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"Text like this" - Speech

'Text like this' - Thought

"Text like this" - Speech in a different language

Some words which are bold are just emphasized words.


"Heh, heh, heh…looks like someone was up to no good…again." chuckled an old man in dark blue pilot garb. He was looking at a young boy no older than thirteen sitting on a stool in the corner of the main hallway of the Falcon manor. He looked like a much younger version of the old man.

The young boy huffed a little. "Jonathan dissevered it!"

"Ah…so that's why I saw him with a black eye while on my way here…" the old pilot said to himself. "Well boy, why did you pop your cousin in the eye?"

"He wouldn't shut up…" the boy said defensively. "He kept calling you a loony for fighting in the war at your age, granddad!"

The old pilot looked rather surprised. "And…you don't, Eddie?"

The boy shook his head. "Of coarse not!"

The old pilot let out a hardy laugh. "Edward…you really are different from everyone in this family…but I think that's one of your best qualities…" Edward's grandfather then went into a moment of deep thought. "You know…now that I think about it…there is something I would like to show you…come, follow me…"

"But mum will…" Edward was suddenly cut off.

"don't worry I will take the blame…" his grandfather reassured him. They then left the house and went to the family airfield in the back. Opening the garage door, Edward's grandfather pointed to a n object covered with a large tarp.

Edward rushed over and pulled the tarp off revealing an old, red biplane. It was obvious that it had seen a lot of action, young Falcon could see bullet holes in its sides and even a few on its wings. "Wow! Granddad this is amazing!"

"Heh, heh, heh, you're the only one that seems to think so…I shot this plane down during one of the great wars…" the old pilot explained. "This one is special to me because it belonged to a great pilot, a rival of mine. We were both said to be the best…but eventually we had to settle things once and for all…"

Edward ran a hand across a small name that was painted by the cockpit. "Hockenheim…"

"When you're a little older…I want to give you Hockenheim." Edward's grandfather added.

"Really?" Edward looked as though it were Christmas. "I'll fix her like brand new! No! Even better!"

"Yes…well, if you want to fix her up you'll have to improve your math skills…" His grandfather said in a more serious tone. "No more skipping out on your studies!"

"Eh, heh, heh, heh…Yes sir…." Edward said sheepishly.

"Hmm…you know what?" Edward's grandfather then took off his goggles and handed them to his grandson. "No future pilot should be without those…Now let's get back to the house before your mother has my head!"

As two years past and Edward Falcon became the owner of the Hockenheim, taught by father and grandfather, he became a skilled pilot like his forefathers, and fought in the royal air corp. during the tale end of the current great war.

Falcon followed his Grandfather's advice and stuck with his studies, he had gained a knack for designing and engineering and made the Hockenheim the fastest (and deadliest) plane of it's kind.

The war raged on until a few months before Falcon's 18th birthday, and the air corp. returned to a hero's welcome. Things were almost normal, Falcon's father, Pride Falcon, often traveled on diplomatic business and Edward would continue to get into trouble. But soon after there was an itch that Falcon needed to scratch, he restless, and yearned for the freedom of the skies once again.

"Young Master!" bleated the stern voice of the head family butler.

"Wha-YEOW!" Falcon, startled by the sudden shout had banged his head on the engine cover while making last minute inspections. "Grr…damn it Apollus!" He shouted while glaring at him. "What the bloody Hell was that for?"

"Where do you think you are going, Master Edward?"

"Hmm, let's see…out?" Falcon said, foot tapping impatiently, annoyed with such a question.

"But you can't leave!" Apollus explained. "Your invited to a ball, you have to go with you mother and father! You're nobility! Not a filthy grease monkey!"

"Nobody would miss me Apollus, actually…it might even be the smarter move if I don't go…"

"Young Master…don't say such things…"

"Oh come on Apollus, you know as well as I do that I'm the black sheep of this family…" Falcon pointed out.

Apollus couldn't say anything, because he even knew it was the truth.

"See what I mean? I know you care a lot about this family…so just don't mention you saw me leave…" Falcon closed the hood of the engine and put on his red pilot jacket. "If anyone asks for me just tell them I left a note at my apartment saying I went on a trip…Okay? That way you won't get in trouble…" He said as he buttoned his jacket. Falcon then climbed into the cockpit and started the engine, the Hockenheim roared to life. "Later!" The biplane rolled out of the hanger and began to speed up down the runway. It soon lifted off and Apollus could only watch as Falcon shrank into the distance.

Apollus sighed. "…Young Master…"

Falcon spent the first couple of weeks hopping around Europe, being the most familiar and soon enough he began heading East. He visited a couple areas, but was very careful choosing where to go due to the latest great war had not been too long ago. His latest stop was in a small town just on outskirts of China. Having left Hockenheim at the air field and now walking in the busy streets of the local market place, his curiosity being teased by everything he saw.


"Stop! Thief!"

"Hmm?" Falcon looked towards all the commotion and saw a young man dressed in a simple silk shirt with blue markings, brown pants, and a braid, running with arms full of dumplings. "What the devil…?" The young man was just about to pass him. Falcon quickly extended his arm to the side, hoping to close line the thief; but with the amazing agility the boy quickly bent back and barely made it. 'Whoa! This guy's really slick…'

The young man then skillfully climbed to the rooftops and tried to make his get away.

"Oh no you don't!" with a couple of remarkable leaps Falcon made it to the rooftops with ease, during his training for the war, he had found that he had excellent jumping ability, which served him very well in some occasions. Traveling by roof top wasn't much of a challenge, he was catching up to the thief pretty quickly.

The boy looked back at Falcon, he was surprised to see him following him. 'This westerner must be pretty skilled…this could be fun!' He then leaped onto a near by post and stuck out his tongue at Falcon. "Nyah! Nyah!"

"Bloody bastard! You won't make a monkey out of me!" Falcon jumped up into the air and went for a kick to the thief's head.

The boy grinned and suddenly ducked, making Falcon miss.


Falcon fell through the roof of a brightly colored tent. Sitting up, he glared at the thief through the hole he had made. "He…He made a monkey out of me…That little-"


Everything suddenly went black.

"He's waking up!"


"I wonder if Ayame had knocked his brain out with that vase…"

Falcon slowly blinked, his vision went in and out of focus, soon he could finally see the people crowed around him.

"Ooh! He's cute!" said a rather tall woman that was dressed in a pink kimono.

"Kukonojo! Enough kidding around!" said a girl next to the taller one. She was dressed in a green kimono that had gold colored clouds all over it, and red sash tied into a large bow in the back. Her hair was tied back into a tight bun, and was held in place with two large pins.

"W-wha-what happened?" Falcon asked.

"Sorry about that…" said a man who was sitting near by. "My daughter had smashed a vase over your head because you fell through the roof into the dressing room part of this tent."

"O-oh…" Falcon went a little red. "Uh…really sorry about that…you see I was-"

"Chasing after a thief…we know, some of the locals told us after all the commotion…" the father then looked at the girl in the green kimono. "Ayame…"

"I…I'm sorry…" she said with a slight bow.

"Um…it's okay…really…" Falcon said.

"Well just to be sure there are no hard feelings…we will treat you to a free show tonight."

"Free show?" Falcon said with a confused blink.

"We're an acrobatic troop." Ayame explained.

"Wow…that sounds great…I'd love to see it…" Falcon said with a smile. 'Now only if I could have some aspirin for this damn headache…'

"Hee, hee, hee, this westerner is really cute!" Kukonojo said while nudging his sister. "Don't you think so, Ayame?"

"Oh be quite, brother!" Ayame shot back.

Falcon just blinked in confusion as he watched the siblings bicker. 'Okay…I'm seriously going to need aspirin if this keeps up…'

Later that night Falcon sat in a seat that reserved just for him in the packed tent, it had a good view of the stage. He was amazed at the show, flips, jumps, twists, turns, all done with expert precision. But unknown to Falcon, he was being watched.

"Are you sure that's him?" said a rather burly man. He was dressed in a black vest and raggedy blue pants, with a red bandana on his head. "I thought he wore blue…"

"That's gotta be him! The old codger hasn't aged a day! I'd remember that mug anywhere!" said a smaller man, he was dreadfully thin with a tattered green vest and bandana, and small specks on his face.

"Right then…" said the larger man.

After the show Ayame and Kukonojo caught up with Falcon at the exit.

"So what did you think?" Kukonojo asked.

"It was great! We don't get shows like back in merry old London…It was definitely worth the bump on the head…" Falcon said with a grin.

Ayame went a little red at that comment. "Well, I'm glad you liked it…" Suddenly something caught Ayame and Kukonojo's attention, they both glared past Falcon.

"Huh?" Falcon looked over his shoulder and saw two men, the same two that were spying on him earlier.

"We finally found you, Falcon…" said the smaller one.

Falcon blinked. "Um…Who are you?"

The two men nearly fell over.

"Y-you who we are!" shouted the bigger man.

"Uh…no I don't…never seen you two in my life…" Falcon said firmly.

"Enough games!"

"Hand over the Power Stones!"

Kukonojo and Ayame looked at Falcon in surprise.

"Power-what? Just what the Hell are you morons talking about?" Falcon was getting annoyed now. "Look, I have no time for drunkards!"

"Pus, I think we have the wrong guy…"

"No way Octo, he has to be Alexander! He looks exactly like him!"

Falcon blinked. "Alexander…? I'm not Alexander…I'm Edward…"

"I told you, puss…and look, he doesn't even have that emblem on his back…" Octo pointed out.

"Emblem?" Falcon said puzzled. Then something clicked, Falcon then suddenly took a fighting stance. "You guys are asking for trouble…" he growled.

"Let's get out of here…" Puss said. The two quickly ran off.

"What was that about?" Ayame asked.

"I'm not sure…But I have to get back to London…" Falcon said. "My Granddad may be in some serious trouble…"

Ayame quickly whispered to Kukonojo. "Brother, go tell father…we have to go to London…this man may be connected to them!"

Kukonojo nodded, and quickly left.

The next day Falcon flew back to London as fast as he could, going at record. When he had finally returned it was a late afternoon, the sun was getting ready to set. Falcon rushed into the manor.

"Young Master!" Apollus said surprised. "You're back! This is wonderful ne-"

"Apollus! Where's Granddad?" Falcon suddenly barked, taking the butler by surprise.

"Oh…well…he's in his study…"

Falcon rushed up the stairs.

"Young master, what has gotten into you?" Apollus asked.

"No time! Sorry!" Falcon barged into his Grandfather's study.

"Huh?" Alexander looked up from his reading, he would've smiled at seeing his grandson home, but the look on his face signaled that something was wrong. "Eddie? What's wrong?"

Falcon explained to his grandfather about Octo and Puss, and how they mistook him for Alexander.

"The Octopus Twins…So it's finally come down to this…"

"Granddad…what's going on? What does this all mean…?" Falcon asked.

Alexander sighed. "……Eddie…I think it's time for you to know our family's secret…"

"Secret?" Falcon blinked.

"You know our family emblem? The warrior angel?" Alexander asked.

"Yeah…the one on your jacket…" Falcon pointed out.

"Stones of Darkness, Stones of light, Glittering gems that have taken flight…a stone for darkness, a stone for pain, a stone for coming home again…One to challenge, one release, two will bring a gentle peace…Heart and soul…flesh and bone…a miracle for every stone…" Alexander recited.

"That's an old nursery rhyme…what does that have to do with anything?" Falcon asked.

Alexander smiled slightly. "Everything…do you know the legend of how that rhyme originated, Eddie?"

Falcon shook his head.

"Long ago this world was shrouded in the dark ages…famine, disease, and even monsters ravaged this world…hope was often choked out by the despair that clutched the people…until one day a warrior of the heavens came down, and entrusted seven stone of power to a group of mortals…King Arthur, and his knights." Alexander paused to let this all sink in. "Light was once again brought to the world the dark ages were finally ending…and after King Arthur left this world, the knights continued to guard the stones…but they soon began to fall to temptation…and began to fight over the stones for their own wants…but then one knight, whose loyalty stayed strong, took the stones to keep them from his corrupted comrades. He guarded six of the seven, having hiding the seventh in case anything were to happen to him…that knight…was our ancestor…Sir Eliot Falcon…"

"But…that's…just a story granddad…"

Alexander sighed. "Don't you get it, Eddie? It's not a fairytale, boy!" Alexander then walked over to a wall and knelt down, using a pocket knife he popped out a small panel, reached inside, and took out a small chest.

Falcon walked over and knelt down beside his grandfather.

Alexander then opened the box, and revealed and large blood red gem stone.

Falcon's eyes widened slightly. "I-is that…one of the stones of power…?"

"Yes…after Sir Eliot died, our family took up the duty of protecting the stones…but as time went by, the stones became separated, and our family had forgotten our original purpose…" Alexander then handed the red gem to Falcon. "Eddie, it's now your turn to take up our family's true legacy…find the other stones…and keep them away from those who would use them for evil…even separated…these stones can cause great disaster…"

"…Granddad…" Falcon said unsurely.

"I know you can do it…you're a Falcon remember? And you're the most different of us all…because you're the bravest…" Alexander gave a reassuring smile.

There was suddenly a knock at the door, Apollus opened the door and stepped in. "Masters, dinner shall be ready soon…Young Master, you're mother requests you stay the night, a very thick fog has rolled into London, and she worries for your safety…"

Falcon sighed. "Alright, I'll stay…"

"Master Alexander…?" Apollus suddenly said curiously. "Are you feeling well? You seem rather pale…"

"I…I will be fine Apollus…Thank you…" Alexander said.

"Very well…please come down soon before dinner gets cold…" Apollus then gave a bow and left the room.

Falcon was about to head down himself when suddenly…


"Yeah, Granddad?" Falcon said without looking at him.

"When you see your father…tell him…that…I'm proud of him…"

"But you can tell him that, can't you?" Falcon asked.

"Young Master!"

"Coming!" Falcon called, he then left the room.

Alexander smiled a bitter smile. "Sadly, I won't be here much longer……isn't that right…Kraken?"

That night, Falcon dreamt that he stood in a dark room, still in his pajamas. "Where am I?" he looked around the room, it was ancient, and mainly empty, except for a stone table and stone chair at the end of the room. Falcon then saw the red power stone his grandfather gave him was floating in front of him, giving a soft glow. Without thinking, Falcon reached out, but before he could touch it…


The power stone suddenly shattered spilling forth blinding red light, engulfing Falcon.


Falcon woke with a start, quickly sitting up, he was in a cold sweat, panting heavily, his heart pound in his chest. "W-what was that…?" Suddenly he heard the shriek of one of the maids. Practically jumping out of bed, Falcon rushed out of his room. He saw a crowd of the family servants crowded around his Grandfather's study. 'Granddad…?' Falcon felt a sickly feeling in his stomach as he pushed through the crowd, his heart missed a beat when his fear was finally confirmed, lying on the floor in a pool of blood was his grandfather, Alexander Falcon.


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