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"Well I must be going Logan. I have a meeting at the Stamford Gazette." Mitchum excused himself from the lively group and headed towards his car.

"Okay mates! I need alcohol and there's plenty here. What are we waiting for?" Finn exclaimed and ran to the nearest alcohol booth with Colin.

"Let's party!" Lorelai screamed as she and Chris headed for Finn. Soon Logan, Rory, Tristan and Stephanie followed them laughing along the way.

Tristan slung his arm around Rory as they were walking to the next booth and Logan saw him. Why? Why Tristan? It always has to be Tristan. He was with her at the mall, and now here? He put his arms around Stephanie and said, "Come on Steph! Let's celebrate!"

Rory saw how Logan led Stephanie to the booth they were heading to. She couldn't help but wish that she were the one with Logan rather than the one with Tristan. But that was the choice she made yesterday, bring Tristan as a date instead of Logan. Why couldn't I have promised Logan a date? Why did I have to be so stubborn? He was my 'boyfriend'. That counts for something, right? And Stephanie! Stephanie just runs off with him! She knows our situation and she just takes him? I'm supposed to be the one running off to get alcohol with Logan! That was when it hit her. She was jealous and she liked Logan. Another thing she knew was she needed to get Logan out of her head and she needed a drink.

Logan, Stephanie, Tristan and Rory all caught up with Finn and Colin. After two hours of drinking shots after shots after shots, everyone was slightly tipsy.

"Hey Speffiny!" Rory called Stephanie over and she soon came.

"Hi Tory!"

"Have you seen my mom?"

"Oh! Shira? Isn't she at home?"

"No! Lorelai. My mom." Rory tried to get through to Stephanie but was unsuccessful.

"I don't know where she is." Stephanie shrugged.

"Hey Ace!" Logan called out running to Rory.

"Mare!" Tristan shouted at that same time.

Logan and Tristan walked towards Rory and both almost tripped on their way.

"Hi Tris, Lo." Rory greeted each with a sloppy kiss on the cheeks. "We should go home. Mom and dad…probably there."

"Kay." Colin answered and everyone nodded in agreement.

"Where's Finny?" Rory asked no one in particular.

"Uhhhhhhh" everyone answered, trying to figure out.

Suddenly Finn came running with Kirk in tow, both completely naked, shouting, "I feel free!"

"I found him!" Rory laughed along with the others. "Finny! We're going home!"

"I feel freeeeee!" Finn kept on shouting as he came up to them.

"God Finn. Put some clothes on!" Logan complained.

"Left them in the car. I'll catch up with you and the lovely Sheilas. Alright mate?"

"Bye Finny!" Stephanie and Rory giggled.

They all reached the house and Finn caught up with them. Rory sat down on the couch and Logan sat next to her. Stephanie sat on the floor and Colin went beside her. Tristan sat on the other side of Rory and Logan glared at him but Tristan didn't notice. They all just sat there thinking about shopping, law, military school, Taylor and coffee when Finn came in and lied down on the floor. "Let's play a game!"

Rory looked at Finn and tilted her head, "what kind of game?" Tristan, Rory and Logan got off the couch and sat in a circle with their friends.

"Truth or dare."

"I'll play!" Stephanie said.

"I'm in." Colin and Logan said.

"Same here." Tristan replied.

"Uh… sure." Rory said not knowing what she had gotten herself into.

"I'll start." Colin announced. "Finn, truth or dare?"

"Dare, mate."

"Alright, I dare you to go up to Taylor back at the festival and kiss him right on the lips."

"Alright mate. I can do that." Finn went towards the door.

"Ooooh I want to see this." Rory stated getting up and following Finn out the door. Everyone else followed.

They reached the town square, which still had people trying out cup after cup of alcohol. Finn spotted Taylor fairly quickly and everyone watched as he strode up to him. Rory and everyone else got their camera phones out and readied themselves.

Finn walked up to Taylor and tapped him on the back, "excuse me mate."

"Ye –" Taylor was soon cut off by Finn's lips and everyone took the picture. The kiss lasted only for three seconds when Taylor pushed Finn away. "Young man," he started but Finn ran away and Miss Patty came up.

"Taylor, what is with this ongoing number of men who want you?" Miss Patty asked a fuming Taylor who walked away in a huff knowing that he was tricked once again. She walked over to Babette and whispered something in her ear then they whispered things to Andrew. Soon the whole town was giving Taylor odd looks. The group laughed as Finn came up to them and they all walked back to the house.

"Can I please go?" Once inside the house Stephanie asked Finn. "Okay Tristan, truth or dare?"


"What is this…thing between you and Rory?"

"We're friends but that started after Chilton." Everyone, except Rory, looked at him with a confused face. "She hated me while we were in Chilton, I liked her, and my dad sent me to military school. Then one day she called me and soon we'd be calling each other once a week. We didn't date, if that's what you're asking." Rory smiled at how Tristan explained their relationship.

Stephanie nodded obviously satisfied with the answer she had gotten. Logan didn't like that Tristan had a history with Rory but he liked the last part of Tristan's answer.

"Mary, truth or dare."

"Dare." Rory chose unsurely. Tristan smirked with a twinkle in his eyes.

"I dare you to sit on my lap for the rest of the game." After Logan heard his dare he was ready to punch Tristan but remembered that he had no right to do so.

"Rest of the game? Seriously E.T." Rory grumbled as she sat on Tristan's lap.

Tristan put his arms around his waist and grinned, "so you get to sit on my lap and I'm back to being called E.T.? That hurts Mare." He put his hand over his heart and shook his head.

"You deserve it." Rory pouted and Tristan gave him a peck on the lips. Rory turned her head back to the group who was looking at them with an amused face except Logan who looked defeated and sad. Rory continued the game, "okay… Steph, truth or dare?"

"Truth." Stephanie said cheerfully.

"Who do you like? As in want to date."

Stephanie glared at her and mumbled, "Cowen."

"What was that?"

"Cowen." She mumbled again.


"Colin!" Stephanie said louder then blushed and looked away. Colin looked sad when he heard Stephanie say 'Cowen' but when she said 'Colin' he was smiling like an idiot.

Stephanie glared at Rory and Rory knew that she was planning something. She thought Stephanie would have picked her next but instead she picked Logan, "Logan, truth or dare?"

"Dare." Logan chose, wanting to look confident and brave in front of Rory.

"Wonderful. I dare you to make out with Rory for three minutes."

Logan's face showed happiness, shock and annoyance. Happiness because he'd be able to kiss Rory, shock because he really didn't expect this dare and annoyance because he was pretty sure that Rory wouldn't be happy about this.

Rory had the same look of happiness, shock, and annoyance. Happiness because the last time they had kissed was amazing, shock because she expected Stephanie to pick her and annoyance because of the simple fact that Stephanie dared Logan to make out with her.

"Steph…" Logan started.

"I hate you." Rory grumbled then turned to Tristan, "can I get off your lap now?"

"Only for this dare, Mary." Tristan replied and let Rory get off.

"And I thought I would be free of you forever when you were sent to military school." Rory shook her head.

But before Tristan could say something back Stephanie got impatient. "Just freaking kiss Logan already." Rory glared at her and stood next to a standing Logan.

Everyone stared at them as their faces inched closer eager to know if they would witness a passion and lust or unexciting action.

Once their lips touched, sparks that they had felt the first time they kissed flew again. The moment they kissed a sudden desire for each other overcame them and soon Rory's hands found their way to Logan's hair while Logan's hands reached for her waist. He asked for entrance and Rory happily granted it. The need for air caused them to break apart for a second but they soon found their way to each other again. They acted as if no one else was in the room with them and soon Logan had Rory up against the wall. The three minutes had passed by a long time ago; in fact it had been ten minutes already. Eleven minutes, twelve minutes, thirteen minutes, fourteen minutes, eighteen minutes.

"Eighteen minutes and counting." Finn announced loud enough for Rory and Logan to hear.

When Rory and Logan heard Finn say something about eighteen minutes they broke apart and saw the pleased faces watching them. After realizing that Finn probably meant that they were kissing for eighteen minutes, and that she was up against the wall just a few moments ago, Rory turned red and looked down at her feet. Logan stood there speechless and also avoided eye contact.

No one said anything for a few moments when Rory said, "I'm gonna go to sleep. You guys can sleep over there if you want to. I'll just check up on my mom first." They all nodded their heads and picked their respectable spots. Colin and Stephanie chose spaces nearest to each other, Finn stayed where he was, Logan picked the spot closest to the couch and Tristan chose the available space next to Logan. Rory threw them blankets and pillows then headed up to her mom's room.

She knocked but her mom didn't answer so she opened it and turned on the light. What she saw shocked her, she wasn't expecting it but it wasn't bad. There before her was her mom and dad sleeping with Lorelai's head on Chris' chest. The thought of her mom and dad having sex grossed Rory out but she was happy for the two of them. They finally found each other again and decided to act on it.

She walked downstairs and saw that everyone had fallen asleep except for Logan who was sitting on the couch. He smiled at her and said "hey."

"Hi." Rory replied as she turned back to go into her room and Logan followed her.


"Logan, I like you." There she finally admitted it. "I have feelings for you and after that," she waved her hands around motioning towards the living room, "it just got stronger. I didn't even know that we knew each other when we were so young. I didn't remember anything from that picnic. Then yesterday morning in front of my dad, it was supposed to be a joke. I was going to bring you as my date today but Tristan showed up and you had Andrea. I didn't know if you liked me as more than a friend but then I saw the way you looked at Tristan when I was with him and I thought maybe you do like me. But I don't know. You do like me right?"

"Rory, yes I like you. Yea, I agree with you about that out there. God Rory, that was amazing out there. Best eighteen minutes of my life." He smirked his trademark smirk and Rory couldn't help but smile. "Andrea was just this girl who threw herself at me the first time she saw me. She wanted me for my money and the status. But you don't even like the money, you don't even seem to want your Black Card." Rory smiled and Logan continued, "Rory, you are beautiful, you are intelligent, you are incredibly interesting. The thought of you going out with other guys, particularly Tristan scares me. It's like I want you only for myself. There's something here between you and I and I just don't know what it is." Logan looked down, he usually wasn't like this. He was a Huntzberger and Huntbergers don't act weak but Rory Gilmore made him feel like he would melt with just one smile.

A moment of silence passed between the two and after contemplating the pros and the cons Logan raised his head and asked "Ace, will you be my girlfriend? It's something knew for me but I'm willing to risk it for you. I'll try my hardest not to hurt you, I'll -" but before he continued Rory's lips were already on his. "I'll take that as a yes." Logan said smirking then kissed Rory back.

Though he was hesitant Logan said, "I should get back. One of them's probably awake and wondering where I went."

"Right." Rory said pouting and Logan kissed her one more time before he went out the door back to the living room.

"Night Ace."

"Night." Rory turned back to her bed and found a packaged and a letter marked 'Lorelai III'. It was a small box that probably held jewelry, "huh." Rory said as she picked it up and opened it. It was a set of keys, she reached for the letter and read it.

Dear Lorelai,

We noticed that your car was unsuitable for a Gilmore-Hayden and felt that you should receive a new one. That it why you have a set of keys with you. They go to a 2007 Cadillac Escalade ESV. It's the only one in the country and only ten have been made. It holds seven people, has a rearview camera, a sunroom, a DVD player/ radio, and a navigational system. It should arrive tomorrow morning by the time you wake up. We hope you like it, if not we can return it and get a new one.

Yours truly,

Straub and Francine

Rory reread the piece of paper to make sure she was reading right. Of course her car right now needs some work done but she doesn't need a new car. But returning it would be disrespectful. She shook her head, put the keys and letter aside and went to bed.

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