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Darkest Fear

Sanzo snarled in disgust as the three shadows crept ever closer to him, all wearing the same maniacal grin on their faces. How could he have trusted them so far? He should never have brought them with him on this trip.

Hakkai, how could you? Sanzo glared at Hakkai, and slowly lifted his gun up in front of him. And I thought he was reliable.

Hakkai, unfazed by the gun pointed right at his person, smiled sweetly and tried to calm the raging monk down. "Maa, Sanzo. Calm down now, I'm sure it won't harm you in anyway if you don't threaten it!"

"Yeah." The smirking red-head, Gojyo, added, "I'm sure Sanzo-sama's not scared of it, or anything else!"

Sanzo growled, a terrifying sound made deep down in his throat, as he looked at his so called, 'loyal followers'. "You come near me with that demon, and I won't hesitate to use any of you for target practice. And I promise you I won't miss, you traitors!"

Goku, the smallest of the bunch, grinned cheekily. "But Sanzoooo! Look at it! How could you not like it?"

"Get away from me! Now!" the monk screamed. " I swear I will shoot you, if you bring it any closer!"

Gojyo, Goku, and Hakkai glanced at each other, before grinning yet again, and took another step towards Sanzo. "It can't possibly do any harm!" Hakkai said, in an attempt to soothe the frazzled Sanzo.

Sanzo bristled and his temper flared. "Can't do any harm? Are you absolutely crazy? Maybe I should just put you out of your misery now! Do you know what those things can do? I knew someone who lost their arm and leg to those monsters! They're the most dangerous creatures that ever walked the face of this earth, and any other place around!"

Gojyo snickered and led the other two yet another step closer. They would show no mercy this time, after all the things that monk had done to them.

Sanzo, sensing this, took one more step backwards, and his back suddenly hit the obstacle behind him. This is it! I'm trapped! Those cowards have betrayed me! It's a mutiny!

As the other three noticed that their prey had nowhere to run, three identical smirks appeared, knowing that victory was within their grasp. "Here, Sanzo!" Goku chirped happily. "Hold it!" And with that, he unceremoniously dropped it onto Sanzo's head.

The earsplitting shriek that followed the action traveled miles and miles, accompanied by gunshots, sounding suspiciously like someone had attempted to commit murder.

Eight hours later…

"Pssst…Hey! Gojyo, Hakkai!" A bush rustled as these words emanated from deep within the plant.

"Quiet! If you have to talk, whisper," a larger bush ordered. With a voice suspiciously like the one of Gojyo.

"Sorry. I was just wondering if we could come out yet. Crouching here is making me sore and tired, not to mention hungry!"

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Birds chirped indignantly as their beautiful homes were torn apart by speeding pieces of metal. Grass rustled and twigs broke after being trampled on by a furious, cursing figure.

"….Never mind."

Peering into the lily pond, the Merciful Goddess burst out laughing for what seemed to be the hundredth time that day.

Tears were threatening to make their way down her face. "Ahahahahahahaha! Who knew my nephew was so terrified of cats!"


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