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"Edward Bernard Falcon!"

Falcon cringed at his mother's outburst.

"I trusted you to keep yourself out of trouble and just look at what you have done to yourself!"

Falcon wasn't in the best shape, decorated with bandages, it was obvious that he had seen better days. "Oh mum, I told you…this had nothing to do with my investigation…" he lied. "I just had a run in with some bad luck…"

"Eddie…" his mother said in a dangerous tone, not buying it.

"Honestly! And besides the doctor said it's not as serious as it looks!" Falcon said reassuringly.

"Yes but you were found in the streets, which looked as though they had been through some sort of war! You could've died out there…" his mother said worriedly. "You have to be more careful…and, you also know that many in the family are having an absolute field day with this…"

"Oh come on…more of their pointless gossip?" Falcon said with a sigh.

"Eddie, this is serious now…there's been much talk of disowning you…especially with your father and grandfather not here…I can't protect you by myself…"

Falcon looked serious. "I see…right, I'll try to keep a low profile then…"

"No, I expect you to be more careful, I don't want to lose you too."

'I wish I could promise you that…' Suddenly a thought hit him. "Say mum, I have a little favor to ask…"

Later that day Falcon was taking a walk, he was no longer dressed in his pilot gear, instead he wore a brown jacket, beige pants, white shirt, and his goggles around his neck. He needed to think, he couldn't remember the night before, as hard as he tried all he drew was a blank. Falcon reached his favorite café, taking a seat at one of the tables he sighed and looked out at the fountain that was close by.

'What happened? What could've put me in this shape…?'

Suddenly something flashed in his mind, it was a face, a grotesque, skeletal face. Clutching his head, Falcon was hit with a surge of a mix of anger and fear. And then another image, buts it was much different from the first, it was a strange combination of man and machine, it was a bright red color with glowing red eyes.

"Sir? Sir, are you okay?" asked a waitress.

Falcon's head shot up looking at the girl in surprise, the images left as quickly as they came. "Oh…uh…yeah I'm fine now."

"Wait…I know you!" the waitress said suddenly.

"Uh…y-you do?" Falcon said a little surprised.

"Yeah! You're the Red Whirlwind! That fighter from the underground tournaments here." she then looked concerned. "Oh…looks like you took a bit of a beating…you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm okay…" Falcon said with a nervous laugh. 'Geeze if people start recognizing me on the streets that will only ask for more trouble and I'm already skating on thin ice…oh man, looks like I'll have to keep a low profile at the fights too…'

"That's good. Good luck to you!"

Later that day Falcon began to head back to his apartment on his way he noticed Ayame on the street corner holding out flyers.

"Come and see the show!" she called out cheerfully.

"Well now, you guys seem to be doing pretty well…" Falcon said as he walked over to her.

Ayame looked at him and blinked. "Oh hello, who are you?"

Falcon almost fell over. "Oh come on! That's not very nice! It's me, Falcon!"

Ayame's eyes went wide. "Oh! Sorry, I didn't recognize you without your jacket and…what happened to you?" she said worriedly.

"…Uh…well…I…can't remember…"

Ayame got a huge sweat drop at hearing this. "What?"

"My memory is blank…" Falcon said flatly.

"Well I heard rumors that someone was firing off some sort of weapons last night…it caused a lot of damage, maybe you in the wrong place at the wrong time." Ayame suggested.

"…you know…I think you're right, I was found in that area this morning…" Falcon said thoughtfully. "Thanks, you were a lot of help." he said with a smile.

Ayame blushed. "Uh…sure…n-no problem…"

Falcon then hurried off.

"Aw…someone has a crush!" said a voice from behind.

"Hmph!" Ayame then promptly delivered a backhand strike. "Mind your own business big brother!"

"Ow! You didn't have to hit me!" Kukonojo said while nursing his face. "That's why mom says you'll never get married you're just too…"

Ayame gave her brother a deadly glare.

"………Riiiiiiight…I'm…not going to finish that…"

Suddenly Ayame then shoved all the flyers she had into Kukonojo's arms. "Big brother you hand these out I have to go check something out…"


"Don't complain! This is important!" Ayame said as she ran off. 'I have a really bad feeling about this!'

Falcon had made his way to the area he was found, crime scene tape was strung up around the area, it did look like a war had happened there. Buildings were in ruins, burn marks littered the streets, and street lamps were ripped from the ground and were bent. "Man…what happened here…?"

"A battle…" said a voice out of nowhere.

Falcon looked to his left and saw someone standing right next to him, he jumped back a little startled. "Uh…hi…"

The man looked at the young pilot with one open eye. He was dressed in blue robes with a couple white markings on them, a fur vest, and had a pair of swords in a red scabbard and a black scabbard, it was a samurai. The man studied Falcon for a moment before speaking again. "You look a little worse for the wear…"

"Eh heh, heh, heh, heh…it's not as serious as it looks…" Falcon said nervously. "But you said a battle? Between what? A couple of tanks?"

"Nope…something worse…" said the samurai.

"Worse? But what could cause this much destruction? Whatever it is, it could destroy the whole city…" Falcon said uneasily. 'Wait…that skeletal face…that was…' Memories of the night before came flooding back to him.



The explosion echoed out into the night.

The smoke cleared revealing a singed Kraken.

"Y-you transformed…?"

The red android glared at him, raised his arm, and aimed another missile. 'What the Hell happened to me!? How am I doing this!?'

Kraken raised his gun and when the missile was fired he blocked it with a bomb. "Heh…you can't control that power! Your not strong enough! You'll only end up destroying yourse-"

Kraken was cut off when Falcon smacked him with a lamp post. The red android then went on hitting the undead monstrosity with it, although it looked rather comical, the truth was Falcon had no idea what he was doing, Kraken was right, he didn't know how to control the power of the stone.

Kraken managed to raise his head and opened his mouth wide, he released a cluster of purple orbs which shot right at Falcon, sending him flying right into a building. The purple orbs continued to swarm around Falcon, he could hear ghostly screams coming from them and even make out tortured faces. The orbs wouldn't allow the android to move, and Kraken was making his way towards him. "What do you think? They're the souls of my victims…enslaved to do my bidding…You'd be able to do such things as well if you had better control…"



Several compartments in the android had suddenly opened. '…this can't be good…' Falcon thought as he gave a confused blink.

Suddenly a barrage of missiles shot from the compartments blowing up anything that was in they're way, Kraken got the worst of it, he was sent soaring across the street. Sitting up he glared at the red android with utmost hate, then suddenly in a bright flash of light he reverted back to his original form, clearly exhausted. "…You're…better than…I thought…" he said between breaths. "or…this was just a fluke or maybe…I'm just not strong enough yet…however…watch yourself boy…I'll be coming back for ye…and then….prepare to taste the full power…of the dreaded Kraken…" He then turned around and headed off, disappearing into the fog.

In a flash of light Falcon was back in his original form. "I'm…I'm back…" His legs then buckled, and he fell to the ground. Exhaustion was now overwhelming him, he then slipped into unconsciousness.

-End of Flash back-

Falcon fell into a kneel, his head was throbbing.

The samurai quirked an eyebrow at the young man's sudden lapse. "You okay?"

"Y-yeah…don't worry about it…." Falcon then stood up and began to head off.

The samurai watched him as he left, but then a look of realization spread across his face, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a glowing gem. "Hey! Wait a minute!"

Falcon stopped and looked at him confused. "What is it?"

The samurai held out the gem so Falcon could get a good look. "My power stone's reacting…that must mean…." he said with a smirk. He then charged. "You must have one too!" Taking one of his swords, he lashed at the young adventurer.

Falcon dodged as quickly as he could, but the blade slashed one of his pockets, revealing a red gem.

"Damn…he's good…" Falcon said as he reached for his stone.

The samurai quickly knocked it out of his reach. "I don't think so…"

Falcon glared at him. "What's the big idea? I thought you people of the East were into all that honor stuff…"

The samurai blinked with surprise. "Er….yes but…"

"And here you are attacking a injured person? Where the Hell's the honor in that? You arse…" Falcon added.

"Uh…" The samurai looked away with embarrassment. "I…"

'Ah, distracted…' Falcon snagged his power stone and attempted to sneak away.

The samurai then grabbed him by the back of his shirt. "Nice try!"

"Hey, you actually for it…" Falcon reminded him.

"Oh be quiet!" The samurai said embarrassed. "Fight me!"

"……………..You're kidding…." Falcon said flatly. "Why?"

The samurai nearly fell over. "B-because you have a power stone! You must be a worthy fighter if you possess one! I travel the world in seek of challenges to better myself! I aim to be the ultimate samurai! And you…you shall be a stepping stone for my goal! Now, come and face Ryoma!"

Falcon scratched the back of his head. "Huh?" He then sighed. "Look guy, I'm not in any shape to fight right now…that and-" Falcon was then cut off.

"POWER CHAAAANGE!" in a bright flash of light appear a silver samurai wielding two katana's. "No more games! Transform and fight me!"

Falcon stood and blinked with confusion, he then ran like a bat out of Hell. "You're kidding! You're barking mad if you think I could take you on like that!"

Ryoma chased after him. "That's why I said transform! You got a power stone! So use it!"

"You daftie! I don't know how!" Falcon said as he flew down the street. He looked over his shoulder the samurai had stopped chasing him. Stopping, Falcon looked confused.

"You don't know how to use it?" Ryoma said as he changed back.

"No…I don't…"

"Then I must insist that you give it to me…" The samurai said with disappointed sigh.

"What?" Falcon said in surprise.

"That thing is far too powerful for a weakling…" Ryoma explained. "So for your own good, give it to me…"

"No way! This stone belongs to me!" Falcon said defiantly. 'And I'm afraid I have to get my hands on that one too…damn…this is just not my day…'

"Your stubbornness will get you killed…" Ryoma drew a katana. "So stop this foolishness and give me the stone!" He then charged at the young adventurer. To the samurai's surprise Falcon was charging too. 'Hmph…the fool…' He then swung his sword.

Falcon leaped over the oncoming blade and kicked off the samurai's back to get higher into the air.

'What…? He tricked me!' Ryoma looked around for the young adventurer but couldn't see him. "Hmm…he's more clever than he appears…" A smirk formed upon his lips. "This could be fun…"

Falcon was traveling by rooftop, by now he was a good distance away from the samurai, so he stopped to catch his breath. "That…was close…" he said between breaths. He put his power stone back into his other pocket and rested for another minute. 'At least I lost him…' He then felt something tapping his shoulder. "N-no way…" Looking over his shoulder he saw Ryoma. "Ruddy Hell!" Falcon said jumping back.

"Nice try…" Ryoma said triumphantly.

"Oh come on! Give it a rest already…" Falcon said frustrated.

"I found you faster than I expected…pity…But enough games, give me the stone…" Ryoma was answered by an oncoming punch. He quickly rolled out of the way.

"Damn it…Fine then…I'll fight you…but you can't use that power stone…"

"Hmph…Too late…as I said before, that stone is too powerful for a fool like you…" Ryoma said as he drew a katana.

"But it was entrusted to me…I'm not just going to hand it over to you!"

Ryoma blinked. "Entrusted…? What do you mean?"

"Eh…to be honest you wouldn't believe me even if I told you…" Falcon said as he scratched the back of his head. "I can't quite believe it myself really…"

"Explain." Ryoma said in a flat tone.

"……Well…you see…" Then without warning, Falcon delivered a swift kick to Ryoma's face. "No hard feelings chum, but I can't afford to give too many details…Bye!" And with that Falcon jumped off the roof, and climbed down a fire escape.

While unknown to Falcon the whole scene had been watched; Ayame stood on the top of a chapel a good distance away. Dressed in her ninja attire, it was easy not to be spotted by either of the warriors. 'So now a second power stone's come into play…getting them won't be easy…especially from that samurai…he seems to have good control over his…Looks like Falcon's in for a lot of trouble…'


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