce me to your friends." Lorelai happily stated. Whom I'd already had the pleasure of meeting.

"Oh um, sorry for ignoring you guys. Umm mom, this is Stephanie, Colin, Logan, Finn, Robert, and Seth." Rory said pointing to each of them.

"Nice to meet you guys." Lorelai like that Rory was interacting with other kids and she knew these people would help Rory come out of her shy shell. "Well Hun, we should go now if we want our movie night." Upon seeing the frowning faces on the other guys she continued, "Your little friends could come too if they're not busy, especially the exotic guy with the accent!" Lorelai squealed.

Rory thought about it for a moment and then turned to her friends "do you guys want to?"

'Sure's and 'Yea's were said around the six and after saying each of their goodbyes they headed outside.