Accidental Trip


Here is my first story ,this is only the prolouge so the story hasn't really started.this is after the fifth season don't own TT ,ages in the fic:



Raven&BB: 16


It was just another crime night , everyone was asleep. Well, except the Titans and some villian of course."Dude, who would start crime 3:36 am in the morning!" yelled a grumpy Beastboy. "Plasmus, thats who" Robin said. Everyone cringed, not wanting to have to deal with grossness this early in the morning/night. Robin located the location of Plasmus on the titans main frame and yelled,"Titans Go!" It is best not to descibe such a gross battle, after the battle all the titans came home just when the sun was just rising. Walking into the tower covered with Plasmus goo,(or more like droppings, I have the video game and its called offspring, gross!) Starfire was the first to reach the restroom. They all knew that she was always the first to go, and if not they would be facing an angry Tameran.(sp?)Robin went next, then it was Cyborg, Raven was to be next, then Beastboy. "Come on Cy, Raven still has to go next, and I don't want to have to wait any longer!" cryed/yelled Beastboy. "Yeah thats really going to help him move faster,just like your mouth is doing " Raven said sarcastic as usual. "Well, I'm sure your wanting to get in there just as bad as I do" beastboy said."Well, unlike you, I can wait just a few more minutes" Raven said. Beastboy giving a disapproving frown, decided to find a solution to his problem.

All of a sudden did he come up with one. "Hey Cyborg, Robin said BumbleBee and Jinx are at the door , and if I heard him correctly they were in nurse's suits, you know for Halloween" yelled Beastboy. Raven glared at him for doing such a thing, but it actually worked. Cyborg was out of there faster then Kid Flash himself! "See, now you can go take a quick shower than I can finally get in, problem solve" he said grinning."Wow, I didn't think you could problem solve" said Raven . With that she then turned and went into the bathroom leaving a another frown upon Beastboy ,butshrugged it off. It took Raven a whole lot longer than what Beastboy wanted though. "Raven! you shouldn't be taking this long, come on" whined Beastboy. The door opened with Raven stepping out in a new uniforn,with dripping wet hair ,and a towel around her neck."Well thats what happens whengoo sticks in your hair for to long, which by the way yours is practicaly dryed by now." She then walked past him and went straight to her room, while Beastboy felt at his hair it was indeed dry he didn't want another bad hair incident like withRed X.

Finally being able to get into the bathroom, he got cleaned up and dressed. Wipping the foggy mirror to see if he got all the goo out of his hair. With a satsify look , he walked off to his room while hearing Raven chanting her usual mantra through her door. He went into his room and went to bed for the rest of his sleep since he didn't get all his beauty sleep. In Ravens room, she was meditating. Her room hadn't changed much since the incident where Beastboy and Cyborg entered her mind. Only did she find out that it was an accident, though it wouldn't have happened if they weren't in her room. Remebering her mirror she thought back to her conversation with Knowledge the night before the alarm sounded.


"It's finally midnight" Raven said tiredly. 'Yes, and its time for you to go to sleep too' Knowledge said. Raven sitting up in her bed, put her clock on her desk right next to her mirror. 'For five days you won't be able to use your mirror until the end of Halloween.' While Raven slipped back into bed she gave a tired 'Yes, I know Knowledge.' You also know that I'll keep things organized here in Nevermore, and that you can still communicate with us through your mind' again Knowledge reminded her. 'I know that to, and you know that you sound like Affection and a mother put together' Raven said. 'Funny, you know that saying that you just called yourself a mother' Knowledge stated. Raven couldn't believe she just got her words thrown right back at her by her own emotion, and Knowledge of all emotions.

'Ok... thats something you've never done or said before' Raven said. 'What, calling you a mother?' 'No, nevermind I understand I can't use my mirror during this time of year for some unknown reason' Raven said. 'Besides it's not like I have to use it everyday , I can survive five days without it.' After her little chat with Knowledge she then fell asleep, knowing tommorow noon was when she was going to have to go to the mall with Star. Halloween was only five days away, thats when the titans alarm went off, and she could already hear Beastboy complaining.

End Flashback

Instead of meditating in her room, she decided to go to the roof since it was nice out ,and there was no one to bother her while she meditated in peace. Not to mention Beastboy was sleeping ,she couldhear hissnoring all the way from her room. It would be a while before he woke up again. With that, she opened the door and walked down the hall to the elevator and took it up to the roof....To be continued...


Well, thats , that it may take at least 2 to5 days before having the next chapter up , trust me this is just the begining it will get better . ReViEw! this story will not end with an i love you ,it is not what i am wanting , but i may change my mind , depends on how the story goes ,but please still read I MAY CHANGE MY MIND remeber that!