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Nevermores Disturbance Finally got Busted

It's been three days, and everything was back to normal, well except Beastboy and Raven. That's the only thing that has change, and the others were quite shocked when they were told by them. The common room was fixed and back to normal, of course Raven got away with her revenge, when she told them of Beastboy and her. Then they just completely forgot about it. They were all happy for them especially Starfire with her bone crushing hugs. Raven did her best to avoid those, Beastboy wasn't all that lucky.

It was November second, and it was a nice breezy day, the others had gone out, while Raven stayed behind saying she did not feel up to going out, and so left her. Though really she just wanted some alone time, to collect to herself of what had happened the days before, what's bothering her now, and the three nights before. She didn't think she could have him, or him to love her after what happened. When he said he had feelings for her, that what happened didn't matter anymore, and why he loved her. All she really could say was she loved him to, even Knowledge told her before she told him she loved him, that it would be stupid not to tell him, for something he forgives her for even if it wasn't completely her fault.

So Raven took the chance, even though she thought she could never love him after what happened, or him love her, and said, "I love you too."

Yes, he was shocked, then just became happy once more, and I think that's all she really hoped for, to see him happy, and that they could still be friends, but now something more. Now that's not what had been bothering her lately though, as much as she was happy for everything else, her emotions were still acting up, and for what reason she had no clue. Though she knew for a fact they were all together, even Rage was with them. Which Raven was not too happy about that, but Lust, Love, and Jealousy were there watching her like they should be, so she dropped it.

There was so much talk going through her head, and so many different emotions, she couldn't take it anymore and decided to go see what in the world her emotions were all jumpy about. Strange to say, she could sense they were all in Knowledge's realm, which really concerned her, since most gathering would not take place there no matter what the commotion.

She was now in her room and went to go pick up her mirror, chanting her mantra, she entered outside of Knowledge's realm. Collecting herself, she entered; right where the kitchen was and everyone else. What was stranger is that they all were crowded around Knowledge who was holding up a green thick book. A green book that Raven knew very well…Beastboys book.

"…Eh-hem…" Raven cleared her voice to get everyone's attention.

All the emotions looked up, and were surprised, and some now scared, well maybe one. Knowledge did not attempt to hide the book knowing they were caught, she only hoped Raven would not find out why they were looking at it.

"Why is everyone here looking in Beastboys book, is there something added to it, that I do not know about?"

'So much for hoping' Knowledge thought.

"Oh! I know! Were looking at Beastboys ele-mhmmm!" Brave clamped her right hand to Happys mouth, the others sighed in relief.

Raven now even more suspicious said, "Brave, let Happy speak." She said coldly, giving Brave a warning glare.

Brave didn't back down, everyone else was holding there breath, Raven spoke again, "Or I'll take away your equipment."

Brave faltered, then sighed and let go. Everyone let go of their breath knowing it was the end. Timid was hiding behind Wisdom, Rage was contempt surprisingly, and the rest were all waiting for the impact.

"Happy, what is it again that you are looking at?" Raven asked again monotone.

Happy gleamed, and said excited, "Were looking at Beastboys elephant trunk!"

Raven gave a look of you got to be kidding, and said, "…His elephant trunk…"

Happy shook her head yes excitedly, Raven pinched the bridge of her nose, before saying, "If its just that then why does it have all of you all so jumpy about it?" now looking at the others again.

Happy actually pondered this for a moment before saying, "Um because it is big and the only picture we have of it, well actually its actual small in the picture, but big in person."

Raven sighed, and said knowingly, "Well of course its big, you don't think I haven't seen his elephant trunk before."

Love and Lust were surprised by this, Rude was about to laugh along with Brave, Timid was shocked, Wisdom and Knowledge was like well this is going to go swell, Rage actually cracked a smile for once, and Happy was confused, and asked, "You saw it, when was this?" oblivious to the fact that Raven was talking about the actual elephant trunk.

Raven sighed impatiently asking herself why she was even going through this, but to prove her point, and said counting off of her fingers, "Well for starters, in battle, all the times he soaked me with it when we went to the beach, sometimes when he did his victory call for winning against Cyborg through video games, doing a trick by shooting peanuts from it, whacking all the villains with it, showing his peanut trick off in front of Terra, which I just wanted to snap his trunk into two pieces," she said with venom in her voice, "And every time he showered himself with it after we fought Plasmas, do I need say more?"

By now Rude and Brave couldn't hold back and started laughing pretty hard, Timid had disturbing thoughts, while the others couldn't believe what they heard.

"What's so funny?" Raven asked feeling that she had missed something.

They just kept laughing, Happy was trying to think when all those things happened, and asked, "He can do all those things with it? But I don't remember him ever doing that, Knowledge what is she talking about?" Happy asked to Knowledge.

"What do you mean you don't remember, Knowledge hand me the book so I can show her." Raven said holding out her hand.

Knowledge didn't register what Raven said when she was going to answer Happys question, and the book disappeared from her hands to Ravens. Everyone became silent, and looked at Ravens expression when she looked at the page.

"What is this?" Raven asked a confused look on her face.

Knowledge took this as her cue and said, "Well, it's…um the elephant trunk." She said simply.

Raven was zooming it in and out, and turning it at angles, and asked bewildered, "Well it's definitely not a good picture, its to blurry, shaped funky, and…is that hair?!" she said a bit freaked, and weirded out.

Rage got fed up and said angrily done with the games now, "It's his fucking dick! Alright, his fucking dick!"

Raven held the book out in front of her a look of horror on her face; she looked away, and closed the book slowly. She dropped the book and took a breather, her expression neutral now, and said calmly, but something not like her, "Well, that explains things…but I'm going to tell you all right now…were going to need a big hole that can fit a whale if were going to fit that."

"That's what I said!"

Happy finally knew what they were talking about…

THE END!!!!!!!!!!

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