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At least the plan was to get Legolas to the training fields. To the twins, it seemed to be a simple idea. However, it was harder than it should have been as Legolas didn't seem to be paying any attention to either the twins or where he was going. However, finally they were successful, and they reached the armoury storage.

"Lets try some different weapons this time. No weapons that are familiar, I think that that would make it more interesting," suggested Elrohir as he grabbed a spare sword off the shelf.

Elladan's eyes sparked as an eflings on Midsummer's Night, at all the treasures in front of him. Eagerly, he tested out various weapons before deciding on a set of jewel encrusted daggers. "How about you Legolas? What's your weapon of choice?"

Elrohir's questions were met with silence. Both twins turned from their examinations of their weapons to their friend behind them. Legolas stood gazing at the long swords with an air of absorption, completely within his own world. The twins looked at each other and shrugged, at least their friend was paying some attention to the task at hand.

Legolas stood gazing at the beautiful elf in the swords. "Hi," he said softly, shyly. "My name is Legolas, who are you?" The elf in the sword was torturously mute. With a sigh, Legolas gazed endearingly at the swords, with a dreamy smile.

"So are you going to pick one, or just stand there daydreaming all day?" Elladan in an attempt to interrupt Legolas' fantasy. Again, the wood-elf was silent. "Okay, I'll pick one." Elladan grabbed a sword at random and began to pull Legolas out into the sparring area.

Once there, Elladan took his fighting stance and waited for Legolas to make his move. Legolas however, was once again ogling his sword. With a frustrated sigh, Elladan smacked Legolas' sword with his own, in an attempt to gain some control over his friend. Legolas was so absorbed with his dreamy wanderings, that he never saw the blow coming, and he lost his grip on the sword and it fell into the mud, covering over its shiny surface.

"What was that for?" Legolas screamed at Elladan. "Why must you be so jealous all the time?" Visibly upset, Legolas ran off to the woods, leaving his friends stunned and bewildered behind him.

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